How to Leverage Twitter Videos for Brand Building

Twitter videos are indeed powerful for businesses across the globe. With more than 330 million monthly active users, there is no doubt that Twitter offers you a huge platform to bring higher viability to your brands.

Through videos, your businesses effectively become what they share. Not only Twitter videos help you to deliver influence on your targeted audience, but they are also great ways for customers to discover your offers. In fact, many clients prefer to buy products from brands that they follow on social media.

According to the marketing insights published on Twitter’s page, the monetizable daily active users (mDAUs) have increased by 24% in the first quarter of 2020. Videos on Twitter offer people a sense of normalcy that is instilled with entertainment.

And in the past 18 months, Twitter reports a 95% increase in daily video views.

Ways to Build Your Brand Using Twitter Videos

In light of information provided above, let us offer you some of the ways through which you can leverage Twitter videos to build your brands. So let’s jump right into them:

#1. A Comeback to Tweets

A Comeback to Tweets

Replying to tweets through a video is what is making rounds throughout the block. Businesses are finding more interactive and engaging ways to keep their audience’s stimulated. With a Twitter video, however, you can place your brand and make it visible throughout the length of the entire video.

While your spokesperson may address any issue your client might have or provide them with some quick facts regarding your products and services, it also provides you with an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand and relay the message it has to offer. So instead of a simple tweet, try out this the next time you find a worthy client who deserves your full attention.

#2. Hosting a Q&A Session

A lot of confusions, concerns, and major issues can be resolved if enterprises start offering customers videos that address their questions and offer them sensible answers. This is your way to show that your business cares about their customers and you don’t want to keep your audiences waiting.

You can even carry out the entire video in the form of an interview where your in-house expert is requested to answer the questions which others have posted online. This will also help you develop a sense of authenticity as well as deliver a power statement for your brand. Plus your compliance with their request is again a sign of confidence which plays well for your overall business image.

#3. Behind the Scene

Many companies right now still fail to recognize how transparency with their prospects can play in their favor. When you share something like a behind the scenes video for your business with your audience, you are actually offering them a membership or invitation to join the family. This relays immense trust and credibility for your viewers. You can create a behind the scenes video for a variety of intent.

Consider it as a corporate video, but instead of focusing on your workforce, you are addressing your clients. Behind the scenes, videos can include your supply chain, essential aspects of your manufacturing process, how operations are carried out, and whatnot. The basic idea is to impress them!

#4. Content that is Exclusive

People love to be a part of an exclusive group. It makes them feel special. Your videos can thus offer high-class and limited content that only your prospects and customers can watch. Show them that you feel motivated to serve them to the best of your abilities.

Allow them to understand that your services are sincere and your workforce performs their duties day and night to support their dreams. Inform them about how measures are taken to ensure the quality never dwindles and tell them how your competitors are not even close to your level of expertise. It is a show and tell sessions, so go all out!

#5. Events & Projects

Enterprises host events to capture the attention of the masses and bring in more awareness regarding their brands and services. What better than to create the hype for the event using a video on the most viral platform on the planet.

However, when posting the video on Twitter, make sure that the timing is perfect. It shouldn’t be too early so that audiences forget about the event when it actually arrives. Neither should it be too late since you want the maximum number of people to watch your video and be enticed. Traction from your targeted audiences takes time, so choose the date of publishing the video wisely.

#6. Deliver Entertainment

Well not only entertainment, let’s call it infotainment. We all know that corporate duty involves the focus on providing as much information about your brand as possible. The primary factor behind audiences and their interest is how entertaining your video is for them. So combine the two elements together and deliver an infotainment video for your brand.

It will not only allow you to push forward the messages you want through a marketing perspective, but it will also humor the audiences as they should find it fun to watch. If all goes well, this might also get you the attention from prospects and candidates that might become your customers in the near future.

#7. Foster User Generated Content

Foster User Generated Content

Getting marketable insights is hard but social media offers you the unique ability to get them directly from your customers and clients. A video is a good media to instigate conversations. Hence if your video is successful, it would end up creating a lot of buzzes online, but it will also provide you with viable user-generated content.

If you curtail these tweets and study them through a proper analytical mindset, then they can unfold and unravel a lot of profitable insights that you and your business can cash-in on. Customers might show their satisfaction, disdain, or even offer suggestions for improvements when tweeting about your video. Pay close attention to them, and eventually, you will crack the code.

#8. Going LIVE!

It’s 2020 and while live videos are not cutting edge, more of a thing of the past, they still get a lot of attention. This shows your business and its willingness to connect with customers. Live videos can be hurried, but the real-time events happening on customer’s screens or devices makes them all the more thrilling to watch.

Plus live videos are also a way to show your customers and clients that you can be quite honest and transparent with them. Even though you might plan ahead before shooting your live video for Twitter, it is still a great option for building your brands and business’ sincerity towards the clientele.

#9. Informing & Educating Audiences

There might be a new update, a product launch, or revamp from the design team coming up sometime later, so instead of simply dropping that bomb on audiences, you can create a video that informs them about it beforehand.

This way, you will be educating your customers and clients as to what are the new changes all about or what your latest product manages to resolve for them. It is all about inclusion. Make them feel part of the bigger picture here. Your customers represent a community on their own.

They choose you over alternatives available in the market, so it’s only fair that you strengthen their trust in your services. A Twitter video is a great way to inform customers, keep them up-to-date about the latest developments, and even educate the audiences.

#10. Real-Time Updates

There are often instances where you might find yourself in a position that requires a certain level of urgency. This is where Twitter videos can be used to offer your customers and clients real-time updates. Hence there are no possible delays for your customers and clients.

These real-time updates are meant to inform them that your company has made an effort to resolve a burning issue and dealt with it in quick succession of time. This is also a tactic for brands to let their audiences know that improvements to products and services are always considered a priority and that they are a dynamic bunch of people who can’t stay static for long.

#11. Promotional Video

Promotional Video

All marketers do is talk about promotion, so why not use your video to simply achieve that. However, promotional videos are not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have a keen outlook towards the audience’s preferences, their likings, what they don’t like. A promotional video is meant to create an impact and leave lasting impressions.

If they fail to do that, then, in essence, such a promotional video was a lost cause in the end. Factors like purpose, goals, direction, tone, lighting, viewing quality, smooth transitions, graphics, the script play, and correct font size and design play a huge role in making a promotional video successful. It’s a team effort and may require multiple viewing and reviewing before making the decision to publish it online.

#12. Offering Tutorials

This is closely linked with the previously mentioned point on our list. However, tutorial videos have their own separate category without a doubt. Tutorials are a great way to avoid customer dissonance. Through tutorials, you can provide valuable information about your products and services along with easy to follow steps so that they can get the most out of them.

A lot of the times, a customer may feel that they are actually utilizing your offered product or service to its great potential. However, a tutorial video can assist them in finding out new features which they never thought were available.

#13. Sharing Teasers

Teasers in the video category basically click baits. Curiosity is a part of all of us, and at times it can even get the better of us. Playing along with these impulses businesses often launch a teaser video to keep their audiences hooked. These are obviously meant to grab their attention and can be major crowd pullers as well.

Teasers are used to create hype about something new being offered by the company that hasn’t been launched yet or is about to be made publicly available. Many of us often get drives from such news and developments. So if one person watches the teaser, they would inform the other, and it catches on like wildfire.

#14. Telling a Story

Stories come from either delighted customers or gratified employees. Regardless of where they originate, the idea is always to provide a positive reflection for your company. Through videos on Twitter, you can share heartwarming stories to make people more comfortable and familiar with your products and services. A useful customer review can be elongated to form a story.

However, they need to be impactful and relatable to your audiences; otherwise, they will not deliver to your expectations from them. When you tell a story through a video, make sure that it is captivating and relevant for your audiences, this will ensure that you build a more reliable connection with them and get them engaged.

#15. Twitter Video Ad Campaigns

Lastly, I would like to mention that Twitter offers you the ability to run video advertisement campaigns. So if you are running out of ideas or resources, you can always go check their offers. These are ideal for businesses who want to bring in a lot of attention and traffic towards their brands and companies.

So if you are a decision-maker at your establishment, then you can choose to set the necessary parameters for your Twitter video campaign and see how that works out for you.


There is no denying that watching videos online has become a thing of its own. Billions of people indulge themselves watching their favorite videos, streaming videos online on popular platforms, and binge-watching TV shows and specials. That is why many businesses nowadays are creating their own library of videos to get the attention of their customers and possible future prospects.

I hope this post was able to offer a better understanding of how Twitter videos can help build your brands. For more queries regarding the topic, feel free to share with us your feedback in the comment section below.

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