How to Promote Your Delivery App or Software Online [Comprehensive Guide]

As a startup, creating a real time delivery software or application is a fantastic idea keeping in mind both desktop and mobile users. However, amongst so much competition, what it takes to stand out from the crowd and be seen by millions?

This is what we aim to cover in this discussion, wherein we would highlight all the key online strategies with valuable insights, to help you gain an edge in your Internet based advertising and marketing initiatives.

USP is the first thing to focus upon

Deciding upon target audience is great, but it still won’t work until and unless you have something unique to offer. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the biggest difference maker that can actually make or break you. Out of the box USP has the ability to keep you on the edge, distinguished from the crowd.

A research featured in National Restaurant News says 33% consumers are willing to pay more for a faster delivery that can be the biggest USP of any food and beverage delivery mobile application or software, or is even applicable for a courier and parcel delivery application or software. Most apps nowadays are focusing on this parameter. So, what more should be done to outperform your competitors?

Developing a USP is just one fold of the entire process. At the moment, you need to just think about the pain points and needs of your customers, and have a USP get developed accordingly. This way you can begin your promotions by telling your consumers how your app can solve their problems.

When focusing on solving the consumer problems, they tend to connect more with your app on an emotional level. Your core competency in the form of USP should be clear and transparent to attract customers first hand. As soon as your app USP gains momentum, no one would be able to stop.

Content is King, Marketing is Queen!

Content is a king in real terms controlling just about everything happening on Google, but without marketing as a Queen by its side things won’t actually work. When you sit with a prominent content marketing agency, you would know the difference been created through website content, software content, app content, articles, guest blogs, press releases, social media posts, and so much more. But, more importantly it is the placing of content that really matters, once you have some good content created and ready for use.

Of course, it is a time consuming process wherein you can actually see results over time, which you can surely fast track using a state-of-the-art SEO tool. Content marketing can prove to work wonders in terms of building a brand value via trust building, only if it is allowed to nurture over time. It surely is an amazing cost effective way to build brand recognition, and patience is the key here to achieve so.

Nothing better than socially connecting

Social media is an ever lasting effective tool with long term impacts no matter what kind of app or software you plan to get across such as an online water delivery application or software, or any other kind of last mile delivery software.

Social media has surely played a vital role in helping businesses showcase their practices, products or services, responding to customer queries in the most upfront and honest way possible, as well as admitting mistakes politely.

As per Sprout Social Statistics 2020:

  • Facebook is the most sought after promotional platform with almost 90% marketers using it in their advertising initiatives.
  • Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing platform with more than 1 billion active monthly users.
  • Twitter is the most preferred discovery platform with 25% more probability of users watching ads as compared to any other platform.
  • Linkedin is the best professional platform with 63% users in the a decision making top management level and 90% of them senior level influencers.
  • Pinterest is the topmost inspirational and motivational platform with more than 300 million active monthly users currently and increasing at a rate of 30% every year.

To leverage the social platform to the fullest you need to:

  • Choose a right social platform based on your business offerings
  • Keep a proper balance of scheduling posts via a social media automation tool to have it be posted at right intervals of time looking relevant as per the targeted time zones.
  • Have an apt communicational approach in your posts making your posts absolutely interactive with a problem solving approach.
  • Do take help from influencers to fasten up your efforts.

Blogging is a way to mirror your thoughts and put them in words

A blogger has the ability to reflect the thoughts going on in the mind via a blog full of useful informative content. Hubspot reveals that business blogs tend to drive 50% more visitors to the products or services being offered. If your blog has something to do with overcoming hurdles for individuals or businesses than you are sure to grab user traction.

Intellectual yet simplistic blogging can be awesome to –

  • Establish a brand authority proving you as an ultimate subject expert
  • Build relationships with other bloggers and their reader base
  • Strengthen engagement within existing users while also building new audience base through word of mouth
  • Have a trustworthy brand image forcing readers to be your potential customers

You can be even witty or emotional at times since it does appeal to a large section of audience. Even useful tips related to the industry you are dealing with can be a wonderful way to catch eyeballs. Among all these, do not forget to constantly interact with users by allowing them to share their thoughts in the comments section, and in turn responding through your replies.

Videos are great to showcase who you are & what you do

When compared to other forms of internet marketing mediums, video marketing can land up being a bit costlier than others. However, you cannot underestimate the potential hiding behind video content, which is probably the best when it comes to featuring yourself via a visual medium. Video marketing does bring an entertainment factor in addition to engagement that is simply not possible with any other medium.

Video content does offer a bouquet of options to choose from right from explainer videos to video testimonials, product/service videos, how-to tutorials, life stories, live interviews, whiteboard animations, presentations, and what not. More than 90% of people log on to YouTube before planning to buy a product or service. Among all, explainer videos are the best with most optimal conversions.

As such there are many video platforms to watch out for with the likes of Vimeo, MetaCafe, and others. But, there is simply nothing like YouTube, the world’s No. 1 video based social platform and the 2nd most visited website in the world after its parent company Google.

As per Google, YouTube is highly rated due to:

  • Its ability to stream solutions for just about any problem
  • Its entertainment delivering ability
  • Its edge in educating users with knowledge on infinite subjects

It should be noted that creating random videos would not work. Today, standout videos with great deal of creativity and editing plays the trick. More importantly it is also about taking into account what kind of videos your target audience want to see.

Behind the scenes do really great in terms of establishing a strong emotional bond with the audience while breaking the ice at the same time. When users start relating with your videos, they would also relate to your business and offerings. Hence, touching them intelligently and emotionally simultaneously, is the key to your video content strategy success.

Email marketing is hidden treasure of prospective clients

Email marketing is the most overlooked of all online marketing methods due to the fact that using a robust email automation system is still a nightmare for most. However, businesses do not realise that it is the this method through which they can target only those laser targeted prospects who have subscribed for an email list or a newsletter. Designing great emails is a combination of eye catchy layout and killer content, which is a skill that still is a mystery for many marketers.

Through a one-of-a-kind autoresponder one can inform customers in general, occasionally, promotional offers or discounts, polls or opinions, loyalty programs or contests, to an entire mailing list in an automated manner through set automated responsive emails.

These are your prime hot leads since they subscribed to your emailing via an inquiry form, contact form, or a subscription form via the lead pages of squeeze pages present on your website or operating independently. The follow up emails are the real match winners getting in touch with those who have unsubscribed due to some reason or forgotten you.

Get set go with your delivery tracking app/software promotion

Whether meant for desktop, Android, or iOS, building a real time delivery tracking software has to be precise with all the planning related to promotional activities done in advance. The communication channel you choose completely depend upon where your customers are hanging out. Only loyalty based truthful content can accomplish the goals.

About the Author!

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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