How to Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

If there could be one business to count on leaps and leaps of profits from years that went to years that come, I would blindly say that it is an eCommerce business. However, there are quite a few factors which fall for the success of an eCommerce business.

One such great factor is the customer experience. Just like other offline businesses, online businesses also take the concern of satisfying the requirements of customers.

So, what is that a customer wants from an eCommerce business or what are the elements that enhance the customer experience of an eCommerce business? Besides the site design and communication with the customers, and exceptional order fulfillment, there are also few other factors which increases the customer experience of an eCommerce website. Read further to get on with it!

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#1: Product Images

How to Improve Customer Experience

When it comes to product images, it is the high quality resolution, the customer prefers utmost. We people firstly fall for looks and design and only then for the quality and features.

The same thing applies here also. If and only if you use various angles and high res photos on your sites, customers will be attracted and will go a long way in boosting up your sale conversions.

For this, you can take photos of the product from different angles. Make use of a good quality camera for this purpose. Ensure that the photo is focusing on the product and not on the background. Also enable product photo zooming on your site.

#2: Product Videos

How to Improve Customer Experience

This is quite more vital than images. Most of the customers are curious about videos with which you can take your product pages to its next level. Though the thing can be expensive, it is worth the cost. Try to incorporate few videos on different product sections and then check with the difference you make in your conversions.

#3: Ajax Based Shopping Cart

How to Improve Customer Experience

Customers get greatly irritated when it takes time to process their shopping carts. It is even worse when it takes several minutes for the pages to get reloaded. With an efficient shopping cart platform such hectic circumstances can be conquered over.

Ajax platform truly serves this purpose and is well recognized for minimizing the number of reloads in shopping carts. If your site is not built on it still, soon get them powered up with Ajax. This could also greatly help in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

#4: Product Customization

Allowing customers to customize their products also adds sense in increasing their customer experience. It brings a feel of ownership and customers get the freedom of accessing the sites as if they own it. Customization options can be enabled for simple features like product color, size and type.

#5: Deals and Specials

Deals and discount sites are covering up a larger customer attention than that of a simple eCommerce website. People value more the deals and offers, rather than the actual price criteria.

Hence you can disguise your sites in a form like that. This is sure going to drive more customers to your site. Groupon is a perfect example for a successfully running deals website.

#6: Product Copy

It is important to have your product copy on hand. Your product description should give the features and benefits of the product you are selling. Avoid using the product descriptions provided by the manufacturers.

A good copy of your product should please the customer to purchase a product and indicate how consumers will benefit from the product and why they should buy it right there. Apple is a perfect example for one such site.

#7: Multiple Payment Options

Consumers generally prefer multiple payment methods which you need to consider in order to enhance conversion rates and reducing the number of lost sales.

Most visitors who come to shop at your store for the first time may not prefer to use their credit cards due to credit card fraud. Hence it is good that you have a plenty of payment options for your customers to use.

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