How to Create a Killer Company Logo on a Budget

If you are reading this article, chances are you want to start or have already started a small business and you need a logo but you do not know how to go about it. Your business logo is a very important part of your business because it practically defines what your business is all about.

It is also a part of your marketing strategy. So, if you are looking to maximize your profit and make more money from your business, then you definitely need a logo for your company.

The design and outlook of your logo are also very important. It is not enough to just have a logo or use just anything as your logo. Don’t forget that your logo defines you. So, if you are going to build a reputation for your company as one worth its salt, then you do not just need a logo, you need a killer logo.

It might appear unbelievable or illogical, but your company’s logo is the first determinant of how much success you are going to have, how well or how fast you are going to grow, etc. Logos are not just there for show. They represent your company. So, you should present your company in the best possible way. Create a killer logo that can compete with anyone anywhere in the world. How do you do it? Here are some tips:

Tips #1: Be unique and creative in your approach

The uniqueness of your logo is of extreme importance because it represents your brand and not other people’s brand, so, it differentiates you from other businesses. It is also crucial for your customers to not forget your business or brand or mix you up with some other brands. A killer logo keeps your business in the head of your customers or potential clients.

That is why uniqueness is key. When you copy other people’s logos, it is easier for people to see your logo and remember the other business while ignoring the fact that it is your logo that they just saw. In the end, you just keep creating more publicity for the other brand you copied especially if people already know them before they know you.

In maintaining uniqueness, it is also important that you are creative. You are trying to create a killer logo and not just anything. That adjective ‘killer’ is descriptive of the level of creativity expected in your logo. You can boost your creativity by jogging or going for a walk, journaling, socializing with other people or by meditating.

You are looking to create something 100% unique, that has not been in use before, and your creativity is of extreme importance here. Take your time to think and picture what you want, and you will get it. If you need some proofreading, ask your families and friends to help you review it.

Tips #2: The name is important

There are two elements of a logo; a symbol and a wordmark. There are companies that use a symbol to represent themselves e.g. Mercedes. This requires a lot of investment of resources and time for the company to be known with a symbol. There are other companies, however, that have decided to stick to the use of a logotype, such as, Coca-cola.

If your company is going to use a logotype, then the company’s name is of utmost importance and the name has to be 100% unique as well. But if you are using a name that is generic or even popular already, then what you need is something that can separate your brands from the other brands, and a logo mark is what you would use in this case.

The font that you use is also very important. You should stay away from gimmick fonts as much as possible. There are thousands of other fonts that you can choose from for your business logo.

Tips #3: Choose the right colors and the right combinations

You know the type of brand that you want to build and you have determined what your brand personality will be. So, when creating your killer logo, you should put this into consideration when choosing the colors to use. You should see to it that the colors you are using will be able to catch your target audience’s attention.

Never forget that there are different meanings to different colors and it affects how your target audience will view your brand and how they will perceive the message you are trying to pass across. Brands often make the mistake of using the wrong colors for their logo, so they end up sending the wrong message.

If you are trying to depict a friendly, inspiring and youthful brand, then you should use orange. Yellow also means that you are happy and optimistic. Green depicts growth, red is courageous, energetic and sexy. While white stands for cleanliness, simplicity, and purity, black depicts powerful and infinite, etc.

There are a lot of colors with different meanings like in this manner. It is therefore important that you use the right colors and pass the right message across.

Tips #4: Simplicity is key

Apart from creating a logo that is unique and creative, you also have to make sure that your logo is simple. That combination of uniqueness, creativity, and simplicity is very attractive. Combine this with the right color and you are certain to captivate your target audience with a beautiful and ‘killer’ logo.

You have to ensure that your logo is simple and very easy to understand. You do not want people, prospective customers and clients having to struggle and rack their brain to understand your logo or the message you’re passing with it. You can give your logo direction and precision by using negative space.

In the world that we live in today, your logo will be displayed across multiple devices and different platforms. So, it is important that you create a logo that is beautiful, simple, creative and can stand out in different prints, apps, and backgrounds. It is also important that your logo is flexible and can be easily resized.

The aim is to build a killer logo that will be used for years to come. But you must also leave room for flexibility when you are building your logo.

Tips #5: Use the internet

The internet is, without a doubt, one of the most important tools in our lives at the moment. It is a wide pool containing all the information that we need for anything at all that we want to know or do.

Before you start to build your logo, it is a brilliant idea that you look up other logos on the internet. The reason for doing this is not so you can copy other logos or steal ideas from them. Remember that you are supposed to build a 100% unique logo. Checking up other logos is majorly to help boost your creativity and also to allow you to think of ways to do better.

For instance, when you check up a logo on the internet, there are questions that you have to ask yourself about the logo that will help you build a better logo than that. You should ask yourself questions like; is the logo attractive or effective? How does it help the company or boost their profitability? If you could recreate it, what would you add or remove and why?

Asking yourself questions in that light will give you an idea of what you need to add to your logo to make it effective, attractive and boost your company’s profitability. You ask these questions with an open mind and try to seek an answer to it to help you build your own logo. Finding out what the strengths and weaknesses of your rival’s logo are can help you build yours to be better.

Tips #6: Success comes over time

You are developing a logo for your small business and you expect it to be an instant hit? That is like starting your small business today and expect to make a million from it tomorrow. These things take time. The reason we all resonate well with famous logos of the big brands today such as Amazon, Facebook, Coca-cola, etc. is that they built their brands and their logos with it for years. Today, the logos are very representative of the brand and they are successful.

Success takes time. Creating a killer logo is one step to being successful but that does not mean that the success is instant. The growth of your logo is linked to the growth of your brand and the success of your products. The marketing strategy that you use also determines the popularity of your logo. But it all takes time. Success is built with time.


The way you choose to design your logo is entirely up to you but if you want a killer logo that will stand the test of time and grow into a worthy representative of your reputable brand, then it is important that you follow the right steps to build it. Your creativity, uniqueness, and simplicity are non-negotiable parts of your killer logo design.

It is important that you also know that it takes time for a logo to become a massive success. That comes with years of hard work and dedication to the growth of your company. Your logo automatically becomes big as your company grows big.

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Donna James is a high skilled freelance essay writer and proofreader from Michigan, United States who currently works on various projects focused on the IT&C industry apart from her work at NSBroker as a technical analysis specialist. She is interested in everyday development and writes blog posts on various topics, such as marketing and technology.

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