The Characteristics Of A Good Logo To Make Your Brand Stand Out

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A quick question, name a brand without a logo? Got any answers? Probably not, that’s because a brand cannot exist without a logo. A logo plays a significant role in creating an impact of your brand and in the building of customer’s perception regarding your brand.

Having said that, a stunning logo is what you need to enhance your branding and marketing strategies. The real question is, what makes a great logo?

In its core, logos are meant to be identifiable. Regarded as the initial point of interaction for the potential customers and targeted audience, a logo forms the core of every business branding and marketing strategies.

With that in mind, it’s essential to create a logo which is the true reflection of your brand’s values and objectives.

Through using symbols, icons, images, text and various typefaces, making a logo is not as easy and simple as it might sound like.

Where logos form the visual identity of a brand, numerous aspects are to be considered to create high-quality. However, with millions of logos in existence, finding the inspiration for your brand’s logo is no longer a challenging task.

Where logo designing, has numerous crucial designing aspects, they might change and vary depending on your design needs and requirements.

Nevertheless, there’s no single way to achieve excellence in logo designing. There’s no single formula and combination for making a great logo. The only important thing to consider is the distinguishing factor between a high-quality design and a mediocre design.

So the question is, what makes a great logo? What makes a logo effective? Most importantly, what can you do to make your company’s logo effective?

Well, to put all your doubts and queries to a halt, here are some of the key attributes that are generally found in every great logo.

Put these tips and tricks into practice and acquire a logo perfect for your company and brand:

#1. Simplicity—the best logo design policy

First things first, don’t confuse design complications and intricacies with design streamlining. The entire idea of logo designing revolves around the ease of recognition and identification.

Your logo has to be an easy and eye-catchy medium of recognition. Intricate logo design and well-detailed logo design might be your preference, but such designs usually fail in getting the attention of the audience.

A well-designed logo is the ultimate reputation-booster and getting the right one is all that is required to gain a reputable status in the business world.

Your logo doesn’t need to be intricate and well-detailed in order to be recognizable and unique. A simple and well-designed logo can take your business status and market position to the next level.

#2. Uniqueness—the cardinal virtue of logo design

The business and marketing worlds are over-flooding with thousands of businesses, brands and logos, which is why setting your brand and business apart from the potential competition is the key target of every marketing strategy.

Let’s face it, without a unique and easily recognizable logo; you won’t be able to gather as much audience and potential customers as you expect.

Having a logo with similar design style and pattern as your competitors might give tough time in grabbing the attention and in driving the customer traffic towards your business and brand.

Your potential customer might end up purchasing products from your competitors’ store. If simplicity is the core component of a great logo design, then uniqueness is the quality enhancer.

#3. Versatility—one-size “doesn’t” fit all

In this highly-digitalized world filled with hundreds of marketing and social media mediums and platforms, designing for one platform or medium is not a practical and advantageous approach.

One of the most underrated yet crucial characteristics of a great logo is its quality of being adaptive to a different type, size and category of mediums.

Where a digitally designed logo looks good on websites and digital marketing platform, it looks equally look on billboards and print media.

The graphics of today’s modern design industry are flexible enough to be used on various digital and non-digital mediums and platforms.

A great graphics and logo designer knows what looks great on a brochure might not work for the website or email marketing.

So, hiring the right and professional logo design company and design expert plays a pivotal role. However, before you equate the colors, themes and fonts, include versatility as the crucial component of the formula.

#4. Relevance—the subtle obviousness of design

A powerful brand identity has to be relevant not only to your brand’s value and objective but also to the niche industry and market. When it comes to logo designing, it’s all about creating an iconic symbol that is simple yet eye-catchy.

An appropriately designed logo is the one which not only communicates the brand message in the right tone and style, but it also tells the whole brand story in the most effective and impactful manner.

#5. Targeted—the actual purpose of the logo

Understanding your targeted audience and potential customers are one of the key requirement of the logo designing process.

Without knowing who your potential customer is and what their needs and demands are, composing a design that communicates the brand message effectively is an impossibility.

A well targeted and designed logo plays a crucial role in connecting your audience with your brand’s values, objectives and purpose.

Determine the group and set the audience bracket parameters and come up with a creative design that connects well with that bracket of audience.

#6. Memorability—it’s all about impressions

Complex design and overly intricate and detailed logo have nothing to do with being memorable, which are when simplicity together with all the other aspects makes your logo a memorable one.

Memorability is not one of the easiest characteristics to include, but if you somehow succeed in doing so, your logo is bound to make it to the list of iconic symbols and brands.

Now it’s your turn

Once you have composed your logo design, you have set the basis for a successful marketing and branding strategy and just like that your brand is all set and ready to face the highly competitive business and marketing world.

About the Author!

Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti is a Digital strategist & Tech Geek, He’s always exploring new skills with different platforms in writing and marketing industry, currently working with LogoVenture a Logo Design Company.

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