How To Make Your Logo Stand Out (Follow these 7 Simple Tips)

Back in the time, doing business was impossible without making a heavy investment. Well, the scenario is still same. But, the things which are changed is- priorities. Would you like to know what? Well, it’s a common yet unique thing. Don’t be too curious, it’s all about logos. Yes, there was a time when businesspersons used to focus on making an investment but now, the first foremost thing to consider these days is, making a strong and exclusive brand identity.

If you have ever been into business world or even if you are a social creature then you must have heard that the graphical representation of brands is day by day becoming the most important asset. You might be wondering why? Well, if you get down in your memory lane and remember all of those lavish outlets which portray a sign and not the name of brand.

Yes! You got it right. I am talking about your favorite luxurious brand Nike, Starbucks, Adidas etc. By the way, do you know how these visuals which we technically call logos are actually made? This might appear as shocking and surprising for you but, logo making is more a game of thoughts than designing. One just require one thing to be a good logo designer- creative!

I know that your thoughts are racing and you are wondering that what about the designing skills? Don’t worry, it’s just the second step which you need to cover first and foremost thing to do is- think creatively, that’s it! We are living in a world of ease, there are numerous of platform from which you can learn how to design a logo but, one thing which neither be learned nor be purchased; is the creativity. That’s a thing of soul!

Please don’t take it too easy. It’s an art and for this, you need to be a good artist. Let me first clear some basic yet crucial aspects, associated particularly with the logo designing. You need to get commands on principles of design. Repeat after me; balance, alignment, emphasis, movement, proportion, repetition, and space. Keep repeating! These are some basic fundamental principles which you need to consider before integrating your creative thoughts. By the way, if you plan to include all of them then relax, not necessarily you have to follow each principle but, make sure you are integrating at least two or three of them.

Relax! This just sounds confusing. Ok, let me give you a brownie tip. Whenever you want to check whether your design is following the fundamental principles or not, just look at your design with the perspective of client. First of all, check the movement. This simply means, that check the movement of your eye and figure out whether you are having a visual comfort while looking at your design or not. If you eye movement is not being disturbed then you have successfully executed the principle of movement.

Similarly, you just need to assure each principle that you are integrating in your design. No, let’s focus on the most important part. The execution of the design. Have you ever heard the most buzzing tech word – Photoshop? I know you all might have heard it somewhere at least, for once in your life. Do you know for what purpose exactly Photoshop is used? If not, then don’t worry, let me help you out.

Photoshop is an e-shop of mind blowing tools with which the designers and picture editors usually use to create fantastic illusions. Just calm down, this only sounds fancy however, in actual, you need to take the commands and you are all set to go! You must be thinking that what role a picture editing software could play in logo designing. Well, this amazing tool shop is a platform of creativity for experts. Many designers use Photoshop for the purpose of logo designing and there is nothing to get surprise about because this particular software help in executing the creative thoughts tremendously.

Let’s take a start. Keep your eye on the row and make sure to jot down all of the important points of how to take commands of Photoshop. Be attentive!

#1. First and foremost – be patient!

Yes, this is the first rule of creating a logo. People think that it is just the matter of minutes to create a logo. Well yes, creating an appealing logo is actually a matter of minutes but only, in your dreams! Making logos is just as similar as expecting A-grade in final result- not everything occurs as exact as you think or expect. But, this doesn’t mean you should stop trying. No! Keep trying and you would definitely end up creating a perfect logo.

#2. Understand the basics of design, onset

Remote learning could help in passing your Literature’s exam but, this could never work in creative field. You need to practice what you learn and you need to learn what you practice. Simple! Learning principles of design is not enough, you eventually have to take the idea from practical performance. This is the only way you can understand better understand each principle along with its application and yes, with its dos don’ts too.

#3. Learn the tool palette – name and purpose

Of course, each tool has its own specific purpose and to use it accordingly, you need to learn the tool palette. Again, do not only focus on learning the names only, make sure you are setting your hands on each one. This is a must-to-do-thing, even experts need to set their hands on tools on and off, as this is the only way of polishing design skills and keeping a strong commands on the tool palette. So, ensure that you are using appropriate learning strategies. Even your finger tip learning can’t do anything when it comes to the using Photoshop. Converting your remote learning into practical execution is equally important.

#4. Try to copy others

I know this sounds almost like something impossible and unexpected but yes, you heard right! If you are a newbie in the field of logo designing then don’t act too efficient and try to copy others first. Initially, just learn how to make curves, how to apply gradient, and what color theory needs to apply in your logo, what the aesthetics of designing logo are and how to fuse pen tool and shapes while making a logo. The only better way of learning all of these things is b copying other logos and the re-making it. Just open the file of copied logo and start reshaping it through pen tool.

#5. Make your own color palette

Well, the major thing which confuse most of the first-timers is that what colors would be more suitable for the logo and how to apply it. It’s so easy, just take a deep breath and look at your left. Those two color boxes is the pitch of your ground- play on them! Double click on the boxes and select your colors accordingly. By the way, adding gradient could help you in giving a 3d look to your logo. Just open your Youtube and search for the tutorials, this way you can better understand the purpose and logic of using gradients.

#6. Don’t jump, make a rough draft!

The biggest mistake one can do in the process of design is, panic! Do not rush please. We know that you are excited to look on the final results and eagerly want to show your skills to the world but, it is better to come up with the perfect draft rather than just revising your files on and off. So, whenever you create your design don’t run after the perfection right at initial stage. No! Design is more a process of learning. Instead of sticking your mind with the word ‘perfect’ just focus on the execution. Take a rough start first and evaluate how it look. Then, point out the things which do not give satisfied impression.

#7. Practice makes man perfect

The more you practice, the more perfection you get. No one would can guarantee you perfect result so, don’t ever fear the failure. Just take this brownie tip and always keep in mind that where the designing is the game of creativity on the same side, it’s a game of luck too. May be not this time, but next time you might get as exact thing as you want. Keep practicing and never stop! Your efforts might not give your exact result but you will definitely learn how to handle the execution of design when things go wrong.

Well, after all of the dos and don’ts just bookmark one more worthy advice. Logo designing is a process where one needs creativity, concentration, and commands. To get these three traits, you must have enough potential to change your decision onset. Yes, you heard right! If you aim to ace your design then you must have the power of acceptance and must have enough guts to accept the change.

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