Expand Your Conversions with eCommerce Tips for Social Media

Running an eCommerce store is one of the toughest things faced by many businesses. Finding a solid medium with dazzling features is the best way to lessen the onus on your shoulders. But, most times, you are dazed by clusters of platforms to choose from.

To ease the pressure and to make your website work better for your business, opt for Magento. The versatility and punching power of Magento says it all! It is a robust platform that leverages enormous customers and maximizes your profits to a great extent. No matter what size your business is!

Magento offers solutions that fit the sizes of all businesses. The powerful scalability and low cost deployment features have aided Magento to emerge as a successful medium for establishing eCommerce websites.

Social Media Tips for eCommerce

Well! While setting up your eCommerce website with Magento could be a best way to take your business forward, driving traffic to your website becomes crucial to reap rich benefits.

This article is all about how to drive more traffic and how to convert the leads to potential buyers with ease. So, let’s jump to the topic!

Driving Traffic:

Social Media Tips for eCommerce

A website’s traffic is measured from the amount of traffic it receives. So, learning the tricks and trades to bring in more traffic to your site is recommended. Remember, there are a hell of lot of ways available for developing traffic to your site.

Picking the best one out of many is in the hands of blog or website owners! For instance, where would you prefer to showcase all your products? Exactly in a place where there are a lot of people movement and discussion, right? One such effective place which could help you reach out a wide range of customers worldwide with ease is a social media site like Facebook.

With millions of fans all around the globe, Facebook is such a delightful place to share all your business prospects. In no time, the business will pick up ensuring you healthy profits. Social media sites are completely cost-free and you can save quite some money while brandishing your products using them.

Setting up Shopping Carts on Facebook:

Social Media Tips for eCommerce

Well, when we talked about driving traffic, it becomes necessary to set up the eCommerce shopping carts of your website on the social media sites like Facebook.

In fact, Magento comes up with numerous extensions for setting up shopping carts on Facebook. One of the powerful Magento extensions that help a great deal in enhancing the visibility of your website is Facebook eCommerce Store. Using this simple yet effective tool it is absolutely easy to set up online stores on Facebook wall and to display numerous products in front of a huge mass of followers.

By awarding a few discounts for liking your business page and recommending your projects, reaching out a wide range of people becomes awesomely easy. When searching for many people, keeping customers in your shopping cart is extremely important. Magento 2 auto related products increase the number of related products when customers search for a product. From there, it will help customers easily find the products they want to buy, thereby increasing sales for the store.

Warding off Shopping Cart Abandonment:

Social Media Tips for eCommerce

From the discussion above, it is apparent that driving traffic becomes easier to your site using Facebook apps. But, is that adequate to improve the conversion rates? No not at all! You have to persuade people to buy your products as one of the worst setbacks encountered by most companies often is shopping cart abandonment.

If your website contains a too long form filling procedures, consumes a lot of time while adding products, denies the viewers to delete unwanted products added to carts, comprises no wishlist, etc. Then very soon your website will lose visibility among customers. So, how to put an end to the persisting shopping cart abandonment? We will discuss this in the next section.

Maximize Conversion Rates:

Social Media Tips for eCommerce

Well, Magento comes up with impressive solutions to overcome this issue as well. It offers a sparkling extension called one step checkout to zero in the shopping cart abandonment and to maximize the conversion rates.

By adding this simple extension to your website, issues related to form filling, page reloading, etc. vanish in thin air. Besides, it speeds up the process of placing orders and payments making the job of the users incredibly easier.

These are some of the tips that work beautifully for any Magento-based eCommerce websites. Yet another tip to boost up the conversion rates is by following up customers. It works extraordinarily often times. Even Magento offers plugins for that purpose, but as it is not relevant to the current topic, we will discuss that in another article.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Utilize the social media sites to drive abnormal volume of traffic to your site and enhance the conversion rates to great extent.

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Melvin Rajiv enjoys writing about technology topics for the web where he can share his knowledge and interest with others. Melvin encourages the use of Magento One Page Checkout and he has also started write for Apptha Easy Ajax Cart.

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