Google+ Marketing Tips for Your Product Sales

Google+ also have a facility that complements other social media. For the example is Google+ has a similar G+ it’s like “Facebook like” beside that Google+ also has #Hashtag that have same function with the #Hashtag belong Twitter. And as a marketer of course, you will greatly benefit from the facilities offered by the Google+. Where facilities owned like Facebook and Twitter Hastag has been very useful for marketers in social media.

Therefore, in this article I’ll discuss about Google+ marketing tips to increase of your product sales by utilizing facilities owned by perfecting Google+.

3 Keys to Google+ Marketing

#1. Increasing your G+

This is the reason why people interesting with G+ in Google+. G+ on Google+ is a sign that you have likers or followers. G+ is a characteristic that is owned by Google+, as a complement of the property like Facebook, G+ equipped with a circle, so we as fans can choose to put it in a circle G+ whatever we want with the purpose of classification friend.

#2. Utilizing the #Hashtag

#Hashtag on Google+ is almost the same function as a #Hashtag on Twitter, branding many actors who use this #Hashtag to promote or establish a community on social media.

#3. Increase sales

Increase sales of goods and services that you have an end point in doing branding, Google+ help you to do with the quality of pictures and video better than any other social media you will easily show the interesting profile to viewers.

I. Tips to Increase you G+

Increase G+ is the first steps to increase your sales in Google+, this is the some tips or steps that you can do to increase G+

#1. Add Google+ account on your official website

It would be interesting to know the followers you have an account on Google+ and add G+ for you. Like we can see in this picture belongs Zaapos, which adds official website on his Google+ account. profile.

Google+ Marketing Strategy

#2. Make an interesting profile picture

Interesting profile picture make your followers not just look at your Google+ page but also add G+ on your page, like the example image we can see that BMW’s display profile pictures with G+ 1 million mission.

Google+ Marketing Strategy

#3. Invite your friends and your colleagues

By inviting your friends and your bussines colleagues to add G+ account in their account, it will make your fans to be more confident and interested to add G+ in your account.

II. Tips to optimize the #Hashtag Function

Like my explanation above regarding the #Hashtag, that #Hashtag serves as a medium for promotion and establish a new community in your network.
Here are the tips:

#1. Choose specific topic

Choose your own #Hashtag title with more specific topics.
As performed by the #Hashtag Pepsi in hashtag #NOW, this #Hashtag function is to ask share music entertainment with Pepsi fans, this hashtag links with Pepsi website with title PEPSI-Live For Now, with a website tailored to Live For Now the brand is owned by Pepsi chose the title #Hashtag #NOW, with the selection of specific topics that match the theme of your customers will more easily remember the title #Hashtag you have.

Google+ Marketing Strategy

#2. Be consistent and simple

#Hashtag name selection as I have expressed in the first point is very important.

Election #Hashtag names consistent and simple will allow your customers to find the brand you’re #Hashtag campaign, like what Starbucks did when choose title for his hashtag with name #picoftheweek which aims to encourage consumers to share photos with Starbucks, by looking at a simple #Hashtag name selection consumers will immediately recognize the purpose and goals #Hashtag.

#3. Finishing the #Hashtag with contest

#Hashtag is not only utilized by perpetrators brand to form a community, but a #Hashtag can also be used to hold a contest. This competition aims to attract the interest of your customers to participate in the #Hashtag you have, another example what make Starbucks successed in Google+ is use #Hashtag to make some contest, like we can see in this picture below starbucks make #Hashtag with tittle #pslchallenge get a positive response from some of his fans, the fans will be happy to comment on who wins the challenge.

Google+ Marketing Strategy

III. Tips to Increase Your Sales

By Tony Fannin, CEO/Partner, BE Branded said: “The axiom that many people believe in and have been told by others is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” When it comes to people, that’s true. With your business and your brand, believing in this will make life harder in the long run. Consumers do judge a product from its packaging, this is what we need to realize from the outset.” [Source]

Here are some tips to help you increase your product sales using Google+:

#1. Make an interesting photo covers on your profile

Photo covers in your Google+ account is very important to to attract the attention of consumers, because the cover photo like decoration display for your brand.

As the example below, Acer display cover photo by presenting his product images, with a wide range of products on display in the profile to attract the viewers to look beyond the Acer’s page.

Google+ Marketing Strategy

#2. Show the location of your shop

To show the existence of your store, will help consumers who look you in the social media to find you in the real world.

#3. Communicate with your customer

By communicating with consumers this will help you increase your product sales, while one way to communicate with consumers in social media is to respond to their comment on the status of your Google+.

Look at the Starbucks example picture below, there Starbucks asked consumers which of the circle belongs to the most wanted Starbucks followed by the fans, it does show that the Starbucks want any interaction and opinions of the consumer to help campaign on Google+, one form of real communication of Starbucks on Google+ for loyal fans.

Google+ Marketing Strategy

#4. Update product sales with a fresh new stuff

Update the latest photos of items you replace the old stuff, will add a distinct impression to the viewers who look at your account, the display shows your brand new stuff on Google+ look active and up to date.

Well, look what BMW did to his Google+ account, BMW share the latest product to share the latest video of the car design, for those of you BMW fans will want to keep track of the products manufactured BMW instead, it is utilized BMW on Google+ by featuring a wide range of proprietary products on Google+.

Google+ Marketing Strategy


There is no doubt that social media is now very helpful in brand marketing programs to increase sales or popularity of a sale of goods and services.

At this time Google+ present a what can not be found on Facebook and Twitter can be found on Google+, therefore Google+ as a new social media can not be underestimated, his presence will help the actors branding to increase their sales brand.

So how about you? Would you use Google+ for doing marketing sales? Please share your comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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