How Much Does It Cost to Create a Real Estate App?

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Previously, would-be purchasers and sellers were required to work around the availability of the real estate agent’s schedule. The real estate agent was solely responsible for escorting customers on tours of residences either for rent or sale and must have been available.

Because of the increased participation of Millennials and other members of Generation Y in the real estate market, conventional practices have been subjected to a substantial amount of transformation.

The entry of members of the millennial generation into the real estate market has, similar to the influence they already have on all other industries, resulted in several changes within the sector.

As a consequence of this need, an increasing number of individuals are taking an interest in the real estate market and striving to rectify the imbalance between supply and demand with Real Estate App Development Solutions.

The first step is finding an answer to the question, “How much does it cost to build an app for the real estate market?”.

The Growing Need for Real Estate Apps

The general populace all around the world has lately shown a heightened interest in downloading real estate applications for their mobile phones, iPads, tablets, computers, and other portable electronic devices.

As a result, property information that was before exclusively accessible via real estate agents and brokers may now be found through search engines and smartphone apps specific to the real estate industry.

In today’s market, virtually all prospective buyers begin their hunt online. In fact, 97% of purchasers use the internet to look at real estate listings, 90% of which can be located on individual companies’ websites.

Therefore, if you are still operating your real estate business in the traditional, offline fashion, you are losing consumers to your competitors using more modern methods.

Now that we live in a time where people are eager to conduct all of their purchasing and selling on their smartphones with just a few taps and swipes, the real estate market is no different from any other market.

The development of a mobile real estate application by a Real Estate App Development Company will be essential to the long-term survival of your business in the year 2021, regardless of the stage of development your firm is now in.

Zillow and Trulia are now in the lead when it comes to developing a mobile application for real estate. Even though real estate is not their major area of expertise, they have made a significant contribution to the industry by using their internet services to streamline, open up, and improve the transparency of the home-buying and selling process.

In addition, they have completely transformed the real estate market by using cutting-edge technology that was incorporated into their smartphone app.

What are the different types of Real Estate Apps?

This is one of the most critical questions a business owner may ask themselves before developing a mobile application for purchasing and selling real estate.

The optimal answer is often a real estate app that can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements. However, it is also essential to consider the many mobile real estate apps available on the market.

1. Houses for Sale App

The term “real estate” programs are often used to refer to these types of programs. Users of programs for home shopping have access to an extensive array of different options to choose from.

You will be able to connect with your target audience and provide them access to a sophisticated search function by using this tactic. This function will allow them to do searches based on many characteristics, such as price, location, desired features, and more.

2. Market-Based Real Estate Applications

When it comes to creating apps for the real estate industry, one of the solutions in most demand is a marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of property.

Users of this program can either search for and select a home to buy or advertise a property that is already available for sale and have possible purchasers contact them using the app’s built-in messaging system. You may be able to make money with this tactic if you are a property aggregator.

3. App for real estate agents

These Real Estate App Development Solutions are currently being developed to simplify real estate agents’ lives.

By registering on the website, agents have the opportunity to present themselves and their offerings to prospective customers. In addition, agents also have the opportunity to engage in business-to-business dealings in this setting.

4. A Rental-App

Instead of making a significant long-term financial commitment to acquiring an asset, some people would prefer to rent a property for a certain period of time.

While this happens, some people can augment their income by renting out space in their houses to others. To that aim, a specialist piece of software designed to rent out real estate is more than sufficient.

Essential Features for Real Estate Apps

 icon-angle-right Easy Login or Sign up

You should provide consumers with as many different ways to log in as possible so that they may access the software in a timely and uncomplicated manner.

For example, when users have the option to sign in using their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts in addition to the app’s login page, it simplifies the process of logging in.

As a result, it increases the likelihood that the user will continue to use the application. In addition, if you employ two-factor authentication techniques in your app, such as sending a verification code to the user’s mobile device, your app will have a greater reputation for reliability.

 icon-angle-right IDX/MLS

This is another issue that has to be considered by Real Estate App Development Company when attempting to estimate how much it will cost to create software for property management.

The purpose of this part of the software is to determine whether or not MLS listings can be loaded into the customer relationship management system with minimal hassle.

It cannot be refuted that integrating software for things like email marketing, corporate websites, mobile apps, and many other things is of the utmost importance.

When determining how much it will cost to develop an estate app, we take into account this facet of our position as the industry standard bearer in property management software.

Because of this development makes faster content automation, more engagement, and an increased number of qualified leads feasible.

 icon-angle-right Listings

Without this capability, an app for real estate would lack essential features. Simply let the developers know that you want this feature included in the real estate app to be built for you.

The list is going to be organized in such a way that users will be able to differentiate between the various pricing levels for the services quickly. Then, after selecting the services they want and providing the appropriate information, they may quickly go through with their request.

 icon-angle-right Virtual Tour of Properties

Your real estate app needs to be upgraded to include this amazing new feature as soon as possible. Virtual tours of one’s establishment might help a company generate more leads for potential customers.

This cutting-edge virtual reality feature is a fantastic way to offer your app that extra something. Although the additional cost of development cannot be ignored, it is an excellent way to give your app that extra something.

 icon-angle-right Auctions

In the context of real estate software development, the auction function’s primary objective is to simplify communication between prospective buyers and sellers of property.

Using this application, users can get an accurate picture of the activities being carried out by their real estate agent, broker, or firm.

Holding an auction has several benefits, one of which is that all of the assets that are up for bid are shown in a single, easily accessible area.

As a result, anyone can quickly browse through listings, make an offer on a house they like, and finish the deal all inside the comfort of their home using the internet.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Real Estate App Development

The cost of designing a real estate app might vary from roughly $10,000 to $25,000 for a simple app to as much as $50,000 or more for a sophisticated one.

However, the total cost of developing an app for the real estate business is impacted in other ways by the following factors.

The complexity of your product, the design of its user interface and user experience, the number of features and functionality your app needs, the size of your development budget, the platform you choose to launch your app on, and the technologies you used to build your app, are just a few examples of the many factors that can affect the total price tag of your app.

Other factors include the platform you choose to launch your app on, the technologies you used to build your app, and the design of its user interface and user experience.

1. Designing for Mobile and the Web

Starting with the app’s control panel and progressing to the features and technologies you want to have in the app, such as augmented reality, a chatbot, or push notifications, is where the technology implementation process takes place.

The crucial point is that as the complexity of the things you wish to add increases, so will the development expense.

Additionally, you should consider whether your program will run on iOS or Android. Making applications run on several platforms is the best way to satisfy many customers. The development time for a website or mobile app may reach 900 hours, at which point the total cost might reach $27,000.

2. User Interface and Experience Design

By learning about your intended consumers, a thoughtful UI/UX designer may create a system with effective user interfaces and a satisfying user experience.

In addition, a cross-platform app with an adaptable design for real estate mobile apps will function flawlessly on any mobile device. The user interface/experience design cost may range from $6,000 for 200 hours.

3. Assurance And Testing of Quality

Before releasing a product to the public, it is essential to put it through its paces in a controlled environment. Therefore, the Real Estate App Development Company will run both human and automated tests to guarantee optimal functionality and bug-free software.

This data will be invaluable for enhancing the app’s functionality and user experience. Up to 200 hours of quality assurance can cost $6,000.

4. Management of Projects

A project manager’s job is to keep the project on track and within the predetermined scope boundaries. In addition to keeping you updated on the progress of the real estate application, they will conduct risk studies to look for any security loopholes.

The project management cost is usually between 10 and 15 percent of the budget. Our best guess, however, puts the price at around $5,500.

Typically, a basic and straightforward solution costs from $25,000 to $45,000. More sophisticated real estate apps, like those described up top, can cost upwards of $70,000 to develop. Real estate mobile app development costs are very context-specific.

The more sophisticated the app, the greater the investment in skills and tools. Before beginning development on a custom real estate app, however, you may wish to obtain a cost estimate.


The successful outcomes of the Covid-19 simulation have contributed to the current upward trend in the real estate market. The real estate industry is one of the many conventional sectors that has transferred its operations online.

If you intend to create a real estate mobile app. In that case, Real Estate App Development Solutions will assist you in determining the features necessary for the app and estimating the costs associated with its development.

If you want to deliver the best possible user experience, enhance customer loyalty, and spread your brand. In that case, hiring a real estate developer to construct and deploy your app on mobile devices is a smart idea.

This will allow you to reach more customers. In addition, if you want to appeal to a larger number of people, you should consider releasing a mobile application compatible with several different operating systems.

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