Facebook Marketing: How These 8 Top Bakery Brands Engage Their Customers

You already know that Facebook is the best tools to make the engagement and product promotion. But the question is, What are the best ways to do that? How to create a content that engage?

Here, in this article you’ll learn how the top brands (especially The Bakery Brands) engage the customers on their Facebook page. Then as a small business owner you can imitate their strategy, as said by Rick Mulready in his article 3 Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Business Budgets:

  • Find wher your customers are and go deep
  • Create content that people want to talk about
  • Use social media to listen to customer

So, let’s get started! Learn from their strategies and try to applicate for your business, altough the bakery is not your business:

How to make your customer fell starving

Bakery is a kind of food-related business, then show your delicious bakery is a power to attract customer attention. Check below how the top bakery brands did it in a unique way.

#1. Cobblestone Bread Co

Cobblestone Bread Co is made by Chef Nathan Lippy, he is a specialist to make a sandwich. It is his strength that’s why he shows it in every post.

Like not another post, in addition to showing new menu sandwich he also provokes reaction of his fans by congratulating the Columbus day and look at that there is a positive comment directly from his fans.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

The Lesson: You can make a list calls to action word that can be effective to your fans. Uses that list every time by replacing the word, it will very helpful make good engagement content to your fans.

#2. The Redbud Tree Bakery

Its look like September every bakery brand celebrate Columbus Day, they are not wasting this event to prepare his cake tailored to the theme of this event.

To make the cake look so special you could imitate performed by The Redbud Tree Bakery, besides make consumers interested, this post also can be function to give information to his fans. And once again just like what cobblestone bread co. did, this post can make reaction to his fans too, and look at many his loyalty fans waiting its cookies with autumn theme.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

The Lesson: In this lesson you can learn 3 things to imitate:

  1. Make product adapted to the ongoing theme event
  2. Promote your product with word invitation and calls to action in your post
  3. Do it scheduled every years, so your fans can waiting it in the next years

How to convey the tips with clearly

Every good food always curious how the recipe to make it, especially making a cake must be very aware not like cooking another food, in making a cake if different process the cake will taste different too although with the same recipe. This makes the top brands want to spoil his fans, through his post they convey a simple tips that can be easily understood by consumers.

#3. Magnolia Bakery

Opening the cooking classes is to help fans, they can learn directly from the experts in making the cake. Unfortunately, sometimes the top brands do not openly publish when their holding cooking classes. To make your cooking class publications become more open you can see how Magnolia Bakery do below:

Facebook Marketing Strategy

In their content, shows the details of every class that can be attended by the fans, and also with the offer direct assistance of his expert staff.

The Lesson:
Give your fans a complete tips to make your bakery. Like what Magnolia bakery did:

  • Make a cooking class and promote it periodically in your Facebook post
  • Give an situation your cooking class by share it video in your post
  • Good Customer service is always the best, so use it with maximum

#4. Abbot’s Village Bakery

The second steps to convey a clearly tips is what Abbot’s Village Bakery did. I really like what they did to make the content is very interesting. As you can see below:

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Periodically they gives the simple and helpful tips to the fans. They lifts the tips that can be used daily in cooking. And look at that so many positive comments from fans that helped on these tips.

The Lesson: Periodically share your best and helpful tips to the fans, and make it unique.

How to ask your customer to visit your shop

This is very important steps, to finish your marketing strategies become perfect and complete. How to make your fans interesting to visit your shop is a hard way, you must be clearly made an invitation but not too look forced and selling. Let’s take a look how they do it:

#5. Botanical Bakery

On June 18, Botanical Bakery posted: “Hey Fallas (and ladies too) hear this: introducing Botanical Bakery Cheese Snaps. The unofficial snack of man caves everywhere!”

Facebook Marketing Strategy

By promoting this update on Facebook, could make their fans feel curious to try the new flavors that are owned by the Botanical Bakery. As said by John Miler in his article: “Curious people learn things. Curiosity leads to understanding, and that fuels passion”. Curiosity can make your customers eager to make searching and it will become the make great content.

The Lesson: If you want to look professional than you would have to make-your customer motivated and be curious. When you’ve done deep searching through interviews, why they buy, why they don’t buy and what they want, you will learn a lot of things about your target market and make it become your content strategies.

It is because the better you understand your clients the better you understand what make they become curiosity with your products.

#6. Central Baking Depot

Directly invitation to visit your store is another great strategy that you can imitate.

Now, let’s take a look at the image below belong to Central Baking Depot, they post a new menu is accompanied by an explanation of the ingredients in detail.

This post provides complete information to your customer about your menus and new variants will certainly make them moved to your new tasting menu.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

The Lesson: Directly conversation and direct invitation to visit your shop, it is considered effective to do. This is because you want to convey information clearly and be able to lure customers come to you.

#7. New York Bakery Co. Bagels

In doing promoting participation in the promotion of your employees is very important. You will get two benefits if done so, the first one you will let your employees know what you’re looking for and how much your target market, the second you will look more humanity to show your face of your employee’s headlines.

Now, let’s take a look at this picture below belongs to New York Bakery Co. Bagels, how they can make an invitation to their store along with their employee picture on it. Easy and simple things to do right?

Facebook Marketing Strategy

The Lesson: Use employee to promotion it’s hard to do, you must make sure that you’re already choose the right employee, when you make one mistake when choose a wrong person than you’re brand image will look bad. So, make sure you already did some research and adjustment before choose the right people.

#8. Silver Hills Bakery

Make an event is always interesting, but the selection of what is the theme is also very important. Learn more from this article to help you make a decision what is the right event for your brand.

There are many ways to promote an event, if you have a minimum budget you can follow the event organized by the town’s annual event and promote it in your Facebook page to call your loyal customers attending the event that you follow.

One of the promotional event that is quite simple and easy to understand you can see in the example image below, Silver Hills Bakery utilizing the hashtag #eatwelldogood to make promotion.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

The Lesson: Hold or attend an event is the need for each brands, as this would greatly facilitated the promotion of your future. By showing your product in the event will help you introduce your product and gain customers trust.


Understanding how to create the engage content marketing is a complex things, you must learn how to measuring ROI, SEO, engagement and event low confidence in various tactics. The point is you must change and open your mind to cope with any changes that may occur at any time. Keep learning and keep searching to know what is your weakness and what is strengthens, the SWOT analysis is old but it’s still useful to assist you in making your marketing strategies.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of these strategies? Do any of these tips surprise you? Please leave a comment below.

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