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Every year is a brand new start for logo designers, rules are constantly changing and trends are evolving. If you are in the business of brand building you are probably wondering what next year’s game-changer would be. Digital branding is a world of trends changing on a daily basis, however, today we will be focusing on logo design specifically. It may seem easy just typing “logo trends” on Google and getting on with it; nevertheless, you should consider you will find thousands of results all proposing similar trends to follow. So, first of all, consider your resources before you go crazy making logos for your clients using logo trends 2020 ideas! Also, whenever you find a trend repeated constantly over different articles, it means that one is becoming popular, and you might want to take a look at it!

Ever heard that some trends are meant to be followed some are just not? Reading about next year’s trends is just one small piece of a whole. As a designer, you will be constantly going back to your basic principles of logo design because one thing is to give your logo a little twist to spice it up, another thing is successfully building a brand. When you create a brand, you are probably thinking “I hope this one lasts” because no matter if it’s your own brand or someone else’s, a great logo speaks about your ability as a designer! To be remembered and to make a positive impact on anyone who sees your design, you should consider the basics as well as the trends. So let’s just never let go of the basics.

We made it our task to gather some really cool ideas to get your designs shining with these logo trends 2020. Let’s get to it.

Keep In Mind the Basics

As it was said before, no matter how cool you make your logo with awesome new styles, trying to maintain the basic principles of a logo is something you should always consider. Let’s go over some of the main qualities of a well-done logo before moving on:

#1. Minimalism

This was in its time a trend itself, and now after long enough and due to the fact that minimalism has stayed, it has become for us a primal principle for logo design. Keeping it as simple as possible makes it easier for your customers to remember your logo.

#2. Timelessness

Of course, you can always make small adaptations to your logo to keep it evolving, however, the main idea when building your logo is that it has the quality of timelessness. This means it’s not enough that you have an awesome logo, it should be able to stay awesome for years to come! This is actually one of the principles of logo making that gets more into trouble when reviewing logo trends. Is your logo perishable as some trends are? When you choose a trend to go with have this in mind: we’ve stated it a few times by now, some trends hold on, some just fade away in time.

#3. Versatility

This has a lot to do with your logo’s scalability. Simply ask yourself if your logo visually adaptive in any digital or offline publication? On large scale prints like building billboards and on small prints like on a pen. For this, you can always have several logo variations in which you could use the whole story or just a small pick.


#4. Memorability

How easy will it be to remember that particular logo? When looking at a brand’s competition you will find many have decided to go for the same logo style, maybe that is a proven formula. Let’s say a dentist that uses a teeth logo. When looking at a hundred different teeth logos, will your patient actually remember which one is yours? Using a distinctive element can make this happen!

#5. Balance & Alignment

Both of these have everything to do with how pleasing it is to see your logo. It’s all about equilibrium. You can play with your layout as much as you need but keep in mind your alignment should be harmonious.



#6. Proximity

Sometimes overlapping is a bold move and looks fine, but the truth is most of the time, spaces create a clean, nice view for your logo. Proximity is a quality you should consider when arranging your logo elements.

#7. Hierarchy

Organize with an intended order, all of your logo elements. This is very important in alignment too, most logos that don’t use hierarchy seem like paragraphs logos rather than… you know. Guide your customer’s eyes through each part of your logo.

#8. Contrast

This can happen not only in colors but also in typefaces! High contrast in logos makes it easier to look at your design.

Still, you know that old rule about dressing up in only 3 colors? In the end, logo design is just like dressing protocols, the ultimate rule is if it looks good then it’s fine. Tons of designers use out-of-the-box ideas and still manage to create a logo that is meaningful and still works amazingly for their brands. For example, even though we have talked about balance and alignments, you will see that one of 2020s trends is to use unbalanced and uncommon alignments for your logos. So, once again if it works in the design, then you may take the risk. Now having said that, let’s go over some 2020 logo ideas!

Now Let’s Get to 2020 Logo Design Trends

Ok, we are done with the basics and we can now move into a more fun section! And let’s just say it, this is why you are reading this post anyway, so let’s get to our 2020 trends for logo designers on!

#1. Lines, Lines, Lines!

Line repetition gives our 2020 logos a very interesting look! Vary your strokes, directions, and widths. Lines happen to give any image a sense of uniformity and directions, so use that in your favor. Let’s see a few trends with lines:

Lines Used as Dashes or Underlines


Repetitive Line Drawings



#2. Geometry Is In the House

Go for basic and organic shapes to animate your logo with new illusions or perspectives! Give your logo a little movement with well though basic shapes.

3D Basic Shapes


Geometric Shapes as Letters



#3. Layout the Field

Sometimes it seems like the layout is no layout at all, and yet it is. Making your logo seem completely unintentional while being complete intended is a perfect example of a great uncommon layout. Get your mess in an intentional order and it will look like a neat mess.

Unorthodox Layout



Left Aligned Layouts





#4. Typography

At last but not least, typefaces are evolving too into more dynamic and interesting models to form bolder logos! Even when you are using a font based logo you can have a little more fun with it by playing around with your letters.

Joined Letters


Ascending & Descending


Letters & Shapes

Using a Logo Maker!

The futuristic tools and technology for logo designing are here to make your life way much easier. Not always will you have the time to make a logo design from scratch and sometimes using a little help is the best move for your business. Using an online tool like Placeit’s Logo Generator you can automize your design process making your deadlines super achievable. You can make a high-quality professional logo in just a few clicks with customizable smart templates. A great logo maker online will allow you to make as many changes as you need and move your elements around in order to get an original design! So this will be the time for smart decisions too.

Using a logo maker is actually pretty easy. The hardest part is actually making a choice over the type of logo for you and the thousands of cool templates you can use as canvases for your new logos. You can always filter your search by choosing your industry focus and getting more style-oriented templates.

To Wrap It Up

Being able to identify which trends to follow and which to discard is an ability no tool or post will ever give you. Great intuition is a vital part of being a good designer. What is your intuition telling you? There are hundreds of choices to make when creating a new logo for a brand. Which trends to try, how conservative will your design be, how tight are you when following the main principles of design? Decisions, decisions…

Go over these 2020 logo design trends and make a wise move to start creating your logo for next year’s brand releases! Help yourself create your designs by using online logo maker tools that can meet your design needs. Let’s welcome 2020 with new, renovated design ideas and inspire other designers to renew themselves too!

About the Author!

Valeria Santalla is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and writer that loves to create branding images for local business, she currently collaborates at Placeit.net one of the largest logo maker and design template library website.

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