Create Eye-Catching Marketing Emails With These 4 Tips And Tricks

It’s no doubt that leveraging marketing is a great way to ensure your business continues to grow. It helps improve brand awareness and visibility with promotional campaigns. Regardless of the size of your company or the sector you’re in, you can take advantage of marketing and expand customers’ reach. In fact, without marketing, no one will become aware of your products or services.

Marketing is valuable for connecting with target clients, increasing sales, and growing a business. But building an effective promotional campaign such as email marketing is important to maximize return on promotional efforts.

An Overview Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a promotional method that makes clients on your email list aware of your products or services and other things like discounts and offers.

Although email is one of the oldest forms of direct communication, it’s one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for businesses. And all signs indicate that email advertising is there to stay.

Establishing an effective email marketing strategy can be challenging for most business owners. Most lack the expertise and skills to establish a robust promotional campaign.

For this reason, most consider partnering with marketing agencies. Outsourcing email marketing tasks will help bring in new ideas and expertise you don’t have in-house.

If this is the case, you can count on reputable companies such as Reform Digital email marketing or any other similar service providers to promote your company.

Creating Eye-Catching Marketing Emails

Email marketing can be a cost-effective and reliable way to reach your target customers. It also helps you to create customized promotional campaigns.

Today, consumers expect brands to provide personalized experiences. Email marketing offers personalized solutions to help you build robust relations with customers. This encourages repeat website visits, thus improving your retention rate.

As you’ve seen, email marketing can be a valuable strategy to ensure your business enterprise continues to grow.

However, your ability to connect with targeted customers will majorly depend on how catchy your emails are. Only by creating eye-catching emails will you win the attention of your target consumers. If you’re unsure how to create good marketing emails, here are some tips and tricks to help you.

1. Prioritize On Mobile

Today, most people open emails through mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. For a good reason, mobile devices are more convenient and flexible than desktop computers.

Customers can utilize them to open emails anywhere, anytime. For this reason, you should prioritize delivering mobile-friendly emails to customers.

While this is the case, creating mobile-friendly emails can seem overwhelming. While this is true to some extent, there’s a way out. For instance, you can partner with an email marketing agency that provides mobile device responsive email templates.

When you use a mobile responsive template to create promotional messages, your emails will respond to the gadget used to open them.

For example, if a customer uses a smartphone to open email messages, the email will look attractive and visually appealing. As such, you can establish effective email marketing campaigns to help connect with your target audiences.

2. Write Messages Of The Right Size

You should be cautious of the size you use for your email marketing messages. Email sizes that are too small or too large can hurt the experience of the consumers.

For instance, no customers will want to keep zooming in or out of the text message to read it. If customers notice you always use undesirable font sizes in your emails, they’ll likely not open them. And this may hurt your conversion rate.

But you may ask: what font size is good for email messages? While there’s a direct answer to this, customers can easily read your text messages. In other words, opt for a font size that’s readable or legible.

But to streamline the process, you can use a normal size of about 12 points for the body text and 14 or 16 points for the heading.

But before you deliver email messages to customers, having an opinion from others can be a good idea. Ask your team members or colleagues to review whether they contain the right size.

Use their feedback to make changes if necessary. The idea here is to settle on the right font size for your email messages to help grab the attention of target consumers.

3. Create Email Messages With Your Brand In Mind

Remember that you’re investing in email marketing campaign to improve the visibility of your business. For this reason, you should stick to your brand.

In other words, your email messages should reflect your products or services. The recipient of your email messages should immediately know where they come from after they open them.

When creating email messages for your promotional campaign, ensure you include the business logo. Emails should also have the right voice and tone that reflects your brand.

Aside from that, include the name and color of your brand. In simple terms, the recipients shouldn’t have any problem determining where the emails come from.

4. Be Clear And Brief

Most customers are too busy and might not have much time to read and analyze your email messages. Besides, they receive many emails daily and might not want to read long emails. For this reason, you should be clear and concise.

Many people have a short concentration span. Therefore, readers will likely lose attention if your email messages are too long. In fact, some clients might not read your emails if they notice they’re too long.

The best place to begin when writing your emails is to have a clear subject. Anyone who reads the subject line should clearly understand which message you want to drive to them.

From there, use a few paragraphs in your body to tell readers what they need to know about your business. And again, your paragraphs shouldn’t contain a lot of text.

Three to five sentences are just enough for each paragraph. From there, include a clear call to action in your emails. This will help readers know exactly what you want them to do.


Leveraging email marketing can be an effective way of growing your business. It allows you to connect with an enormous audience from an extended region. As such, you can generate more quality leads and improve your sales generation strategy.

However, you must create eye-catching emails. Prioritizing on mobile, choosing the right size of your messages, keeping your brand in mind, and writing clear messages are effective tips and tricks to build an effective email marketing strategy.

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