5 Powerful Ways to Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

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Businesses recognize how much social media and email marketing can help them out. Both allow them to interact with customers, send them information, and invite them to make purchases. You can create an email marketing plan but also combine your social media marketing so that they can work together and build off of each other.

These markets don’t have to be separate: bring them together so that you can encourage customers to join your social media pages and email newsletter. You may know why it’s important to combine them, but how do you do it? We have five ways that you can combine your social media and email marketing.

#1. Communication Between Channels

Many businesses have different teams run their email and social media marketing. If your business takes this approach, then you may want your two teams to communicate on a regular basis. This will help your business and teams out in multiple ways.

  • Ensure that the two channels keep your brand consistent.
  • Get the two teams to become unified and work together effectively.
  • Avoid losses from miscommunication between the teams.

You want to have a consistent brand established online. By talking with each other, your teams can make sure that they maintain a similar style in writing and presentation. For example, your brand could appear inconsistent if you have laid back social media pages and serious emails. This would appear unprofessional, so make sure that you keep the brand consistent.

With the previous point in mind, you want your teams to work in a unified way. As they work on communication and focus on helping each other, it will reflect into their channels. People will recognize that your business knows how to act professionally and will trust your business since it seeks to keep a consistent brand.

70% US employees don't feel engaged due to communication barriers

7-out-of-10 employees feel like they face communication barriers and this affects their engagement with their jobs. With how much money you could lose from this over time, you need to make sure that your teams communicate. Continue to lead encourage them to interact with each other so that you can avoid any miscommunication between your channels.

The more the two sides talk with each other, the more unified they will become. This allows both channels to maintain a similar brand. Customers will notice this and want to join both channels so that they can receive more information, updates, and deals from your business. Continue to encourage communication and provide easy communication for your employees.

#2. Cross Promote

When you have multiple channels, you can easily cross promote them so that customers will follow your social media pages and subscribe to your email newsletter. People could have multiple reasons for following one of your channels but not the other.

  • They don’t know about your other channel.
  • They keep forgetting to join it.
  • They don’t use the other channel.

You can use cross promotion to encourage customers to join each of your channels. Even if they don’t use one of your channels, your encouragement could convince them to join and follow. This gives you the chance to inform your customers about your channels and to invite them to join. This allows them to receive more information and benefits from your business.

You can cross promote on your social media by sharing links to your email newsletter’s sign-up page. Let your followers know what they can gain from it and make sure to ask them to click on the share button so that this cross promotion can reach their friends. This way, you can inform people on your social media pages about your email newsletter.

You can take the other approach when it comes to your email. Make sure to add clickable icons for each of your social media pages at the bottom of your emails. This way, people can easily click on them and follow your social media pages. Encourage your subscribers to click on these links and to forward your newsletter to friends to see if they want to join.

Don’t cross promote too often, but make sure to remind your followers or subscribers about the other channel. This will help you to increase your numbers on both sides.

#3. Recycle Content

By combining your social media tools and email marketing software, you can recycle content between the two. Recycling content goes beyond copying and pasting content while allowing you to save time and money. Think of it this way: you can’t copy and paste an email onto your social media post and expect people to like it.

When people visit social media pages, many of them will come across your posts when they go through their feeds. Because of this, you need to avoid long and drawn out posts since most people will see the wall of text and scroll past it. When you recycle content from emails, turn it into bite-sized pieces and condense the content so that people will read it.

On the other hand, when you recycle content into your email newsletter, feel free to expand on the social media points. Don’t go overboard though: people become more willing to read emails, but some may want to skim through it. Make sure that you make it easy to read, keep your paragraphs short, and keep things simple when you recycle from social media posts.

Recycle content so that you can enjoy these benefits.

  • Save time and money.
  • Gain trust from customers since they see consistency between your channels.
  • Bring up previous content every once in a while to inform new users.

Recycle content between your channels to make things easier for both sides while continuing to grow your channels.

#4. Exclusive Deals and Groups

When you use multiple channels, you can offer exclusive deals, contests, and groups between the channels. When people follow your social media pages or join your newsletter, you need to provide them with incentives. People don’t want to give businesses personal information without compensation, so you can provide that through exclusive deals and offers.

Make a social media post about your email newsletter. Mention to your followers that they can get exclusive deals and offers only through your newsletter. This will encourage people to sign up for it. You can also include links to exclusive groups through your emails. Whatever deals or groups you offer, follow through with them so that you avoid angry customers.

You can also mention a social media contest in your email newsletter. Let people know that if they follow your social media page and share it, then they will enter a contest and may win a prize. Hold contests every once in a while to encourage people to follow your social media pages and to remain a follower.

People love rewards, free things, and discounts. If you offer these to your customers, they will continue to follow you so that they can enjoy each of these benefits. This allows you and your customers to gain something from their agreement to follow you. Continue to make offers, deals, and have exclusive groups to convince people to follow your channels.

#5. Use Marketing Automation Software

Many people feel that they can handle all marketing on their own. While this is technically true, you miss out on many benefits when you don’t use marketing automation software.

B2B Marketing Automation Systems Market

Automated marketing continues to grow each year with predictions of continued growth. Why do so many businesses use automated marketing and how does it help them combine their social media and email marketing?

  • Keep all of their channel information in one place.
  • Can create workflows to have their channels work together.
  • Remain in contact with their customers through multiple channels.

Automated marketing software will collect information and data for you. As it collects customer data, you can see everything in one place. This allows you to see connections between the data, changes in your performance, and it will give you ideas to unify the channels. By keeping this information together, you can continue to see connections and improve your channels.

You can also create different workflows that use multiple channels. This allows customers to receive interactions from each of your channels.

For example, they may forget about a purchase, so you could send them a reminder through a social media message. If the software doesn’t get a response from this, it could send an email after a certain amount of time. You can adjust your workflow in different ways to automatically send messages and reminders to customers so that you can utilize all of your channels.

On top of this, your automated marketing software can continue to communicate, automatically send emails, and make social media posts. Send your email newsletter at the same time every week and have your social media accounts make similar posts each week. This will show unity and allow the information to reach more people.

Marketing automation seeks to simplify marketing for you so that you have time to work on other things in your business. This will bring all of your channels together while saving you time and money.

Final Points

You have two powerful marketing channels in your hands: social media and email. By bringing them together, you can enjoy the benefits of both. Email allows you to send longer messages and information to your customers. Social media lets you interact with customers and give them quick updates. You can bring them together and encourage customers to join both of them.

You can use the tips discussed in this article to improve your online marketing. As you work towards bringing your social media and email marketing into one unified voice, you will appear more professional to your customers and continue to grow. Doing so will benefit your business and allow you to succeed.

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