8 Innovative Web Designs Trends For 2020

The world of web designing is ever-changing as the designers are continually playing with extremes, trying to innovate new styles and experiment with new techniques. Web designing has always been a field of great innovation as people use their inner creativity to create unique and interesting designs. As we have entered 2020, there countless styles that have caught on and don’t seem to go away.

Web designing is all about keeping up with the latest trends and making sure that you follow the popular styles early on so that you can benefit from them. After asking the top designers, I have made a list of the most followed web design trends for 2020, which will help you become a better web designer.

#1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode Trends

One of the most followed web designs for 2020 is none other than the dark mode. This design trend has turned the traditional way of designing a website with white backgrounds upside down. On top of being easy to use, dark mode makes all the elements of a website pop and make it look ultra-modern.

Almost all of the most famous websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have caught on with the trend, and others are slowly shifting towards it. To learn more about the latest trends and fashion, you can keep checking different website design blogs so that you don’t miss out on anything.

#2. 3D Depth and Realism

3D Depth Realism Website Trends
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Thanks to the unparalleled advancements we saw in the 3D world, this trend has reached its peak in 2020. The 3D technology pushed the design elements of a website to the next level by introducing a level of depth and immersive needs that have never been seen before. In order to be creative, designers go the extra length of mixing photos with objects so that they get a unique and different design, which forces a user to engage with the website and stay on it for a longer time.

So, until VR technology becomes a real thing, designers will have to stick to 3D designs as it is the best way to create an immersive experience for your website visitors. As we move into 2020, expect to see more and more of 3D design as designers will experiment to bring down the walls between digital space and reality.

#3. Taking a Different Approach to Typography

Bold Typography Website
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Nearly 90% of all information on the internet is conveyed through typography. In the past, designers didn’t experiment much with typography as a failed venture could be very disastrous. However, recently they have started breaking the typing rules by playing with odd spaces, sizing, line breaks, etc.

Despite making these changes, the readability of a website is not compromised, and they make sure that every other element of the website integrates with the font and other aspects of typography. One emerging trend related to it is outline typography, and we can expect to see more of it in 2020. With more web fonts, web designers are becoming more and more creative with typography, and outlined typography is a result of those experiments.

#4. Glowing and Luminous Themes

Glowing Luminous Color Scheme Website
Design by Matthias Vambairgue

A very apparent trend that I have personally seen catching up is the use or courageous color pairings in a website. Designers have been trying to follow a certain scheme to make the colors of the website to pop out. They are starting to use vibrant and bold colors more and more and also implementing glow in the dark themes on their website.

These neon and darker shades give websites a very unique and interesting look. This trend looks very futuristic, the website provides a very luminous feel, and the visitors feel like he has landed into a bold territory.

#5. Detailed Illustrations

Detailed Illustration Website
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Where illustrations have been prevalent in web designs for many years, the year 2020 has brought a new touch to it. We can see a growing trend of having custom, detailed, and well-executed illustrations that look graceful on a website.

They are a great way to strike the eye of a visitor and gather their attention. Colorful illustrations mixed with a little bit of animation gives a very unique and lively look to a website.

Are you looking for a completely exclusive illustration website look? Globalgraphics web design service is perfect for you. They will guide you through every stage of the design life cycle. With objective will always be to create the exact look you want for each section of your entire website.

#6. Nothing Can Go Wrong With Black and White

Black and White Website
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Monochromatic was a popular trend back in 2019. But as 2020 is slowly starting to unfold, we are starting to get insight into what’s working and what’s not. I can say it with a guarantee that 2020 will be the year where more and more designers will experiment with having no color at all, sticking to the good old black and white.

As I have discussed before, being minimalistic is the new cool. Black and white color combination gives a website a clean, crisp, and futuristic look.

#7. User-Triggered Animations

User Triggered Animation Website
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Usually, when we think of animations, we imagine that when we visit a website, we will be able to see a few things moving here and there. It sounds a bit 2019-ish, doesn’t it? Well, a growing trend in web design deploying animations that are triggered by some type of input taken from the user or a visitor.

This type of floating animations that are triggered by the user helps them become a part of the website and promotes engagement. It makes the customer less passive, and designers have a wider palette to showcase their creativity and skills.

#8. Massive Font Sizes

Massive Font Size Website
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More and more websites are focusing on putting their business right in front of the users. They want to make sure that a website visitor doesn’t have to browse through the whole website to find what he is looking for. A popular trend going into 2020 is the larger-than-life typography development that strikes the heart of a visitor. It helps to make a statement and gain the focus of the visitor.

You can either put your company’s name or tagline on the homepage of your website, taking more than half of the page, or make each icon bigger and wider so that it is easier for the visitor to navigate through the website.

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    That’s a great innovative ideas for web design I like dark mode, this is one of the most demandable features in the web designs.

  2. Nylon James says

    Great article. I love how now in 2021, these trends are essentially the same but more advanced with more interactive motion for people as they visit your website. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Sanjeev says

    I really love dark mode. Darkmodde is most demanding & useful feature now a days. Web Design is the best

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