Food Business Ideas that you can Start in 2024

Illustration by Andrey Kopyrin

Lots of small companies turn into large food brands all the time. Think about the foods you see when you walk into a supermarket or gas station. If you see anything on the shelves, it’s definitely making tons of money.

I’m sure you want to see your products on those shelves too, but how are you going to break into the industry? You must come up with an idea that stands out, so let’s discuss a few you can work on right now.

#1. A Healthy Protein Bar

New protein bars have appeared on shelves over the last decade or two, but are they actually healthy for you? Take a look at the label when you’re at the supermarket. Most bars are filled with stuff you’ve never heard about.

In the future, will they release bars that only have a few ingredients inside them? It’s a good selling point, and you wouldn’t have trouble finding buyers. If you’re interested in fitness, it could be a good idea.

#2. Create Your Own Hot Sauce

A popular comedian has his own hot sauce. There is an extremely big YouTube channel that revolves around hot sauce. It feels like everyone loves hot sauce these days, so companies like Giraffe Foods will be appealing.

You just need to come up with a flavor you’ll be able to market. Someone else will take care of all your production needs. Do you think you could build a social media following so large the followers would order all your bottles?

#3. A High Perceived Value

If you want to start a food brand, think about foods with a high perceived value. A great example is coconut rice pudding. Not only do people love the taste, but they’ll be full after a few bites because rice is satiating.

Rice is also extremely cheap, so it’s not going to cost much to create the dessert. It’s even cheaper when you’re making it in bulk. When you have a higher profit margin, you’ll be able to spend more money on marketing.

#4. Treats From Home Countries

People who live in the U.S. come from many countries around the world. Millions of people have emigrated from particular countries. Imagine if you sold all the best treats from countries in Eastern Europe.

Bulgarians, Croatians, and Serbians would be interested in enjoying something from home every now and again. Just make sure there are enough people from a country to ensure you’ll be able to sell all your stock.

#5. Following A Particular Diet

Have you heard of the paleo diet recently? It’s basically another name for a diet that doesn’t allow many carbs. If you mentioned the Atkins diet on your packaging, it won’t appeal to many customers because it’s outdated.

When someone spots your paleo food, they’ll probably try it. Make sure it’s good enough so you get plenty of repeat customers. Spend time researching the fitness industry because new diets become popular all the time.

#6. Liquid Meals To Save Time

We’ve been trying to cut down on the number of foods we eat for ages. It’s especially popular with entrepreneurs who don’t want to cook food. If they can drink a shake that contains all their nutritional needs, they will.

Soylent is the biggest example you’ll see on sale today. If you want to break into the liquid meal industry it won’t be hard. Just make sure it tastes delicious. If you’re a good marketer, I’m sure people will buy it.

#7. Monthly Subscription Boxes

When you Google monthly food subscription boxes, you’ll realize they offer almost everything you can think of today. Anyone who needs a month’s worth of fresh meat can have it delivered to their front door straight away.

Maybe enough people would be interested in getting more exotic meats. You would find enough customers if you offered tasty Belgian chocolates. Combining the perfect food product with a monthly subscription is a good idea.

#8. DIY Meals With Ingredients

Do you prefer cooking fancy meals from scratch? That doesn’t mean you need to run out to the supermarket to collect all the ingredients. It would be helpful if a food brand sent out ingredients for a particular meal along with a recipe.

Anyone who ordered it online would be able to follow the company’s recipe instead of using their own. It would help if you teamed up with fancy restaurants. You’ll sell more products if you use very popular recipes.

#9. Foods From Around The World

Everyone likes to try meals from countries around the world. We’re addicted to Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Thai dishes. But you don’t tend to hear too much about Icelandic, Brazilian, or German meals.

You could give people the chance to explore cuisines from far-off countries. If there is enough demand, you could even risk opening a restaurant. Hire a local if you want the foods you sell to taste authentic.

#10. Open A Wonderful Food Truck

It’s almost impossible to open a restaurant unless you’re rich. Good luck if you’re trying to find someone to invest in your idea. Thankfully, it’s a lot cheaper to start a food truck business. You can even buy everything secondhand.

If you find a good place to park, it’s easy to make a full-time income. Just spend a while coming up with the ideal menu for your location. Once things start going well, you’ll be able to open up more trucks throughout the city.

Creating a restaurant business plan when starting a restaurant or even a food truck is critical. A business plan not only helps you secure financing and investments, but also provides a roadmap for your business. It defines your business concept, target market, and competitive advantage.

Furthermore, it outlines your marketing strategy, operations, and financial projections. This comprehensive plan serves as a guide to running your restaurant, helping you anticipate challenges and make informed decisions.

#11. Start A Niche Food Blog

Thanks to the internet, you don’t even need to sell food. It’s possible to start a niche food blog that gives readers your favorite recipes. If you love being in front of the camera, combine it with a YouTube channel.

When you work online, you won’t be stuck in one location. Travel around the world exploring recipes in hard-to-reach places. Eventually, you’ll be able to sell a cookbook, which could turn you into a millionaire fast.

Don’t Stop Until You Succeed

You have a good chance of breaking into the food industry, but it’s going to take lots of hard work. Don’t stop putting in 100% effort until you finally succeed.

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