How to Make NFT Art Design Sellable?

Illustration by Florentin Walter via Dribbble

Contemporary artists have had many opportunities to make money from digital art in recent years. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have become an excellent opportunity for many contemporary artists and designers to realize their creativity and sell art online at a minimal cost.

Most people can make good money with this method. Developing and selling art online is an excellent opportunity for designers to gain popularity, find loyal customers, and improve the quality of their craft.

If you are a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with the features of modern digital art and look at inspiring design examples that will help you decide on different development paths.

Studying the features of the Blockchain and modern technologies in the world of cryptocurrencies is also recommended to understand the available mechanisms for making money online on digital art.

You can quickly start selling digital art with simple steps and careful market research. To do this, you must choose a particular exchange and familiarize yourself with the features of working as an NFT artist.

Various modern projects are popular among many people, so their examples will help you roughly determine sales characteristics.

What is NFT?

First, you should learn the main rules of a non-fungible token to start exploring the issue of selling digital art online on particular platforms. Many guides will help you understand the features of trading and earning.

A non-fungible token means that it cannot be replaced in any way. Such a work of digital art is unique and one of a kind, so it has value and demand in the design market.

To put it simply, NFT is a modern form of digital art presented in the form of a specialized token. This token has its unique identifier in the Blockchain.

It is almost impossible to recreate or copy it in any way, which allows you to earn on such uniqueness, creating new chains of digital data for their processing and providing an opportunity to get acquainted with such a record online.

It should also be understood that NFTs can be bought and sold with any cryptocurrency. This currency exists online.

Blockchain is a digital journal in which all data is stored and decentralized. It is here that all data on transactions made using NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other digital trading instruments is contained.

When creating an NFT, the designer is designing a completely new digital coin that can be used to achieve a variety of goals.

Once the NFT is launched, a unique digital record is created on the Blockchain that cannot be copied or faked in any way, making it unique and one of a kind.

It is necessary to develop a unique cryptocurrency wallet for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, which will store digital assets. You also need to pay a special gas fee.

This is the amount of money that you need to pay for the use of equipment in the process of performing various transactions with digital assets.

If NFTs are only triggered after purchase, this is called a delayed minting process. This is an excellent opportunity for designers to reduce their gas bills to create digital art.

If the artist did not personally create and launch the NFT but is performing the sale, then they may use an additional commission that will affect the total cost of the purchase.

How to create your NFT art design?

Many different instruments can be used to design NFT art. The most common form of digital art is an image, but fonts and other elements can also be used for inspiration. Each of the series of drawings is unique and one of a kind.

For them, a separate piece of program code is created that cannot be copied, so no claims to ownership should arise. Other assets can be converted into NFTs. For example, it can be virtual blocks, photos, music, animations, etc.

If you have some digital art, you can convert it to NFT format for an effective sale. It is necessary to familiarize yourself carefully with all the features of the creation and sale of such art.

For example, you can see various examples of ready-made NFT collections, which present all the features of modern digital art. Many readers look pretty simple. Usually, they are in the form of schematic conceptual pictures.

There are also more complex types of digital art in the form of 3D images and various animations. To begin with, check out the other applications that allow you to create digital art to sell online.

How to start selling NFTs?

To start selling digital art, it is essential to consider many subtleties. First, you need to create your art. To do this, you can use different applications. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take much time.

Below is a step-by-step process for creating modern digital art elements:

1. Create an Electronic Wallet

First, you must create an electronic wallet for storing cryptocurrency. With the help of such a wallet, you can easily carry out any monetary transactions where you can buy or sell digital art.

You can choose the appropriate wallet option for individual tasks and preferences. You can select Blockchain and cryptocurrency that are economically beneficial in a particular case.

2. Choose a NFT Market

Next, you need to choose a market for selling digital art. You can choose from a variety of options for these purposes. For example, Opensea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway are popular NFT markets.

Such sites offer a variety of use cases for their customers so that everyone can take advantage of great deals.

3. Start buying Cryptocurrency

At the next stage, you can start buying cryptocurrency. As a rule, for NFT, the most demanded cryptocurrency is Ethereum, but other options are available. Regardless of the cryptocurrency used, in any case, you should have at least a small supply of ETH to profit from the sale of digital art.

4. Connecting your e-wallet

Now, you can start connecting your e-wallet to the digital art platform. To do this thing, go to the particular parameters and then specify the address of the electronic wallet used to store cryptocurrency and perform monetary transactions.

5. Directly connecty your cryptocurrency to the trading platform

After setting up the wallet and personal profile, you need to leave a small amount of cryptocurrency and directly connect to the trading platform to start trading NFT. To do this, you need to upload your unique model.

All information about the file must be specified. As a rule, many platforms make it possible to set the cost of a resource and other vital parameters. Regardless of the placement of NFTs, you need to leave a certain amount as a gas fee.

6. Set the cost of your NFT Art

Next, you need to set the cost for selling at the auction. You can choose a fixed fee or any other depending on individual tasks. For example, an auction allows you to set a minimum price to cover costs.

The fixed cost determines the exact price of the NFT. Depending on individual tasks, you can select the required value of the price of a digital asset.

The process of selling NFTs is quite simple. It is essential to learn all the available platforms’ features and carefully read the information on the sale of digital assets. Many use artificial intelligence to create NFTs, a modern trend that allows you to get good earnings at minimal cost to yourself.

How much does an NFT cost?

Selling cryptocurrencies is a complex process requiring many features to be considered. The amount you receive during the sale largely depends on the commission of the selected trading platform.

For example, many exchanges take a percentage of the transaction, which is a fair enough decision to buy or sell NFTs. Other platforms may charge quite large commissions.

For example, depending on specific features, this amount can be 2.5-15% on some sites. The number of commissions is calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Each platform collects its commission depending on the service’s features and tariffs. For example, this amount may include an account maintenance fee. You also need to pay a fee for creating an NFT, listing, and other services that this platform provides.
  • Each Blockchain has its characteristics and features. For example, the speed of transactions, the quality of projects, and the amount of payment for gas directly affect the total cost of a non-fungible token.
  • Depending on supply and demand, the value of a digital asset may also differ. For example, gas fees may increase due to the need for NFT. If the price is too high, you can wait for a more favorable period to complete the transaction.
  • The cost of cryptocurrency also changes regularly, directly affecting the total cost of a digital asset and its payment amount.

The cost of creating your digital asset is different, so you need to consider these parameters individually. The constant development of the market changes the conditions for buying and selling cryptocurrencies so the situation can vary quite quickly depending on each individual’s needs.

Should I sell NFT art design?

Selling NFT digital art has many benefits. Among them, attention should be paid to the following:

  • You can easily present your works of art to a broad audience worldwide.
  • You can create NFTs using various modern programs, simplifying designers’ tasks.
  • NFTs offer many different niches for everyone, depending on the direction.
  • NFT is an excellent opportunity for artists to find their audience and make money from their art.

The concept of NFT is developing every year and offers new solutions for everyone. This is a revolutionary tool that allows you to earn money at a minimal cost, as well as create a business on your art. Even beginners can start making real money with NFTs.

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