Brand Recognition Tips For 2020

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Branding is more relevant than ever. Products created by companies that invest a lot in brand recognition are more likely to be purchased by clients, as brand plays a significant role in the buying decision. This aspect is quantifiable, too, as potential buyers are 3 times more likely to buy brands they know than those they have never heard about. Also, this happens even if there are significant pricing differences in favor of not-known brands, which is an essential finding.

That said, brand recognition should be your focus in 2020. Whether you are just starting, or you are looking to consolidate your business, you will find the next tips useful on your journey.

#1. Craft lead-generating quizzes

This tip is ideal for marketers who want to identify a buyer persona, using the customer base they already have at their disposal. There is no better way of getting to know your audience better than by asking it directly.

#2. Harness the power of influencers

Whether they are active on Instagram or any other social media platform, influencers are part of the world we live in, and, what’s more important, they shape the marketing landscape in ways that weren’t around before the advent of the Internet.

Your job is to identify those influencers that are part of your industry and your field. Contact them and ask them to promote your products or services. Unless you want Kylie Jenner to mention your product, most influencers have reasonable fees.

#3. Learn from customer surveys

It is tempting to base your entire marketing strategies on what you think you know about your customer base, but it is also dangerous to do so. Instead of going down this alluring path, you should rely on hard data. Run a set of customer surveys from time to time to see where your customers stand.

Then, you can confront the data you obtain with statistics and other information you already have at hand. That will give you a complete picture of customer behavior and intentions that you can use as actionable information for your next marketing campaign.

#4. Leverage social issues

Laverage Social Media

It is not enough to talk about products such as those compared by to make sure that your audience will be reached and also become receptive to your message. In this day and age, your company must be involved in social issues, too. However, you must have a proper approach for this to work, or it can backfire quite spectacularly.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of tools that allow you to have access to millions of online conversations on social media so that you can identify and analyze those social issues that your target audience is interested in. After that, you must think of a way to have your brand involved in the respective social causes so that your audience has a positive reaction.

#5. Use video tutorials to explain how your product or service works

Customers today want to be knowledgeable and to stay on top of technology trends, which means that they are very much interested in learning how things work. At the same time, they don’t have a lot of time on their hands, which is why they like to figure it out fast.

This is the perfect occasion for you to hit two birds with one stone: presenting your brand and creating affinity among potential customers for your product or service. To do that, you must appeal to something straightforward and short.

In other words, you should create short video tutorials in which you explain how your product or service works. Potential customers are more likely to opt for what you’re selling since they know what it’s doing.

#6. Build authority with expert insights

To make sure that your brand doesn’t only stick to the minds of your potential buyers, but also to do this as a brand created by a company with authority in the field, you need something more. Something that appeals more and more today to a lot of people is an infographic.

This medium helps to transmit a lot of information in a short time and an appealing manner. Also, it concentrates a lot of data, which is the technology and information-hungry generations of customers today like best.

#7. Analyze your best social media performers

Whether they are Facebook posts, tweets, or Instagram updates, if they performed well, you need to understand what you did well when you created them. Sometimes, it appears that out of the blue, something becomes viral, and you can’t explain how it happened.

Here’s the thing; you’re the person who needs to explain to yourself how it happened so that you can do it again. Also, don’t hesitate to repost the same thing if it is not subjected to time constraints, and it’s truly outdated. If you obtain the same response, you have the confirmation that the recipe to success is hidden in there, somewhere.

#8. Hashtags still work

Hashtags Still Works

This tip may come as a big surprise, but it appears that the Internet users’ taste for hashtags is far from fading out. It is particularly helpful when your brand is new, and you don’t have a follower base yet. You can simply tap into the vein of popular hashtags and begin posting something suitable for them.

Your chances of getting discovered increase tremendously. Don’t give up after using a hashtag only a couple of times. You must be consistent when you implement this strategy for creating brand awareness.

#9. Dominate the results for your brand searches

When someone searches for your brand using Google or another search engine, you want him or her to find and be directed to your official website, official images, and videos, or those created and maintained by your affiliates. To understand how this works, take a close look at the competition. What do other companies do? How does it work for them?

Once you have the answers, it is time for you to implement them. The final goal is to dominate the results for the searches related to your brand so that you can create a consistently positive image for your company.

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