How to Maintain Your Facebook Fans

Maintaining sometimes more difficult than getting. This often happens in the world of marketing, even social media marketing that is currently trending now, so many ways of how to get costumers still like products that you offer, but it is not uncommon when costumers were already obtained them in a matter of days, weeks or months will cease to be on the fan page likers you will even forget altogether without visiting your fan page.

Surely that’s the least we expect to happen in our marketing business right.

#1. Simply is the best

“The real key is simplify your messaging across all media channels. The biggest “fail” that most large and small businesses make is they try to tell their customers EVERYTHING they do and provide” as said Mr. Tony Fannin.

Surely you’ve heard it, simply is the best. Keep the headings short and catchy is important but you do not have to use the entire characters facilities to attract the attention of your customers. Interesting posts should not meet your wall with a set of offers or promotions. When customers see your posts they will first scan in your writing, maybe they will see the title first and then suddenly there was writing on the cover. The more text you post it will certainly make your customers wasting time to understand your promotional offer. That’s why simply is the best, by posting the words concise, clear and attractive will make it easier for you to digest consumer promotion that you want to convey.

Maintain Facebook Fans

#2. Pay attention timing campaign

It is very important to do; you do not want to be seen of course outdated isn’t it?

In one year so much an certain event that we can use for promotion, such as Halloween, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s china (Imlek). The event certainly has its own uniqueness as we can see in the example image below Tom Taylor fan page belongs belts and buckles offers belt themed Valentine’s Day where colors dominate this event are pink or red. As performed by Tom Taylor belts and buckles, you can also do well with your own fan page. Be careful not to offer any of the goods where the goods are already out of date. Notice the theme and selection of supply of goods to suit the situation will help you to look up to date.

Maintain Facebook Fans

#3. Add comment section

Opinions are the main costumers. Surely you want to know what he likes best about your product right. Create a post that offers opportunities to the fan page likers on your property to get their views. As performed by the Starbucks in the comment section column costumers the opportunity to comment on the latest products belonging Starbucks.

It could also become your example, by asking their opinion about your latest product, the quality of your products and even try to ask the likers you how their holidays or the weather today. Try to interact with your fans so that they can feel personal closeness with you.

Maintain Facebook Fans

#4. Say to your fans that you exist

”This is about deep sharing of who you are and what your purpose in the world is. It’s also about empathy and a genuine desire to learn about what life issues are important to your customers as it relates to your brand and how you can help” as said Mr. Tony Fannin.

Likers on the fan page you would want a sustainable connection on your product. By posting news about products, tips or questions continued will make your customers believe that you are there and real. The form of action in social media marketing is to show you exist in social media. As performed bally on his Facebook fan page almost every day Bally always post updates on its brand, it will help costumers be updates on the latest products issued by bally.

Maintain Facebook Fans

#5. Post polls

Let’s take a look belonging esprit fan page below, after 3 years of his fan page created, esprit using facilities provided by the Facebook question, this is another form of polls that can be used by brand owners on Facebook to ask for opinions, advice and criticism by the his likers. Obviously you cannot do easily, ask the likers you communicate to inquire advantages and disadvantages of our posts on your own fan page whether fun or annoying

Maintain Facebook Fans

#6. Keep communication two-way dialogue

Right now you have managed to make the likers feel close to you, as the number of fans on your page instead. You’ve reached the point where you need to maintain communication with your likers. Keep 2-way communication with your likers as that of the fiesta fan page below, as much as possible fiesta always reply to every post of the her likers either congratulations or criticism. So the important is get involved in the conversation to your fans.

Maintain Facebook Fans

#7. Make some event for your fans

Facebook provides the facility to you as the brand owner to establish communication closer to the fans. This last step is to establish close communication in the form of invites costumers to make calls to action. As performed by the social media examiner below in the event than invite the likers to come in Social Media Marketing World in April to join Hundreds of your peers who have already signed up for this world class conference. The valuable content will show your fans that you’re an authority and consistently post good stuff.

Maintain Facebook Fans


Retaining customers is the second hardest thing after the acquisition, of the seven things above are simple steps you can take to maintain a fan page likers on you, loyal customers are a company’s most important asset duration is not it?

How about you? Whether there are steps you run? Please share your experience with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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