Brand Advertising: How To Promote Your Brand

Standing out in the business world means distinguishing yourself from the competition.

You might need to carve out a niche, showing your clients what sets you apart. You might also need to create a strategic plan when it comes to marketing your business.

This article is here to guide you in creating a how to create a powerful brand identity. Here are some tips:

Tips #1: Create a powerful physical presence

If you want to create a brand identity, your first step is to let people know where to find you. This could mean establishing your business in a location which has a great deal of traffic, as the old high street shops would once do.

Brand Advertising Tips: Create Powerful Physical Presence
Image by Gev Marotz on Dribbble

It might also mean placing your advertisements in prominent locations. This was the rationale behind billboard advertising.

However, smaller businesses are also able to promote a brand without paying for an expensive rental or a premium advertising campaign.

Attending events with high numbers of people offers a great opportunity to make your brand known. You can also look at establishing an online presence for your brand.

The secret is to make yourself known. Without creating awareness for your brand, your clients will not be able to engage with you.

Tips #2: Create an intellectual appeal

A brand often creates a transcendent image of what a product can offer. A product might offer ethical choice instead of shower gel or skin cream.

In order to market your brand, you have to show your clients how they will benefit from buying your product.

Will your product make them feel physically capable or extra creative? What sets you apart from the competition? What can you share with your clients or your community that other brands don’t?

The ways that you engage with your community will create an identity for your brand. As a brand, you’ll want your clients to resonate with you on an emotional level.

If you engage them on an intellectual level too, you’ll make them feel valued and respected.

Tips #3: Keep your clients in mind

Although it is wonderful to be enthusiastic when launching a social media campaign, remember to keep your clients in mind while you do so.

Most clients would love to know more information about your brand, but remember not to overdo it.

If your clients start to feel ‘spammed’ or you send out too many messages and block their social media feeds, they will most likely tune out.

Remember to keep the ‘brand’ in mind while promoting your site. It is the brand that will appeal to your customers when you promote your company.

Ask your marketing department to assist you in launching your social media messages.

Brand Advertising Tips: Keeps Your Client in Mind
image by Pat Wasik on Dribbble

Tips #4: Promote your brand everywhere

If you can get people to pick up on your brand and share your message you’ll be doing a great job. Some brands donate products to influential members of a community. This helps the brand to gain recognition.

If you’re keen to promote your brand you could offer up samples or your products to social media influencers or get people talking at festivals or markets.

If you go wherever there is an opportunity you’ll find effective ways to promote your brand.

Tips #5: Branding takes a lot of work

Advertising companies hire the best people to create and promote a brand. Branding is never easy to achieve.

In order to establish a niche, you have to let your clients know what you (and only you) can do to. This sets you apart from the competition.

Brand Advertising Tips: Branding Takes A Lot of Work
Image by Eddie Lobanovskiy on Dribbble

Many brands pick a single factor which sets them apart and then focus on this and only this aspect. As a result, it is clear to clients what makes them unique.

It might feel frustrating to focus on a single aspect that sets you apart. It might take a while to work out what this is. There may even be moments where you are ready to give up. Don’t give up.

Once you’ve figured out what works for you and your product you’ll be able to carve out a special place which belongs to you alone.

Tips #6: Digital marketing helps

In times gone by, brands used to rely on print, newspaper and media adds in order to advertise their services. However, there was no real indication how many clients responded to these services.

Brand Advertising Tips: Use Digital Marketing
Image by Walid Beno on Dribbble

With online advertising, however, you can monitor your responses via online tracking. Your results are often reflected in real time.

If one advertising method does not work for your brand you can make quick and effective changes. You can adjust and adapt your online content according to client response.

Digital marketing offers both organic (SEO) and paid for advertising in order to achieve results. Paid for advertising often charges a price per click. You’ll only pay for advertising when viewers land on your page.

Tips #7: Create a clear call to action

If you have a great marketing campaign going, you’ll need a great website too. Your homepage should clearly showcase your brand.

This way your viewers will know they’ve come to the right place when landing on your site.
In order to achieve this though, your advertising campaign needs to have a clear call to action (CTA).

Brand Advertising Tips: Have Clear Call To Action
Image by 𝙹𝚃 𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚞𝚔𝚎 on Dribbble

Your call to action lets your viewers know what to do in order to get back to your site. This enables you to attract new viewers and possible clients.

When creating your call to action, select language that is appropriate to your brand and meaningful to your viewer.

Keep your call to action message clear and concise. Anything vague will only confuse and unsettle your viewers.

When your viewer lands on your homepage, ensure they find what they are looking for. If not, your viewer will simply bounce back off your site and you will have lost the opportunity to convert a viewer into a client.

Tips #8: Create compelling messages

When you are working online, the message your viewers receive from your site is crucial.

Online clients are often impatient and you have only a few seconds to win them over before they lose interest. Messaging provides a crucial means of communication to connect with your clients.

When you’re advertising online you don’t have a huge amount of space to win your viewer over. Keep your messages short and simple yet powerful and compelling.

To do this, stick to a message which evokes emotion or engages curiosity. This will encourage your viewer to click on your advert or link onto your site.

For many brands, this means highlighting their core values while offering an incentive to the viewer.

Tips #9: Match your landing page to your ad

When you create an online ad for your brand and your viewer clicks onto your site, match your landing page to the content of your ad.

Brand Advertising Tips: Match Your Landing Page with Ad
Image by Michal Parulski on Dribbble

If you’re advertising bohemian dresses on a fashion site, take your user to a page which is appropriate. Your viewer is most likely interested in the product you have to offer.

If you take your viewers where they want to go, you will increase the conversion rate of your site. Be specific. Your viewer won’t want to engage with lots of general content in the fashion industry.

Tips #10: Be visual

Your online advertising campaign will very often appear on a site which hasn’t been designed around your product. As a result, you need to provide imagery which will resonate with your viewers.

Brand Advertising Tips - Be Visual
Image by Eddie Lobanovskiy on Dribbble

Striking photography which creates an emotional impact is important in online advertising campaigns. Without this, there is no real motivation for viewers to click onto your site.

If your imagery is bland or generic, your viewers will not be motivated to engage with it.

If anything, they may just tune it out. You’ll need an outstanding image in order to spark interest.


Branding is complex and combines a number of different elements in order to give your products meaning in the eyes of your clients.

In order to brand well, you need to put lots of thought into your product and your niche in the marketplace.

Branding is about creating an identity for your company. This doesn’t happen overnight.

However, with a careful strategy, you’ll be able to put the message out there. Eventually, your clients will begin to identify and resonate with your brand.

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