4 Blogging Tips to go from Zero to Hero

You probably started blogging because you think that you have something interesting and valuable to share with people. So go get yourself heard! Blogging doesn’t stop after you post. It takes dedication, maintenance, and creativity to build yourself up into a reputable and relevant player

Here are four great tips to help you take your blog from zero to hero in no time!

Tips #1: Never Stop Writing

I know. You’re tired. You want to turn off your laptop and go to sleep – but don’t do it! You need to remember to continuously develop unique and interesting content in order to ensure that google will crawl your page and find you relevant.

Blogging Tips - Never Stop Writing

Need a good tip for finding new content? Check the news!

Newspaper and online publications have already done a lot of the work for you by aggregating content for a wide range of readers. All you need to do, is filter through what could be relevant for your readership.

If you feel like all of the topics have already been covered, you can even consider reviewing an article that someone else has posted and discuss the pros and cons of their approach. There is new excuse for a lack of content – be creative!

Tips #2: Sharing is Caring

Make sure to share your new posts with your readership! If you took the time to write some really amazing content, don’t be shy to spread it around!

Outreach is a great strategy for reminding people about what’s happening on your blog, and for gaining new followers.

Blogging Tips - Sharing is Caring

Tips #3: Keyword Focused

Always try to get into the mind of your reader when you are developing a post. You want to be able to highlight specific words that you think would appear in the search query of a new reader.

If you wanted to post about your projections for the iPhone 7, you might assume that some relevant keywords for the article could be:

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Specs
  • iPhone 7 Costs

You want to make sure that when crawlers visit your website, they will understand that your article is a good fit for someone who wants to learn more about the iPhone 7.

Blogging Tips - Use Big Paragraphs

Tips #4: Break up with Big Paragraphs

No one wants to read a giant paragraph. It’s hard to keep track of the points, and it can feel daunting to even start reading! Headlines give the reader a quick scoop about what the paragraph is about, and helps them to find the content they want faster.

Additionally, it’s easier for the search engines to scan your post if you use the headings. Its seriously a win/win.

These four tips will help you to boost your blog, and hopefully even win over some new readers! Just remember, your blog will only go as far as you take it. So, stay dedicated and keep on working hard.

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