Infographic: Famous Rebrands of the Past 100 Years

Should you do rebrand for your company or business? When is the best time to do that? Since we know rebranding a company’s goals, message, and culture is hard. Not only can it be expensive to execute a complete rebrand, but it can also be risky.

So a successful campaign requires more than a revamped logo and a name. It demands a vision that inspires customers, investors, and involves overhauling a company’s goals, message, also culture.

There are many reasons why a company may wish to rebrand, including mergers and brand uniformity. As you can see in this infographic below by, to takes a look at some of the most noticeable rebrands of the past 100 years. You can see the different before and after, a rebrand can be anything from changing a ‘J’ to a ‘C’ to a drastic multi-million overhaul. While some name changes might have taken a while to get used to, most of them are now household names.

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Famous Rebrands Infographic

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