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Mistakes happen every day. But if those mistakes can affect your business, and are measured in thousands of dollars, then that can be a big problem. To avoid these inconveniences, a professional accountant (or hiring one) has become necessary. When you need them, find out here.

The job of an accountant is to keep your business on track. Since it is impossible to run a company without finances, bookkeeping is not a job that anyone can do. If you want to hire the right person for your business, you should look for some skills and traits these accountants should own.

Experience Is a Priority

Experience in the field is one of the most important things to look for in a bookkeeper. It makes the bookkeeper qualified to handle various bookkeeping and accounting functions. Look for someone whose clients are within your niche or the similar size and business complexity. Experts can think ahead and anticipate things that might affect your business before they arise.

Accountants with more experience can handle the daily operations very well and save you a lot of time and money. Years of being within the industry help them understand the financial aspects of your business.

Below, find the list of accounting tasks you should do daily:

Since most jobs are done online today, you can look for an accountant there as well. You don’t always have to hire a local. If you find more favorable conditions, bookkeeping can be done by someone from the other side of the world. But keep in mind that these working conditions are specific due to non-live communication, time zones, etc. Take some research about the freelancer before hiring, as you need to ensure they have records of doing an excellent job.

Formal Education

Education is another basic for bookkeeping. New bookkeepers with a course instead of formal education can work in entry-level positions. They can’t handle the intricacies involved in complex accounting. For that, you need someone with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Higher education will help them understand the financial aspect of your business better.

Entry-level bookkeepers have limited experience. They usually perform essential tasks like taking invoices, tracking purchases, and handling paperwork. Only accountants with a degree and higher level of experience can work on complex functions such as income statements, cash flow analyses, etc. Education and experience that bookkeeping Abbotsford agencies have, help them in providing the right set of services to clients.

Ask for certificates as proof of expertise. Expert bookkeepers must be licensed by National Association. This information is public and easy to check. You just have to visit the Association’s website and look for a particular clerk by name and state.

Tech Savy Experts

As everything is digitalized today, software replaced traditional bookkeeping. Luckily, as it included a ton of papers and hours of work on a single task. So if you hire someone who is still using old-fashioned bookkeeping, you might have a hard time integrating the latest software in your business.

Sure, you can’t expect a clerk to be a computer expert. But they need to be familiar with applications and innovations related to their business. Their computer skills don’t have to be advanced but must be niche-related. On this source, learn what these are. As technology changes fast, your accountant must be familiar with changes they’ll apply to your business eventually.

Great Set of Soft Skills

Your bookkeeper must have an excellent set of soft skills. In the first place, it is necessary to be dedicated and pay attention to detail. You certainly don’t want your tax to be calculated by someone who doesn’t care too much, whether the number has two or three zeros.

Also, the bookkeepers should have good communication skills. That will be especially important if you think of hiring a remote job position. These experts should cooperate with other sectors and experts within your company. They must understand and explain something to someone who’s not familiar with bookkeeping.

Whether you are looking for an in-house or outsourced bookkeeper, there are some things to keep in mind. Don’t choose a financial expert just by the rates they charge. You better pay more for experience, education, and quality service, because an incompetent bookkeeper can ruin your business.

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