Six Reasons Why Simplicity is The Best in Logo Design

There is redundant to say that all website owners are effectively fighting to have more and more visitors, every online presence success being dependent on the traffic received. If you are one of them or you are connected with the actual state of web design and development then you sure know that a revolution is near us. Willing or not, people are visiting websites via handheld devices, including smartphones, and this trend is in an exponential growing, therefore none may neglect this fact. The web designers already adapted to this new change and their creations are rendered at the same quality no matter if these are visited from a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. The new manner of creating websites has been called “responsive design” and it’s quite possible to hear something about this new “magical concept”.

You shouldn’t be a great web designer to understand that a simpler website is suitable for smartphones and even for tablets…of course, the responsive design is based on simplicity and effectiveness. A logo designer can’t ignore these quiet but powerful mentality modifications and his works must suit to the new responsive websites. What should understand a logo designer from responsive design…? Well, there are many facts but pragmatically speaking, the idea is simple: if until now, a web and a logo designer may ignore some pixels from a layout, now every pixel is capital! Keep this in mind when working…it’s very useful!

Making a logo is an art and making a logo for the new generation of websites is a more difficult art but in fact, this is the beauty of a logo designer activity. Personally, I think that, in order to progress, the logo designers must discuss amongst them all the issues and together, to create new solutions. The blogosphere is the perfect environment to realize this dialogue and fortunately, this blog is open for everyone to present his viewpoints, don’t be afraid to use the comment form or even email us your article about what you think about the logo design future directions.

Everyone has his own preferences, don’t worry, you can’t be wrong, you just have a different perspective. As example, I consider that the simplicity is the key of new logos…much more, it was also a trend in the “pre-responsive” era. I consider this idea has serious fundaments as logo design best practices and marketing subtleties to be taken into account…in conclusion I highly recommend to create simple logos.

Off-topic: NEVER, but never consider a simple logo a simple work, there is a huge difference between these. A simple logo must be in the same time a quality project, it must be effective and perfectly represent the owner behind it. Conclusion: a simple logo isn’t just a letter or a small shape; it must give a clear message to the viewers using very discrete graphical item/items.

#1: A Simple Logo is Versatile

One of the huge advantages of a simple logo is that it can be used on all the potential environments. A simple graphical identity can be used in print, on a huge banner, on the T-shirts of the employees and also on the website or on the business card. A more complicated logo, using gradients and complicated shapes won’t be perfectly rendered, i.e., on a business card or a banner. Maybe, in the creation phase, the client firmly states that he will use the logo only on his websites and you will neglect the necessity of versatility. Surely, across time, he will change his mind and will want to have his logo on his business card but it won’t look too great. Guess who is guilty for…?

simplicity logo design

simplicity logo design

#2: A Simple Logo Seems to be More Suitable for Responsive Websites

The tendency of the websites is to be simpler but more effective, therefore the logo must suit to the layout and it is another good reason to strive for simplicity…you want that your logos to look OK on the smartphone’s display of your visitors, isn’t it?

simplicity logo design

simplicity logo design

#3: A Simple Logo is Easy to Remember

People are constantly assaulted with new promotional messages and they developed a new sense, one that allows ignoring all the unwanted proposals. In spite of this annoying situation, some people are still interested in various offers and some of them are paying a minimal attention to these. Definitely, someone hurried won’t be able to further remember a complicated logo and a message that want to impress the viewers.

A simple but nice logo has the power to make people say “wow” and there is a better chance ulterior the viewers to remember it…in this way, using small steps, a brand is built. Now, it’s obvious why a logo must be eye-catching, a second impression is a term that isn’t present in the logo designer or marketer vocabulary.

simplicity logo design

simplicity logo design

#4: A Simple Logo is Simple to Redesign

It sounds as a stupid reason but thinking more deeply, you will notice that this reason is still valid. The redesign of a logo is maybe even more complicated as the design of a logo. Anyway, the redesign of a logo shouldn’t be a weekly activity, but no matter how cool a logo is, a small modification is sometimes recommended. Paradoxically, a more complicated logo lets many potential fronts open for new modifications but more freedom isn’t the perfect stimulation for creativity.

A simple logo doesn’t offer too many solutions for redesign and it means that the logo designer may focus on what practically he must do…it’s simple to work with a simple logo!

simplicity logo design

simplicity logo design

#5: Simplicity Won’t be Ever Old-Fashioned

From the birth of Internet until the new revolution of the gadgets, the simplicity was always appreciated and the entire context gives enough reasons to consider that in the future, the simplicity won’t be dead. This trend is also present in website design, in architecture, interior design and people appreciate…why they wouldn’t appreciate a simple logo?

simplicity logo design

simplicity logo design

#6: It Works in Practice

I may bring here other tons of explanations and maybe I will convince more people but we are living in a very pragmatically world, so it’s more convincing to admire some logos that highlight the concept of simplicity. I hope to enjoy the next collection and don’t forget, if you create something similar don’t be afraid to show us and we will add in this list.

simplicity logo design

simplicity logo design

– Written by Daniel –

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