9 Best Social Media Channel For Business Marketing

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Social media has become viable to lead generation, to improve the ROI, increased in CTR and lastly engagement with the audience (most important factor of social media channel for being this much successful). The ROI (Return of investment) has gradually increased after all the company has exposed themselves on these channels.

Around 92% of the marketing professional agreed that the exposure of the company has increased due to social media. Around 72% of the professionals give an answer in for on loyalty of the customer. According to them, the number of loyal customers has increased after the social media engagements.

But that does not mean that any social media channel can create huge inbound traffic or increase sales. When it comes down to choosing the right channel, you have to be very careful. Choosing the right channel can really help you boost your sales but if done wrongly it can really affect your company.

Are you a businessman searching for the best social media channel that can help to boost your sales? Have no idea which media will have a better ROI?

Then you are reading the right article right now. In this article, I will discuss the 9 most famous social media channels and the right way of using it. These social media channels are being used rigorously by all the companies to attract audiences.

#1. YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform. You can market your business here by sharing an informational video here.

Hands down YouTube remains the best platform for the audio-visual search engine. It is second to only google that how good it is.

With respect to SEO (search engine optimization), YouTube offers maximum traction, and plenty of behind-the-scenes content optimization possibilities (plus you can buy real YouTube views) to boost your company’s rankings online. YouTube pre-rolls, dynamic video retargeting and remarketing initiatives are highly effective means of increasing your exposure on social media platforms.

#2. Yelp

Hello there, are you having any problem with knowing what your audience is thinking about you? Then why don’t you register on yelp?

Yelp is a social media platform which allows your customer and audience to share their precious feedback regarding your company or about your services.

Credibility has always been a big part of your business. It improves the image of the company and also creates new customers and old customers to loyal customers.

For example, you are having a Restaurant but you are not getting enough customers. And you don’t know the reason for it. Yelp provides the engagement platform. Here you can talk with the audience and understand what they want from you. This way you can improve your shortcoming.

The benefit of the Yelp is that you can easily convert all the negative reviews by positive views by engaging them.

#3. Pinterest

If your company has excellent images, then what you are waiting for? Images can also be used for marketing your business.

Pinterest is the platform that can be used as image marketing. Here you share your images with a link attached to it. And whenever anyone shows any interest to it, they will be redirected to your website.

Pinterest has changed the way images were looked in the past. In the past images were used to look at website attractive, but it can be used as inbound marketing.

Adding URLs to the images can serve as perfect redirects to boost sales, ROI, CTR, and engagements.

The other users are only double click away from you.

#4. Instagram

audiences are visual driven souls. A good image is always the centre of attention thing. Nobody can ignore a good image with lots of information.

“A picture is worth 1000 words”

A picture saying thousands of words are really appreciated by the others.

Instagram, provides a platform where you can share your best of images to satisfy audiences’ visual hunger. You can even share offer to catch their eyes.

There are never-ending possibilities of using Instagram.

The hashtag option is particularly useful, and customers can be incentivized with raffles, giveaways, prizes, and other promotional offers.

#5. Foursquare

If you have a location-based business, then this social media channel can be perfect for you. This channel can be used to create your own community. If you are having a Restaurant, salon, spa (location-based business), this social media channel can be the best platform to invest in.

This channel is restricted to only a business that has a specific location and can provide its services to its place only. This channel is a debatable channel whether it has a future or not.

This social media channel has around 43 million users and 1.3 million business. With a good amount of knowledge, this platform can be easily used to create a community for your audience. It can also increase the number of loyal customers.

A customer after visiting your restaurant can search you on the Foursquare and if they liked your restaurant can share among the Facebook and foursquare friends.

It has become a trend to follow each other and their lifestyle. If you post an image and share it on the foursquare, your friends can see those posts and can get influenced to do the same.

This is also a great place for interaction and exchange reviews. This can really help in making a good reputation for your brand, product or services.

#6. Google+

Google+ is considered to be a mix of Facebook and twitter. With more than 350 million users every month, it is quite underrated. But after the launched its new features, it has become marketers’ paradise.

Features like hangouts, +1s, and hashtags can really make your popular if used properly. Like in Facebook pages and twitter you need to be active and keep on interacting with the other user and business pages.

Remember one thing, Google+ is google itself. So, it can really help in the google search engine result page (SERP).

Let think like that, you have a Google+ page and someone searches for your business (no matter they are following you or not) the result will show your Google+ page and the most recent post on that page on the right side of the personal search results.

This search ranking benefit is the perk of using Google+ social media channels. It is due to the search ranking ability; it is popular among the social marketing world.

#7. Twitter

This platform is not for everyone. This platform is used by mature people or who love reading. Here people share their views and thoughts.

Twitter can also be called a microblogging platform. Here people share views and thoughts in just 140 characters. It is not as popular as the other social media channels but yes, it is one of the serious platforms where responsible people reside.

Hashtags used to enhance the quality of the posts. And the messages come back to inform of retweets.

#8. LinkedIn

This platform is a great place for business to business marketing. This platform is the business community where only the working people reside.

This platform upload only professional content, which will be beneficial for their company. This platform is also used for hiring purposes or to find the right candidates for the vacancies.

If you are in the marketing filled then competition is too high. So, creating your own network can really help you step the ladder of your career.

#9. Facebook

Last but not least, Facebook is the largest social media channel. It is used by every age possible. Facebook has a myriad of marketing features available to clients, including the Facebook feed, where updates can be posted.

Video targeting campaigns and paid advertisements have become common. With billions of users all around the world, Facebook is the most effective social media channel out there. And it is still growing at a rapid rate.

Facebook is not limited to a particular niche. Here every age group resides here. From age 12 to triple-digit is the limit. Every kind of audience uses this platform, making it a prime choice for every marketer to keep it on top of its social media marketing channel list.


Every platform has its own way of the target audience. So, when choosing a social media channel for social media marketing, you need to have a clear understanding of who your audiences are. This way you can narrow down the name from the channel list.

Using social media will not ensure success unless you use the right social media marketing tools. These tools include analytic tools, monitoring and engagement options such as Hootsuite and other popular social media tools.

They should be used in conjunction with your preferred social media channels to hit home with the right message every time.

About the Author!

Mashum Mollah is an Entrepreneur, Founder and Ceo at Viacon, a Digital Marketing Agency that drive visibility. He is a passionate plogger and blogs at Mashummollah.Com.

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