Infographic: Facebook Advertising Guide for Beginner

Facebook ads allow all businesses to do budget-friendly and customizable promotional campaigns that can be adjusted to your target market. Various advantages can be achieved when utilizing Facebook ads, as said by Search Engine Journal about the Facebook ads benefits:

  1. Budget- friendly advertising programs
  2. Powerful targeting parameters
  3. Customizable ads
  4. User feedback
  5. Networked promotion

With all that benefits why you have to choose Facebook for your marketing ads? Did you know that based on infographic belongs to 909c: Social Graph Designers and Paid Media Experts reveal the fact that Facebook has 1.15 billion users, 699 active users and more surprising is that it have 469 million active mobile users!

To make you more sure this infographic also reveal the fact that the most effective should you to advertise on Facebook is newsfeed in the desktop, this is because it measured click through rate 20x higher than the RHC and more surprising is this Facebook ads from 9 April 2014 will automatically have the best available social context, you also no need to purchase extra ads sponsored stories anymore! The offer is quite tempting right? 🙂

In here you will know how Facebook targeting works, and how to turn your Facebook target audiences into customers, use this infographic info to get your maximum refund this years and establish your sales. So what are you waiting for, scroll down and become the success marketers.

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Facebook Advertising Guide Infographic

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