How To Design A Logo for Your App

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Logos are important as they define your whole brand. It is a powerful representation of any company and helps people to recognize the name of the organization just by a glimpse. Logos are impactful and are key to any company. You might think that your company holds a lot of value, which is true, it sure does but logos are its essence.

A powerful logo can provoke customers and may represent many other things that you might never think of. A perfect logo for your app can be a bonus for you and grab a lot of attention from people and creating them involves a lot of hard work. In this article, we will see the process of creating a logo, tips for perfect logo designing, and things you should keep in mind while designing a logo.

How to design perfect logos

It is not only an app logo that you should keep in mind while extracting ideas it is also about powerful app icons that can complement your logos. A lot goes into the designing of a perfect logo for enormous success, an app developer or owner of the app should be observational and able to install every property of the app through its logo, lets lookout on ways that can create meticulous logos down below:

 icon-chevron-right Branding Evaluation

Get to know the brand well in order to embody its element into your logo accurately. Get into discussions and take a brief idea about the app. A good insight of the company can help you in understanding its aim better which in turn will allow you to develop its logo precisely. Logos can make your brand stronger and this is your first step on the steering wheel, evaluating every aspect of the brand.

 icon-chevron-right Try to be creative with the logo

A perfect example of creativeness is the logo of Evernote, this app represents an elephant which is proven to have a very sharp memory and its folded ear represents the very basic idea of folders that you use to save your documents in. These examples can help you build a logo that is symbolic and leaves your audience in awe.

 icon-chevron-right Know the Platform of representation

You should be aware that your logo appears different on different platforms as the interface can be different. It is one of the major concerns that need to be addressed and you should draw your logo in such a way that compliments every platform you represent it on.

Here is an example for better understanding- your logo posted on iOS and iPad platform will have its edges softened which means that if you are making your logo in a square format then your logo can be displayed in ways that are less appealing. You have to take care of every platform and make adjustments within your logo.

When talking about creating an app logo for a particular platform, it is advised to focus on the size dimensions and other icon guidelines formulated by them, which is as follows:

Size dimensions required for app logo for the Play Store

  • Final size: 512px x 512px
  • Format: 32-bit PNG
  • Color space: sRGB
  • Max file size: 1024KB
  • Shape: Full square – Google Play dynamically handles masking. The radius will be equivalent to 20% of icon size
  • Shadow: None – Google Play dynamically handles shadows

Size dimensions required for app logo for the App Store

  • Device or Context Icon Size
  • iPhone- 180px × 180px (60pt × 60pt @3x) 120px × 120px (60pt × 60pt @2x)
  • iPad Pro- 167px × 167px (83.5pt × 83.5pt @2x)
  • iPad, iPad mini- 152px × 152px (76pt × 76pt @2x)
  • App Store- 1024px × 1024px (1024pt × 1024pt @1x)

 icon-chevron-right Know The Industry

You should be familiar with the industry that your app is going to be a part of, detailed knowledge of the industry can help you tweak out all necessary information that you require. Knowing the industry also means that you should be well aware of your competitors and what difference they are trying to make through their apps. An analysis of these traits can prove to be very insightful and get you familiar with the hidden traits that you can focus on making your logo better.

 icon-chevron-right Build ideas

This phase is exhausting but this can get you very close to the perfect logo that you are trying to create. Let’s take an example, if you have built 3-4 logos while researching and analyzing everything, chances are high that your logo is not a perfect one but chances are again high that certain lament of your logos is exceptionally catching. These all can be easily then comprehended together.

 icon-chevron-right Revise and hit send!

Revisions are integral. They can help you perfect every little mistake that you have been making. Revision is like a scan of your whole work all over again before you send it finally. Once you have made revisions to your initial logos you can create different versions of it and ask for opinions. With all the versions placed right in front of the app owner, he/she can easily judge and select the best one out of it.

A perfect logo can bring revolution in the industry and make you stand out from all the other apps in the industry and grab lots and lots of attention. If the image of your logo is represented positively then your customers will be loyal to you. A logo works as an asset for you and is a tool to enhance your marketing.

Now let’s jump onto tips that can help you create a logo that is successful and promising as a logo can be judged very easily by the audience.

Essential Tips for a Successful App Logo

Your logo can drive attention and can make an imprint in your audience mind if you follow these tips listed down below:

 icon-chevron-right Check the Expandability

Your app logo should be expandable enough which means that it should be clearly visible regardless of its size. Your logo should look presentable in every resolution.

 icon-chevron-right Keep it Minimalist

Don’t add too much detail, you can do it in your app description but not in your logo. Keep your logo free from any such detail that can make it look like a cluttered space. In a nutshell, invest your time and efforts into minimal app designing.

 icon-chevron-right Be different

As mentioned earlier your logos should not match with your opponents and that is why you should choose your logo that sits well in terms of color coordination and simplicity.

 icon-chevron-right Stay Consistent

If your user sees your logo he/she should clearly be able to understand what the app is all about. Consistency is the key while being unique you need to be focused on being consistent.

 icon-chevron-right Focus on Color Scheme

The hues that you choose for the logo of your app can create a huge difference. Choosing colors that compliment your idea of the app is essential and can divert user attention. For example- If you are planning to include the ombre effect then you must be able to blend the colors well together or remind your developer about the correct hues and color transitions.

 icon-chevron-right Use The Best Designing Tools

There are many tools available that can help or assist you in creating a perfect logo for your mobile application.

Let’s have a look at 2 such tools that can resolve your problem and create desirable logos.

#1. Adobe Illustrator

With Adobe Illustrator, your task of logo designing is very simple. In fact, Adobe Illustrator has been a no. 1 option for everyone when it comes to creating a design due to its ample features and options.

A few of the features of this power-packed software include color synchronization, Pixel perfect designs, smart guides, brushes, advanced tools for meticulous designing, and so forth. Adobe Illustrator comes with different pricing plans which are $45.22 per month or if you choose to buy annual plans then it will cost you $30.41 per month.

#2. Canva

Canva is a graphic-design tool that can be used to design your logos. This website also has its own mobile application with a user-friendly interface.

Both the mobile app and website are very simple to use and can bombard you with various ideas that can help you achieve your ideal logo. The features of this app include high-quality templates to choose from, simple navigation, editors for easy arrangement of elements.

Using Canva can be beneficial to you as it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket and costs a minimal amount of $12.95 per month and if you choose its annual subscription you will be charged with $9.95 per month.


All these efforts can help you build a top-notch mobile app with an attractive logo. Every little detail can work wonders for your perfect logo but a lot of research is required to put your pieces of ideas into one box correctly and coherently. A good app development company can solve your problems and make a legitimate logo for you that can add a feather to your cap.

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