7 Sententious Brand Building Strategies from Instagram and YouTube

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In the age of online advertising, building your brand and boosting its recognition has never been easier. However, there are still many challenges. Simply running a Facebook page does not mean you are building your brand effectively. While it is easy to set up, it may be difficult to pull off.

It is quite fitting that social media platforms also teach you how to build a brand and boost its recognition. Everyone knows a logo is important in creating a recognizable image for your business. So, it is important to keep an eye on logo trends 2020 when developing a logo. Here are seven more brand-building strategies from Instagram and YouTube:

#1. Optimize

Your YouTube and Instagram profiles are like a brand ID for your business. You must optimize these profiles to become a hub for your brand. Your profiles should provide all the essential information about your brand.

Additionally, you need an image that represents the brand. You should research logo trends before you decide on a logo design. Things like company name, colors, and background imagery will all impact the effectiveness of your logo.

Choosing these based on what is popular will increase the impact your logo has. Remember, one of the top reasons people use social media is because they see it as a means of unwinding. Something simple and striking will have a greater effect than something complex and dull.

An example of an effective logo is the YouTube logo. It is made up of two colors which make it easy to read, contains the company name, and provides the image of a screen. Recently, YouTube has modified this logo. It has retained its color scheme but now makes use of a screen with the “play” button in the middle. Even with this change, almost everybody recognizes the brand upon seeing the logo.

#2. Be unique

There may be hundreds of companies doing the same thing you are doing. This does not make your brand irrelevant or obsolete. Creating unique content is an important way to build your brand. Consider starting a YouTube channel for your brand. Perhaps your product is the blender. How do you make a blender interesting enough for a YouTube channel?

Well, a company called Blendtec has over 800 thousand subscribers on YouTube. In their videos, they attempt to blend anything and everything. In their most viewed video, they even blended an iPad. This company took an everyday product and made it interesting. They use the product they sell to create interesting and unique content.

#3. Interact

Your followers are looking for personal attention from your brand. By engaging and interacting with them, you help them to feel special and cared for. Encourage users to create content for your brand, and post that content to your channel. This helps your followers get excited, and it reduces the amount of work you need to put into creating content to build your brand.

When running your Instagram page, there are tools available that help you increase follower interaction. You can post questions to your stories, or even encourage followers to ask you questions. It is important to remember to respond to these interactions.

Similarly, on YouTube, you can encourage users to subscribe and comment on videos. You can then respond to comments in the next video, or by replying in the comments section. Users will feel like you notice them and become more excited about your brand.

#4. Real followers

We often get lost in the numbers. How many followers did I gain today? How many likes and engagements did I get on that post? How can I get more?

Sometimes, people will pay for bots to follow their profiles. This significantly increases the follower count over a short amount of time. While it may seem impressive to gain 2000 followers an hour, these fake followers will not be interested in your brand.

Having real people as followers is more effective. Bots do not repost or interact with posts at all, and this means that there is no improvement in brand awareness. Real followers can like and share, as well as improve your rankings in algorithms because of their interactions.

#5. Post frequency

It is not only important to post high-quality content, but also to post frequently. Creating a posting schedule can be beneficial in ensuring your brand is being built steadily. To establish a schedule, you should research about best times to post to these platforms.

The Good Mythical Morning crew runs a daily posting schedule on YouTube. They post at the same time every weekday. This means their followers know exactly when to expect a new post, and plan their time accordingly. This results in high viewer numbers immediately after posting, as well as consistent brand-building through a set timeline.

#6. Keep it short

When it comes to YouTube and Instagram, the focus is on videos and photos. Users do not want to read an essay about the post. They want a concise description. The content of the video or photo should give them the bulk of the information. If users wanted to read an essay, they would read your business blog.

Most YouTubers use the video description to credit the music creators or to provide a link to buy their product. Instagram posters use the caption to post a short description and use hashtags to make the post easy to find. This is an effective way to engage the viewer without burdening them with information.

#7. Call-to-action

How many times do you hear your favorite YouTuber asking you to “comment, like and subscribe” during their videos? It seems a bit strange, considering you are most likely watching that video because you are subscribed. This is a call-to-action.

Your viewers will know that these are important steps to receiving all your content and not missing a single update. However, you are not doing this for the benefit of your established followers. You hope that your followers will share your content with new people, and your call-to-action is to those new viewers.

The greater your following, the easier it is for new people to find you. Having high interactions on a post will also make sure that your post is further up the list of popular posts, and this generates brand awareness.


If you are targeting the younger generation, Instagram and YouTube are essential in building your brand. To use these effectively, you need to ensure your profiles provide all the essential information about the business. Post unique content and a unique message to keep your followers engaged. Interact with your followers to ensure you keep them satisfied. Post frequently and avoid using long explanations in captions and video descriptions.

Finally, remember to call your viewers to action. This is for the benefit of new visitors to expand your fan base. Using these strategies, you can build your brand while ensuring you remain relevant amongst a younger audience.

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