8 Tips on How To Choose The Best Web Designer for Your Company

When you are self-employed, choosing a website designer is very crucial as it can have a direct impact on your business. Choosing a website designer can be intimidating since you will have many questions in your mind like is the company right? Will they listen to you? Will they understand your needs and give results? All these questions will be answered if you keep a few points in mind before selecting the website designer for your project.

Why the need to develop a good website?

A properly designed website is essential without which you are at a huge disadvantage with trying to grow your brand on the web. Another disadvantage is that your competitors who are doing better online will surpass your business. There are plenty of web designing companies who understand the importance of effective and beautiful web design. You can follow these 8 tips on how to choose a website designer for your company.

How To Choose Web Designer

Tip #1: Check out his/her previous work and evaluate

Every web designer has a unique style to websites they develop. You can browse through their sample websites on their portfolios and confirm that their style is matching with your views.

Tip #2: Take a look their design details

You can evaluate from their live website portfolio. Take a look the typography, web usability, also their design style. Also check the responsive featured, support or not? Are they follow the web design standard?

Tip #3: Talk about your needs with the designer

A good designer will be honest with you and happy to tell you about his/her capabilities. A good designer will ask you about your current website, about your company, its goals and future prospects.

Tip #4: Are they use website planning guide

I think it will really helpful for you and the designer, to make it more clear about the process to achieve the result according to your wishes. Again, Do they have a structured, systematic planning process that leads you through the design phase, and if will they document all the discussions and decisions?

Tip #5: Beware of false promises!

The web designer’s job is to set up with tools so that your site can have a good potential to get to front of Google. The website should be properly coded, keeping SEO in mind. Search engine traffic is increased by continuous addition of content to the website or by writing appealing blogs.

Tip #6: Do not hire designer who will charge you extra for doing even a minor change

As your company grows, the website also changes. Every great website must be changed and updated to keep up the pace. Hence, try to find a designer who is ready to make these changes every now and then without charging you heavily. If you end up paying money for every small change, surely you will rip off the money.

Tip #7: Do not hire a designer who creates sites only in Flash

Creating websites in all Flash increase load time and does not work on all browsers. Flash sites are generally not usable and clean. It is a better option to hire someone who is referred by a tech savvy. It is better that the designer does not separate design and coding of your website. Also, it is advisable not to separate web design and external marketing.

Tip #8: Pay attention with the design copyright!

Ask them about the copyright about your website, particularly to photographs, images, and licensed content. “Make sure the contract spells out who retains the ownership of those images and if ownership transfers to you once the site is finished and paid in full,” Sanfilippo says. All content, including graphics that you hired someone to custom-create for you, and all the coding work, should be owned by you.

Having a properly designed website is just the first step to solid commitment to promote your brand and get steady traffic. It is an ongoing process for the company, but having a good website is a small start to get big success. And the very important factors are: Communicate, communicate, communicate – both verbally and visually to your prospective web designer.

About the Author!

Daniel is a reputed web designer and part time blogger. He has been associated with kcwebspecialists.com for the past 5 years and giving few tips for choosing a good web designer.

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