How to Increase Brand Reach by Customizing Your Website Design

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Building your brand identity means more than just designing a unique and attractive logo, coming up with a catchy tagline, or generally making sure your visual representation is consistent. There are so many aspects of your audience interaction that define your brand that visuals are just a drop in a sea of possibilities.

It’s easy to think that by establishing a strong brand identity your business will reach more audience, however, the process is reversed; it’s the number of people with the positive experience that defines the power of your brand. You think Coca-Cola is such a strong name because they have an amazing logo and a recognizable bottle? The truth is, Atlanta’s famous soda company had numerous changes in their visuals but what expanded their influence on the market was their unique offer.

Nowadays, an integral part of our offer and user experience is the way our website operates. Customizing the way people interact with your brand allows you to extend your reach because there’s so much similar content, too many template website design solutions, and an overwhelming number of websites built according to online trends. Our current article is here to help you understand the importance of custom website design and its influence on your brand reach.

Make website performance imperative

The internet provides a faster way to reach information and solve problems, which is why developing a website that takes ages to load or requires too many steps to get to where we want to be I counterproductive, to say the least. According to most recent studies, the overall attention span of our society is decreasing, mostly because people are getting used to instant solutions and seamless usability. Therefore, chasing pre-made options that comply with certain industry standards could lead to lower traffic and, by extent, lower reach.

Creating a website that doesn’t perform as well on different types of browsers and device types is a direct path to losing a significant portion of your audience. To put things into perspective, mobile devices are taking over the online search and shopping activities, which means that if your website is not mobile-ready Google won’t place it high enough in the search results to give the audience a chance to interact with your brand.

Allow sharing

If you give your visitors a chance to share your content seamlessly across a wide network of social media platforms, your reach will expand to their friends and followers. There are numerous plugins you can use to provide one-click sharing across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Hoping that people are simply going to copy/paste your URL is a shot in the dark because you’re expecting that the audience is willing to put all that effort just to share what you have to say.

Since every added functionality takes away some of the performance, it’s best if you’d analyze your traffic and find out which social networks hold the most value for your brand. In this case, if you don’t have enough shares on Pinterest for example, you could exclude sharing on this website and maximize the efficiency of your endeavor. According to research on social media influence on branding, more than 75 percent of business owners count on social network shares for reach enhancement.

Place interactive content

A website is only interesting as the content presented on that website, which means that raising the audience interest in your brand depends on how much effort you place into entertaining the visitors. Gamification is one of the most effective ways to keep the audience interested in your brand, just think about brands such as Duolingo and numerous other learning platforms that used gamification to make learning interesting and fun, now that’s a success!

Gamification engages people to beat their results and challenge their friends. The same goes for the creation of quiz apps and similar content that allows people to share their results and thus attract more people to engage with your brand. It’s basic human nature to challenge each other, so using this ancient technique to improve your business results should come as natural.

Build up your SEO

Online search engines are responsible for the largest portion of organic traffic, which means you have the best chance of reaching new clients if you work on optimizing your website for search engines. However, optimizing your website so that search engines would place it above the competition is not easy to achieve. It takes a lot of dedicated work, constant analyzing of your website data, and never-ending improvement of your content.

Keyword optimization is an essential aspect of website customization because you want to use key phrases closest to those that users type into search queries when looking for content that’s relative to your industry. However, what also allows Google and other engines to crawl through your website more effectively is the categorization of your content. This means that you should organize your website content according to categories, which will allow faster content search and rank your website higher on the latter.

Local SEO should also play an important role in your website design because it allows you to reach more local users. Faster and more affordable shipment, as one of the perks of shopping locally, allows you to build a strong local brand and establish a firm foundation at home. With a strong base at home, it’s easier to expand your reach further into the international market.


Our website is the first point of interaction with our audience and as such it holds the potential to scale our brand strength or utterly diminish it to the point of insignificance. It’s exactly for this reason why we should look for custom solutions that improve the chances of creating a strong recognizable brand. These short pieces of advice should lead you to the correct path when it comes to increasing your brand reach and attract new visitors to your website. Nevertheless, it’s also your experience as well as the will to learn and adapt that can show you the way to new horizons.

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