How Logos and Branding Are Designed

Creating a brand for yourself can help customers remember who you are simply by the image they see. If you want your logo to become a memorable one, you need to design it with care.

Although some people may have the technical know-how to construct a beautiful icon of their business, others may not. In cases of those who lack graphic design experience, hiring a third-party can be quite beneficial.

In either case, as long as you have an idea of what your logo needs to represent, it can be created. What methods can be used to create a memorable look and feel for your business?

#1. Color Scheme

Colors can make a great impact on consumers without putting effort into the design. A color scheme that matches the product gathers the attention of a person before the words or shapes do.

If your company was in to construction or landscaping, then shades of brown, green, or other Earth tempers could give the consumer a feeling of “land” before anything else.

#2. Play on Words

Many companies will do a play on words that associates the owner or founder with the company itself. The can be put into use with the logo. For instance, let’s say the owner’s name is John Rock of a local landscaping business.

John decided to call his business: “Solid Rock Landscaping”. Adding imagery for a rock, perhaps even a pickaxe, to the logo can give the consumer a sense of what the company does.

#3. Font Types

Fonts play a large role in logos with words. A custom font may be required for your specific need; however, there are many fonts that can be utilized to make the point to your customers.

In our example, we are going to use a chiseled hard Times New Roman font for our “Solid Rock” type. For our “Landscaping” text, we’ll use an Arial Bold font with a texture to make it look dirty and rocky.

#4. Images

Logos are usually a basic image to get the point across. Too much imagery in the logo can deter from its meaning and could cause confusion in the consumer. It should be basic and plain. Even basic images can be altered to create a pleasant and memorable look.

In our example, there are only two individual images present: a rock and a pickaxe. In retrospect, our example could also be considered too detailed in order to be practical for signs and such.

#5. Variations of Initials

Creating imagery from nothing more than the company’s initials is quite a common practice. It’s a simplistic way to create a unique image for a logo without too much detail.

A single solid color for each letter costs less to produce for signs, letterhead, and embroidery. However, there are a few companies out there who prefer the detail provided by a work of art for the branding.

#6. Simple is Successful

Unlike our example, which is high in detail, most company logos will be simplistic with just a few colors. An example of successful simplicity would be to take a look at the Apple Corporation logo.

It is a simple apple with a bite missing from it consisting of one color and no detail. Earlier variations of the Apple logo had a rainbow of colors within it of which all were single bars of colors and nothing more. 

#7. Unique

When designing a logo that fits your company, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at how the competitors created theirs. After all, you don’t want to copy something that’s already been done before.

It could lead to lawsuits for infringements on copyright materials if the logo has been trademarked by someone else. However, there are so many fonts, colors, filters, and more that can be added to a logo to set it completely apart from others.

Final Words

Logos are how many consumers associate products. If the logo can connect to the consumer with understanding of what the business specializes in, then it has done its job.

If you don’t have a logo or a form of branding for your business, you would be wise to look into it. It could create an awareness for your company that you didn’t know was possible.

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