Calling for Marketing Reinforcements: 5 Surefire Signs Your Business Needs an SEO Expert

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As technology continues to advance, marketing strategies need to evolve for your company to survive. With the bulk of marketing happening online, learning how to up your business’s visibility on the internet is a must.

A considerable part of this process involves investing time and resources into search engine optimization, better known as SEO. At first glance, SEO seems like a simple skill to master, but in reality, developing a successful SEO strategy can be more complicated than simply identifying keywords for all of your web pages.

That said, seeking the help of an SEO expert is well worth the expense, as a well-skilled SEO master can take your company to new heights. If you’d outsource legal issues to a lawyer or allow an accountant to help with finances, why not call an SEO company like Searchbloom to manage your online marketing strategy?

If you’re still on the fence about hiring an SEO expert, watch out for these 5 telltale signs that your business needs a marketing boost on the internet.

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#1. Your website traffic is declining

A successful SEO strategy means that your website traffic should be growing over time. To check your website traffic, head to Google Analytics and check your web traffic statistics over the past 12 months. You’ll want to focus on your organic web traffic, as this will give you an idea of how visible your business truly is online.

If you’re seeing that the graph is trending downwards or stagnant, your SEO strategy is probably outdated. Google updates its algorithms frequently, and it’s essential to keep an eye on those updates to determine how your SEO strategy should shift.

Regardless of why you see a decline in traffic, it’s time to revamp your SEO strategy by bringing in an SEO expert. A third party will be solely dedicated to staying on top of ever-changing trends and requirements so you can concentrate on your other business responsibilities.

#2. You have low conversion rates or high bounce rates

Maybe your website traffic is doing just fine, but you’re not making the sales you think you’d get from the traffic you’re bringing in, or people aren’t sharing your content. Additionally, you might be seeing customers leaving your website after only viewing one page or leaving your site after only a few seconds.

If you’re seeing high negative metrics or don’t see conversions on your website, that could mean you’re gaining website visitors who aren’t good potential customers.

Your website’s keywords could be the culprit for low conversion rates. Your SEO strategy may be concentrated on simply building your score without regard to your audience. Ensure that your keywords convey intent.

Instead of optimizing for a basic keyword like “couch,” if you sell furniture, dig deeper and use a keyword like “couches for sale.” If you’re not sure how to optimize your keywords effectively, an SEO expert can help you refine your keyword strategy and overall approach to attract the customers you want.

#3. You haven’t considered link-building

Alongside content creation, link-building is a crucial component of SEO but can be time-consuming. Internal links are simpler to create, as you simply link one webpage on your site to another relevant page. However, gaining a high number of quality backlinks takes a while as you need reputable websites to link to your site to gain authority.

If you’re a brand new business, simply asking for links is a great way to begin link-building. Building relationships with new, trustworthy contacts to write guest posts or merely gain relevancy takes longer but is a surefire way to gain backlinks to your site.

You’ll also want to avoid blackhat techniques like keyword stuffing and link buying. Search engines can tell if your content sounds unnatural or if you’ve gained links unethically.

If you engage in blackhat tactics and search engines identify them, they will penalize your website, and your ranking will suffer. However, it’s not always easy to locate blackhat SEO techniques, so an SEO expert can help you identify legitimate SEO tactics to build your visibility.

#4. You’re concentrating on search engines instead of people

Perhaps your main focus for SEO is solely to do whatever it takes to rank number one, and you assumed that higher-ranked content would automatically bring in customers.

However, by ignoring your audience and producing content aimed at search engines, you risk alienating your potential customers with material they don’t care about. Writing a 200-word post rich in keywords but without much substance won’t help you gain SEO authority.

Instead, try writing longer pieces of content that will captivate and engage your audience. Keep an eye on your competitors to understand the type of content that makes them successful, and then, don’t just emulate what they do, but take it to the next level. Search engines will reward you for making content that people love, and SEO experts can help you create that content.

#5. You don’t have time for SEO

When you began building your business, you may have figured that SEO wouldn’t be too time-consuming and were happy to take it on by yourself.

However, SEO requires staying on top of many moving parts. From selecting prime keywords to creating regular content to monitoring trends and analyzing metrics, SEO can be a lot more complicated than many think.

Not to mention, as Google and other major search engines continue to update their algorithms and SEO requirements, you’ll need to update your own strategy constantly. A third-party SEO expert will remain solely dedicated to your company’s SEO strategy, keeping tabs on updates and changing trends to keep your website optimized.

The bottom line

You might balk at the prospect of adding another expenditure to your budget in hiring an SEO expert, but prioritizing SEO in your marketing strategy is vital to your business’s success.

Ignoring SEO because it’s difficult to understand or too time-consuming would be a grave mistake. Make an effort to take your marketing strategy to another level by bringing an SEO expert onto your team, and watch your sales skyrocket.

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