Data Encryption – How It Works for Business?

“Data Encryption” is one of the main methods that we have today for making our computer/phone files more secure and private.

Who uses Data Encryption?

Is it a very common procedure for businesses to encrypt their data to avoid revealing sensitive information to potential hackers and other possible attackers.

Also, if you, as a non-business owner person want to simply make sure that no other than you get access to your sensitive data files, you can do this by the use of data encryption software (there is free and paid software for this but we will later talk here about a free program which works amazing for this purpose)

How does Data Encryption works?

Data encryption works by the use of ciphers based on compound mathematical algorithms that allows us to convert our human-readable data to apparently nonsense characters that can only be translated to human readable format again by using a specific key, and by key we are referring to a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Indeed, it works very similar to a WiFi router password.

Data Encryption - How It Works for Business?

What are some common cases of Data Encryption?

We can find multiple examples of the use of Data Encryption throughout the Internet to help us understand the behaviour of it.

For instance, whenever we pass information through a website using the “HTTPS” protocol our security is highly improved and this is specially important today because so many people are using online websites to connect to their bank account to check funds and do transactions and such.

What are some of the best software programs to start using Data Encryption?

VeraCrypt, AxCrypt, DiskCryptor, HTTPS everywhere and VPN services in general.

If we simply want to encrypt some of our files, the best choice for us probably is VeraCrypt.

Start using VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is a great yet simply program that allows us to encrypt our data with pretty much some of the best standards in the cyber-security industry. The use its really simple, first of all you download the software from the website and once you have it downloaded you can simply double-click on the download to execute it and open the installer.

Once you have it installed you can now open it and look for the drive your files are located in. Let’s say its the K drive, you have to first select the K drive and second select the files you want to encrypt. Now you have to wait for the process to be done, which will speed up if you move your pointer all around the screen since the encryption algorithm uses the movement to generate and improve the way the data, it’s being encrypted.

Anytime you have encrypted files with VeraCrypt Portable and want to decrypt them to use them or edit them you can do so anytime but be aware that it might take between 2 and 10 minutes to load, depending of how powerful is your computer.

VeraCrypt is used on the daily by so many people whether they are the average person or even cyber-security experts and ethical hackers because of the simplicity, ease of use and efficiency of this software.

Data Encryption on Online Privacy and Security

There are a few tools previously mentioned on this article that we are gonna talk about now. These tools are: HTTPS everywhere and VPN services.

HTTPS everywhere is a web browser extension that ensures the websites you are visiting use data encryption while you are using them and if some of these websites are not using the secure HTTPS protocol you will get a warning so you can think twice before introducing delicate data in there.

About VPN services, there are a lot of free and paid VPNs available which allow you to encrypt all your outgoing data that goes through the Internet, when we say all we say not only websites but also, for example, credentials that go through a specific program or even a video game, they will be more secured if you use a VPN.

Some of the most recommended VPN services are NordVPN, ExpressVPN and CyberGhost VPN.

Your Turn

In the modern society we live in today, making an effort to have a safer Internet experience is something worth doing.

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