How Print Marketing Help Your Business Brand

Despite the great importance of digital marketing, print media has not lost its pace. Printed material in the form of newspaper advertisements, Flyers, brochures, and handouts works as a great tangible asset for brand promotion. These are also vital for small business marketing plans. As print media are more affordable affairs, so one can easily go with budgeted figure and get easily customer’s attention. To promote their brand, many graphic designers use logo design for print advertisement, this gives your brand a greater recognition by spending few bucks only.

Now, let’s discuss some other reasons how print marketing helps your business brand:

#1. Create Your Brand Image

No other way can represent your brand better than print marketing. They have the ability to create high-quality images on superior boards or paper. Print media use special designs, logo, slogans to communicate the audience at glance and convey the company’s message. Printed communication is tangible and permanent in nature in the form of a piece in your customer’s hand.

#2. People Prefer Mail Than Email

Today, this is a great perception that email is a more effective way to communicate with your customers, but the reality is something different. If we look into our personal email account, we will find thousands of promotional emails that get regularly, but we never read them and delete without seeing once. This is a sheer wastage of resource. However, in the case of printed media, people once definitely read the document in their hands. Many times, it works as a lasting impact on them and they prefer to try once companies services.

In research conducted by Australia Post research, more than 72% of recipients prefer company’s documents via mail than email. As they consider it a better mode of communication. It clearly shows that direct mail is still a powerful tool of marketing if executed properly.

#3. Educate The Target Audience

The best way to win the attention of new customers is to educate them about your brand. Using print media, you can provide them with high-quality information that assists them to know how your product or services can solve their problem and give them the desired results. The better they grab your company information, the more they use your product or services. Nowadays, printed information in the form of Newsletters, Direct Mailings and Fact Sheets are highly trending for customer communication.

#4. Target Specific Segments

Present marketing is divided between micro-segments. If the equal sale message sent to two individuals might be great for one and nothing for another. Like special discount on cabs during the festival, are great for the city people whereas, it has no relevance for the rural area citizens. So, we can conclude printed media works as a great to target specific demographics and individuals. Here, there is also no worry for spam laws on sending unsolicited content.

#5. Long-lasting Message

Marketing a product or services is a costly affair. Many forms of media deals with the high cost, so creating a long-lasting impact is always vital for a company long-lived. Many customers keep the printed documents if they found them useful in the near future. Information marketing tools such as Newsletters, fact sheet, Flyers are an excellent way to keep your brand and message lasting in the market for weeks, months and many times years too.

#6. More Referral Creation

Referrals have of great value for any business. The best referral is considered when your past customer passes the information about your services to their friends, family or associates. And they call with their own wish not, when you ask them to call. Here, the quality of your information and services matter to promote your business brand image.

#7. Measurable And Flexible Way

These days, measuring marketing strategies are crucial for judging brand recognition. So, in the process printed media has a monopoly in the form of direct mail measuring. One can create various versions, it is possible to measure key parameters like target audience, the range of offers, cost of each offer and its impact on boosting brand image. You can measure the performance on demographics, age, gender and income basis factors too.

#8. Provide Instant Results

When any company implement a marketing campaign, it always looks for an instant response. Which is not possible with the digital marketing campaign. For digital marketing, it takes minimum three to four months to rank a website and in leads generation. But, in the case of the direct mail campaign, there are high chances of a prompt response from customers. The printed media also provide a time-constraint to the customer to avail a particular deal or offer.

#9. Least Cost Marketing

Print media is the least cost marketing strategy. One can choose the mode of an advertisement according to their pocket. Using digital marketing, one can send the mail to masses by spending only a few dollars. On the other side, if we look at the impact of direct mail, it has little more cost in the short run but has a long-run impact on customers.

Bottom Line

In any era, direct mail serves as a great tool in grabbing customer’s attention. On the other side, we cannot ignore the impact of newspaper in our routine life. So, if you start a new business and don’t have a budget, you can print the mail, flyers or brochures from your own office using hp ink cartridges, Epson ink cartridges or any other major brands ink cartridges. There are more economical ways to reach your customers.

About the Author!

This article is written by David Blakey. He was born and raised in Australia. David is working for Hot Toner – is the leading online supplier of Premium hp deskjet 3630 printer and other consumables for printers. He is hardworking, competent and trustworthy. He loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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