Essential Social Media Graphic Design Tips for 2021

Building social media for your brand requires you to know the basics of graphic designing along with creating good content. Creating great social media content can help you stand out in the competition and it catches the attention of target customers too.

Social media graphic design is an important consideration. Sharing information through graphic designs is a quick and effective way to communicate a brand’s ideas. Text and content that you create is not going to be noticed by people unless you combine it with amazing graphic designs and visuals.

Catching attention first is the main task and sharing content comes next. If you are unable to attract viewers attention they will not even spend 1 second to read out what you say and will continue their browsing.

So, the whole point is, you need to focus on social media graphic designs trends to make your business even better.

Is social media worth it?

A constant and positive presence on social media is necessary for businesses to prosper in today’s times. Everything is turning online and social media use has hiked up more in past years than forever. Thus, posting and doing business on social media can be quite fruitful.

Quality of content and graphic designs is an essential component of social media marketing.

You can even appoint specific people in your company to just focus on making your social media powerful. Anyhow, you are going to need some necessary information to stay on the track.

And that necessary information regarding social media graphic designs tips and templates are mentioned below. Do follow these steps from Designhill to make your brand prosper in 2021.

#1. Choose bold and Bright

In 2021, bright and bold designs and color palettes are reigning the trend. Whether it is web pages or social media, people are choosing bold and bright colors to communicate their ideas with the world.

Using pale and light shades is a thing of the past now. You can make your social media better and more attractive than ever. Last decade, minimalism was in trend that has now shifted to bright color palettes usage.

This helps you to connect with your audience more clearly. Moreover, you can attract people’s attention unlike usage of old stock photos.

Usually, tech companies and startups are the one that take up trends first but your social media accounts can also use this and represent your bold side in front of your target audience.

Try incorporating use of bold and bright colors with your brand. You can try this by using your brand’s color palette and make those colors bright to follow this trend.

EBay used bright colors in their site as well as social media accounts effortlessly. They gave upon their old style and chose this one.

First thirty Eight used bold bright and interesting colors and made unique graphics for their brand.

So, if these brands can do it, why can’t you.

#2. Illustration use

Using Iconscout unique illustrations is getting into trend these days. Boring stock photos with no interesting elements is not being entertained by people. Your viewers will run away in just a few seconds. Adding something valuable with interesting elements is necessary to keep them engaged. And illustrations are what help you here.

This trend is an eye pleasing and effective way to share information. Moreover, like stock photos it cannot be copied and helps you stand out in the competition. You look unique to your target audience. Eventually, people pay attention to what you are sharing. Also, a little branding by using brand colors can make an even much better impact on people.

For instance, bucketchannel has made perfect and clever use of illustrations.

#3. Icons usage

This technique is quite simple one but really effective. Our main target is to catch the attention of our viewer first and then communicate our information. Icons help you perform the task better than simple boring old ways.

Use a icon that connects with your brand and use theme colors. This builds a sense of trust and reliability among the target audience.

This year do invest in icons and see the change by yourself.

Further, it communicates ideas clearly and makes all points understandable.

To make your icon stand out, use a bold background and then place a simple icon on it. Isn’t it simple? Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to perform the task.

Check out how Venngage has made use of icons on their website.

Furthermore, Axioms created unique and outstanding designs by combining icons and photos.

#4. Make text stand out

Human brain gets by visuals first, if you wish your audience to pay attention to your written content too, then you need to make it visible enough. It must be presented in an attractive manner.

Therefore, you need to do a little more effort to make your text stand out. Make text a clear and easy to read from any device. It is a simple way to portray information ,more effectively.

Mention used it in their website. They focused on even the smallest text and made it clearly visible.

#5. Charts and infographic

Incorporating charts into your social media account is a unique way and smart way of sharing necessary information. You can show people data quickly and easily rather than explaining in long paragraphs.

Use your brand colors in an innovative manner to attract people’s attention towards the content. Information is easy to describe and explain through charts, graphs and infographic. Moreover, creating charts or graphs is so easy and quick.

If you have used this trick on a website, do not hesitate and give it a try for social media too. Many websites like PayPal tried this out.

#6. Create new from old

You can use premade designs and add new elements to it to create something unique. Choose old social media templates and add or delete elements from it to portray information in a totally new way.

Further, it can be overwhelming to make something new every time and come up with new designs and ideas. This way requires less effort and time. Also, this develops a sense of trust and reliability too.

This idea is perfect for newbie designers who stuck a little at coming up with something new every time.

For instance, MO2 tried this and created templates inspired from this idea. They took the same general layout and used it for their benefit. It doesn’t take much time as you just need to swap a few elements. At the end, you are getting something new and exciting.

Next, kiss metrics also tried this one in their social media templates.

Picking up those old templates and creating something new is also an art.

Therefore, picking old and converting them is the best idea.

#7. Brand your design

Companies do branding in almost every material possible like business cards, ads, websites, brochures, products and services, etc. Then why not do it on social media too?

Brand your graphic designing by adding elements of your company. You can start by adding your logo design of your company to the templates.

Further, the color palette of your brand can help you gather enough needed attention. All you need to do is create something unique and innovative by putting a little effort.

Strong branding can help you attract gains through social media templates.

TheNextWeb has brought a sense of continuity in their social media templates by adding a bar at the bottom of templates mentioning their brand. This attractive element connects people to brands.

#8. GIFs and Cinematographic

You can design and create custom GIFs and cinematographic to add a little spice to your social media

Create custom designs of GIFs and stand out the competition.

You are already aware about the rate at which competition is increasing. So, trying something is the need of the hour. Invest in this idea and keep an eye on the results.

IBM created simple GIFs from old template. They use the same template to portray different ideas. Moreover, this helps people feel a connection with previous work of the company and increased sense of trust and reliability too.

Next, cinematographic with a single moving element in a static photo are catching huge attention these days. They make content look even more realistic. To add to this, it attracts viewers’ focus to elements you wish them to focus upon.

Isn’t that quite amazing? You do not even need to worry about them looking away from the focal point because they will not.

This is an eye catching trick that must be tried at least once.


So, all in all, following trends given in this piece of content can be really helpful for your brand. Graphic design tips and templates can make your social media sites trendy and very attractive in 2021.

Add GIFs, bold and bright colors, icons and illustrations to your posts for giving them an innovative and interesting touch. You viewers will find seeing your posts interesting, more fun than ever and informative at the same time. A little effort now can help you go a long way.

About the Author!

I am Eshley Jackson, a graphic designer and blogger associated with Designhill, one of the world’s largest graphic design marketplace for freelance graphic designers and start-ups.

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    Add GIFs, bold and bright colors, icons and illustrations to your posts for giving them an innovative and interesting touch.

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