Learn What The Top Restaurant Brands do to Engage their Facebook Fans

Knowing what you have to publish when promoting your brand in Facebook isn’t easy, it’s took time and research to generate the buzz! Especially for you that have restaurant business, I’m sure you already have many competitors that can eat you any time they can. If you don’t have strong social media marketing.

In this post, I will show you what the top restaurant brand did to reach their success. As you know, learn from the best is the perfect ways. The key point is you should be different from your competitors. Before we get started I suggest you make a list of all yours competitor first. Once you have that list you will know what you have to do to make you different from them.

And now, get ready to learn from the top Restaurant Brands secret on Facebook that make their post and promotion become buzz!

How to share unusual interesting post

I’m sure you must be see a food picture, a promote post and an ingredient post in every restaurant Facebook fans page right? But these top brands did a different thing. They post another unusual post but it still interesting. Here is what they post to become differents from the others.

#1. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds have 36,492 likes and 40,017 visits today and it is a good example. On September 15th they posted in Facebook about Join Alex’s lemonade foundation to help raise a fund and awareness for childhood cancer, not only that look at the second picture below they post about national play doh and asking his fans to like it, These update was like by 25 person and get a positive comment.

By share another post which not only discussed the food you will get a larger following and you also can make your posts look more attractive.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

The Lesson: Use different approach as usually restaurant brand did to engage your social media follower.

#2. Mc. Donald’s

Who didn’t know about Mc. Donald’s logo, now on you can see their logo in various stuffs. It’s not only put in packaging products but also can be in the shoes. It means you can see Mc. Donald’s in everywhere to remind you that he will always be there for you.

With this post Mc. Donald’s able energized his post with a cheerful look and does not seem stiff.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

The Lesson: Energized your content with interesting post by presenting your logo in unusual place. You can ask an artist to make your slogan more creative with paint it in street, shoes, mug or maybe plane? 🙂

How to promote your brand with picture

The strength in making attractive food brand photo is that can be seen look tasty. This photo can be made ​​more interesting with combined informative words. Like what these top brands did below:

#3. The burger Lounge

Ensuring that your post and your picture have a good chance to be seen by your target market is the important things. The Burger Lounge is an example that you can imitate. Let’s take a look at this picture below.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

They show an interesting post presentation of food taken from Instagram account belonging to customers, and by utilizing hashtag #theburgerlounge this restaurant can took a real picture about his personal food and customer service.

The Lesson: What you can get in this example is 3 points:

  1. Post your fans pictures when they eat in your restaurant.
  2. Utilize Instagram as medium for share.
  3. Make your hashtag (#) more useful by asking your fans to share it include your hashtag. You can promote your hashtag in every post and use only one official hashtag to do that.

#4. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is another great example that play pictures in their Facebook posts, as you can see in this picture below. They utilize picture kinds of pizza to make-some events.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

To give away free pizzas to their 50,000 fans, Domino’s Pizza provides an opportunity for them to access it in their website. The advantage, Domino’s Pizza give an opportunity for the fans to subscribe and they’ll get a loyalty consumer, and the winner will always buy pizza in their store.

The Lesson: Run a contest to get customer loyalty.

#5. Taco Bell

This is a game time!!

All the people were carried away from the spirit of the game; they will talk about it all the time. Of course, each brand doesn’t want to miss this opportunity to do a promotion related to the game

As you can see in the picture below, Taco Bell makes a special edition packaging to join this game spirit. The result as much as 2,383 like and 52 share for this post, and many a positive comment to these picture.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

The Lesson: Taco bell make a promo 12pcs jumbo packages. Taco bell very understand his fans that when the game starts they happy watch it together, with this packaging will spoil them to buy all in one pack. Genius!!

How to understand your customer

This is the important part that you have to consider when promoting and marketing in Facebook page. How to understanding your customer? This article will explain. But to make you easily understand, Let’s take a look the examples below:


Today everyone is aware of the importance of health for their body; they do a variety of ways to create a healthy body. It is very well recognized by Subway, by making a great fitness guide to help customers do exercise in a way that is not usually done in the gym.

As you can you see in the picture below, which promotes Subway’s hashtag #cropfit and do not forget the underneath they also provides low calories sandwich to help their customer become fit but not starving.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

#7. Olive Garden

When you in diet I’m sure you want need to know how much calories in food you will eat right?

Olive Garden deeply understand what is desired by consumers, to answer all the doubts consumers. They post calorie counts for menu that they served. The advantage is Olive Garden can convince consumers that the food served is safe and will not break the diet.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

The Lesson: you can take one of your dishes to promote low fat diet menu for your consumers, it could mean a veiled promotion show the number of calories, you can make it more interesting by showing its ingredients or how to cook it in another post.

#8. Snap Kitchen

Every one need to know a secret of the great diet, join some room to talk about diet is a way to increase spirit does diet.

Snap kitchen present a Paleo diet in their Facebook page.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

What a complete helpful to this diet, you can join Paleo chat, meet the author, and even you can get a chance to have a goody pack. When you see this promotion you should very interest to join its Paleo chat?

This is the genius campaign and an interesting content that very difficult to be rejected by the fans that saw it.

The Lesson: Give all of your energy to guide the consumer need, Snap Kitchen is a health food restaurant and they not only serve diet menu but also help your diet in other ways.

#9. Starbucks

For you, the food and beverages lovers when there are changes in taste and shape, you certainly will feel disappointed.

Especially for coffee lovers, storage of coffee can make change the aroma and taste. This is the concern of Starbucks Coffee to help consumers save at home. You can see in the example image below, they shows a sketch of photo on how proper coffee storage.

Facebook Marketing Case Study

The Lesson: Give your customer a simple tips by using a great sketch picture to make your fans easily understand what you want to say.


Here, the 9 simple examples from top restaurant brands that can you apply in your marketing strategies, now you understand what this concept and how to apply it right?

The examples above, have very creative ways to make your promotion is outstanding. So, find the creative ways to bake them into your next campaign and you’ll see the influence you have to the others.

How do you think? Have you used any of these tactics in your campaigns? Which ones worked best for you? If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

– Written by Ratih –

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