How to Beat Creative Block as a Logo Designer

Illustration by Ian Barnard via Dribbble

If you are a logo designer, you must know logo designing involves a great deal of experience, skills, and knowledge. Whether you are designing a new logo from scratch or revamping an already existing one, you need to know how to represent a brand or product in an optimum way.

Whenever a well-designed logo is aligned with excellent products and relevant information, it automatically becomes a priceless asset. A logo is an important part of a website/mobile application as it is the first piece of branding that is seen by potential customers.

A logo tells relevant information about your product to customers, and if customers connect well with it, they are highly likely to invest their money and time in your company/product.

Thousands and millions of brands are competing for the attention of the target audience, and that means your logo should be compelling enough to encourage viewers towards the brand.

Whenever you think of a person who has either made a positive or negative impact on your life, you can easily picture what they look like, right? The same applies to brands. A logo acts as a face that plays a crucial role in connecting buyers with the company.

How to Beat Creative Block as a Logo Designer
Illustration by Ian Barnard via Dribbble

How to deal with creative block?

Everyone can be creative. It is just a matter of harnessing the power of one’s underlying potential. Creative block is a common phenomenon that is faced by all logo designers.

It is the blockage of ideas and thoughts that restrict designers from making enthralling logos that the world could admire.

 icon-angle-right Mapping the problem is important

There is an immense need for professional logo designers to draw or write the design problem while brainstorming for the solutions. This way the solutions commence branching out from the beginning. It is a reflective activity, and once it is finished, the designer can reflect upon the map while coming up with an effective solution to implement.

 icon-angle-right The music therapy

Through this activity, the logo designers can discover the hidden style of designing they own. For this, an internet connection and great songs are needed. Once the music starts, designers can draw whatever comes to their minds. It helps designers in identifying the styles they have mastery over.

 icon-angle-right Logo for random items

The best way to come up with an enthralling logo design is by performing the tasks practically. Clients usually come up with logo design requests that are sometimes usual and sometimes unusual.

So, to have hands-on experience, logo designers can pick a random item every day, study it, and make a logo that stands out. This activity is fruitful in tackling the requests of customers effectively and efficiently.

 icon-angle-right The circle challenge

It is a fun-filled task that requires a logo designer’s full concentration. In this task, the designers get a paper with thirty circles drawn on it. The designers then draw an item by coloring, lining, or joining the circles.

The results could be as per their imagination as well. The designers get two minutes for the completion of this task. This activity is particularly carried out for designing the flexibility and confidence of logo designers.

 icon-angle-right Calligraphy

Calligraphy is sometimes referred to as fancy typography, and hence it is useful in bringing out the artist of logo designers. So, this task usually involves learning calligraphy as a means of letting designers come up with new designs.

 icon-angle-right Design a mascot

A mascot plays an imperative role in strengthening the identity of a brand. It serves as a great tool for personifying a brand, and hence it enhances the character of a brand.

Designers can evoke their creativity by designing a mascot for themselves (a character that describes the personality perfectly). The characters could either have pictures or qualities that pertain to a hero or villain.

 icon-angle-right Incomplete shapes

In this activity, logo designers are asked to make incomplete shapes on paper and try to complete them within two minutes. The objective is not to draw something right, but to draw something that makes sense.

This task allows the logo designers to imagine and come up with designs that can help in removing the creative block.

What works best when trying to overcome creative block differs from person to person. Professional logo designers with years and years of experience face creative blocks and deal with them in various ways.

 icon-angle-right Always go against the flow

Try to approach and go with the ideas against everyone. It might not be the direction you wish to choose in the end, but it plays a crucial role in helping you avoid clichéd scenarios.

The best ideas for logo designers often come when they are done with uncreative and random tasks.

 icon-angle-right Have some ‘you time‘

Working on too many projects simultaneously can stifle the creativity of logo designers. So, if you are feeling burned out and exhausted, give yourself some time and turn everything against for a couple of days.

 icon-angle-right Broaden the horizons as much as you can

Sometimes logo designers immerse themselves into a task that they are not interested in. It leads to mixed-content inspirations, so there is an immense need for designers to be involved.

 icon-angle-right Always ensure to push the boundaries

The logo designers should experiment with making the logo on their projects. They need to view things from different angles. The stack of papers and sketches can create unusual shapes and spark off all the new ideas.

 icon-angle-right Shake up your surroundings as much as possible

Try to make logos for different work environments and target audiences so that things are fresh and clean every time.

 icon-angle-right Change up your scenery

If logo designers go to the same workplace every day, they might get bored and exhausted. So, always go for scenery that can help in a creative flow. Head out to the cafe, stimulate the workspace, or go to the park.

It awakens your inspiration and refreshes your purpose of working. More commonly, go for vacations and extend your time there. It might leave a positive impact on your creativity.

 icon-angle-right Keep a notebook along with you

Always use a notebook for saving interesting thoughts observations, and quotations. Write down the things that fascinate you, firms you have seen, and anything that goes out of the box. The power of keeping notebooks will create an arsenal of inspiration.

Struggling through creating blocks has never been a fun-filled activity for logo designers. But it is something that every designer goes through from time to time. Consider the above ways whenever you are stuck next time.

By changing routines, logo designers cannot only increase the overall output but also increase the generation of new ideas. Just commence designing, and permit yourself to be as much creative as you can. Make It your objective to stand out.

On the other hand, taking some off from your work can also do wonders for the design. It is all about how you balance it.

 icon-angle-right Try a digital detox

Many of us spend almost the entire day in front of their screen. As logo designers in this digital age, they create most of their work digitally. But sometimes, the designers need to get back to the basics.

Designers need to get away from their daily routine and take a walk with their sketchbooks. The act of drawing an actual pen on actual paper will make you look at things differently.

This will give you a new perspective on whatever you are working on.

 icon-angle-right Find new resources of information

Inspiration is almost everywhere. Looking at the work of other artists can be incredibly inspiring sometimes. And especially if their work ethics are different than your work ethics.

Logo designers need to go above and beyond their comfort zone. Is there any artist or logo designer that you admire? Well, try to put yourself in their shoes, and try again.

 icon-angle-right Avoid going for monotonous logo designs

Whether it’s cleaning a house or going for a long run, sometimes you just need to do something that relaxes your mind. A simple task every day can be boring at times.

There are tons and tons of ways to relax your creative muscle. So always go above and beyond if you want your logo to stand out.

 icon-angle-right Remember that creativity cannot be forced

Here is a pro-tip if nothing else seems to be working. So, never force creativity to come from you.

The Comfort Zone of Logo Designers Can Be Disastrous

Logo designers that prefer to work in their comfort zones can never set their imagination free. Creativity only comes to a person who is willing to leave the comfort zone for trying things that are challenging yet interesting.

The aforementioned ways can help logo designers unleash their creativity. So, if you are a designer who is suffering from a creative block, you should take leave and perform the tasks with faith. No one can stop the result from being miraculous.

Luckily, many research-proven methods spark inspiration and work through creative blocks.

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