6 Logo Designing Tips for eCommerce Website

In the recent years, it’s easy to build your online shop with the help eCommerce Software. Also the eCommerce sites have gained massive importance because online shopping has surpassed all those difficulties that buyers face while running from one shop to another. All that the customers have to do is to study various online shopping sites to get the lowest price for the product which they prefer to buy. Now the question is how to gain more traffic to your eCommerce site, especially when the market is full of competitors? Among various other factors, logo of your website can create creditability and recognition which is crucial for any online shopping site to acquire. Appearance of the website develops trust among the shoppers and logo plays a key role in establishing a unique identity for your online shop.

Logo Design Tips

A logo must have the ability to set up a quality brand image and the essence of professionalism. The aim of the website should be to develop trust because unlike manual shopping, the customers are not in the position to judge the goods with their own hand. Here are six points that retailers should remember while designing logo for the eCommerce site and thereby build confidence in the customers.

#1. Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to win the heart of people. You can check out all the well known eCommerce sites and you will find one common aspect which is straightforwardness in all the logos. The designers might have played with the name of the company by formatting it but the it is readable as well as identifiable. The logos are always text based which helps the users to notice, no matter where they appear. Therefore, simplicity added with uniqueness makes a logo attractive and at the same time ease to remember further draw more customers to the site.

#2. Designer portfolio

If you have appointed a designer for the purpose, look into the logo design portfolio. Make it sure that the designer understands the nature of the logo that is required for the eCommerce site. Abstract or excessive design might hamper the authenticity of your logo. If the visitors do not understand the name of the website, their trust further diminishes. Therefore, it will be a wise idea to study the portfolio and judge whether the designer is suitable for the task or not.

#3. Accessibility

Have you checked the accessibility of your website from mobile phones? In case you find some issues with your logo, get it repaired immediately. Nowadays, people are likely to access internet more from their cell phones than they do from their personal computers or laptops. Hence, a large a number of people prefer to access these eCommerce sites from their mobile devices. Therefore, scalability of the graphic design based logo is crucial and it should be legible for mobile shoppers. It must not be too large or too small and should appear on the screen of a mobile device without any breakage.

#4. Adding tagline

Have you thought of adding a tagline with the logo? This is a technique to highlight your company the moment a visitor click on to your website. The catchy slogan adds aroma to your logo. Promote the special qualities and specify if you are the oldest or the biggest eCommerce website to draw more customers.

#5. Should be stretched horizontally

The text and the graphics incorporated in the logo should be stretched horizontally. You get more space from this design allowing the website to showcase your products and help the visitors to browse though the website at ease.

#6. Keep it clean and clear

Choosing the right logo is vital. The retailers should identify an image that speaks the aim and objectives of the eCommerce site. Keep it clean and clear that sticks to the customers mind without any complexities.

Optimizing a logo is essential and retailers must give it enough importance, if they want their eCommerce site to be a successful one.

About the Author!

Donna Baxter is a passionate writer and suggests tips to the readers on logo design portfolio. Her articles even render ideas about designing logos for online shopping sites as well.

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  1. Sarah says

    very interesting points! I think you made a particularly good point about mobile ecommerce sites, I’m currently working with my own ecommerce software selling it and building sites, and I think in this day and age it’s so beneficial to offer customers a mobile version of their site too. Thanks for sharing I can’t wait to target those problem areas.

  2. Hasan says

    An eye catching logo will impress the viewers and the logo should explain the concept or vision. The color should be chosen carefully so that it can attract customers.

  3. alex says

    This is amazing post about logo making

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