How to Promote Your Snowmobile Business

The global recession that just started and only simply continues to grow, making it the worst recession since the Great Depression, and it will have a significant impact on the snowmobile market since these devices are considered to be luxury items that cost a lot of money, thus are aimed at only certain demographic groups.

The rich and famous will probably continue to buy them, but the middle-class people that had to make an effort to buy them are going to struggle with their daily expenses, so a snowmobile will not be at the top of their list. Naturally, there will be some who will still want to invest in them and these are the people that you should follow.

The 2010s have seen the snowmobile market grow, thanks to the fact that trying this sport has become a must-do of the winter season, while incomes also became bigger in many countries. The fact that it is both a young-sport and a family-oriented one has also contributed a lot to its popularity.

Still, it remains to be seen how the snowmobile market is going to do in emerging economies, especially taking into consideration how much said economies have been affected by the lockdown measures that were taken in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A snowmobile is also called a snow-machine or a power sled and it was created to aid the people who were providing help to others in snowy areas. In the decades since, it has evolved into a sport just as popular as skiing, making it a sort-of obligatory winter experience for the entire family.

Bet on entry-level models

The entry-level snowmobiles were already representing 2/5th of the total snowmobile market when taking into account the product type. This popularity comes from the fact that many people who buy it are beginners and they probably can’t dedicate enough time to become anything more than beginners in this sport.

As the recession is going to settle it, people who will be able to afford themselves such a luxury, are going to aim for these models still, as they will continue to be the most affordable ones. North America is the most important region when it comes to mountain snowmobiles as it has a share of more than a third of this market under its belt.

Even with things shaking, it’s likely that North America will remain the number one producer and supplier of snowmobiles, as both the United States and Canada are large consumers when it comes to snowmobiles, and are also far ahead to any other country when it comes to making them.

The luxury models with more seats will continue to sell, but their main buyers will be people who could afford them even before – although, as with some businesses going under, even those numbers are also going to drop, which makes luxury models an investment that is a bit riskier than beginner models.

Marketing Campaign
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How to promote them

Showing a difference in prices is always a great way of convincing someone they are making a good investment, but if predictions that prices are actually going to go up are true, then you can’t really rely on this method since lying about deduction in prices is illegal and really not worth the hassle.

A better way is to focus on the “now”. Now, these products are cheap, but their prices will go up. Now, these snowmobiles are cheaper because it’s summer, but as winter approaches, they will be more expensive. Now, you know how much they cost, but you don’t know how things are going to be later.

Of course, don’t present the situation as being the end of the world, but put an emphasis on now and how now is the right time to make the investment. This will also convince people who aren’t sure, that the time is indeed now. But, that is only one strategy, that is going to work even better when combined with others.


If you go to the Young Choppers website and look at what they have to offer, as you consent to the cookie policy, you’ll notice that for the next few days you will get commercials recommended by They have seen that you have an interest in their products so now they are trying to remember you and they are there to help you.

All websites work on this principle so yours should do the same. Have some commercials ready for people who left your website to be reminded of your existence, of your small prices, of your great offers, and so on. One thing that you should be careful of though is spamming people with your commercials.

People are less likely to follow a link that they have been spammed with so if you insist too much, you are not going to get the results you want. If you don’t insist enough, that one commercial is going to be soon forgotten. The success lies in finding the middle ground between not doing it enough and overdoing it.

Have great promotions

As people are going to ask themselves if making such an investment during a crisis is a good idea, you can easily turn the balance in your favor by offering side products that you would need for a snowmobile, such as support, gas, and so on. Offer a coupon to get a free check-up sometime in the future.

Anything that makes people see that you are offering more than the next guy is a big step. Why spend the same amount of money elsewhere, when you can spend it here and get a free something that you will need anyway? If it works with stuff that we don’t use, imagine the success of relying on something that we do use.

Keeping these things in mind, and you are sure to make a much greater impact in the snowmobile market, especially given the economic instability that threatens to be all over us in the months to come.

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