Top 8 HubSpot CRM Competitors Your Small Business Can Use

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When we think of marketing in the digital era, there are a number of terms that instantly come to mind – CRM or customer relationship management; marketing automation; integrations, and much more. And with these terms, a number of well known platforms and brands spring to mind as well. One of these happen to be HubSpot.

What is HubSpot, really? For the uninitiated, this is a platform that caters to your marketing automation needs so that you are able to make use of all the information and opportunities that can be found so easily yet so difficult to use, on the Internet.

HubSpot has evolved with the previous decade to create a whole new standard in the world of inbound marketing so that the go to market strategy meets the world of automation with functions and information that will generate leads for an ever-increasing rate of conversion.

So what is it that HubSpot and the alternatives to HubSpot do? Here’s a quick list:


Whether it is teams of the information that can drive these teams, HubSpot and the alternatives to HubSpot can do a fantastic job of helping you store your information in a way that will be relevant and easy for you to reach just the right customers so that your conversions become easy and fast.

When you have the right information in the right placed, organized in a system as per the team member who is supposed to take care of the task that pertains to that information, you do not merely make a seamless sales pipeline journey, but you also end up working on leads that would most probably end in a conversion since the information backing the same is so well organized and targeted.

The way you structure and render campaigns also become a matter of a targeted strategy that uses this information, therefore setting a winning cycle.

Reach and Engagement

These are the pillars on which all things digital stand today. When you are running a small business, it would be important for you to uphold these two core values so that you are able to seamlessly reach your audience and engage them as well.

You can use HubSpot alternatives in order to get this done since the functions will make use of the information stored in parallel and contextual databases, to generate and nurture leads across a number of platforms thanks to the core values like marketing automation.

This also saves the time of the team members who can now engage with all the leads instead of wasting time on monotonous and mundane activities. Plus, with the elevated and high quality team collaboration, there is a great synergy within the team that leads each member down the sales pipeline with much efficiency, one task at a time.

Conversion and Maintenance

When we make a conversion after making our reach and engagement strategy work hard for us, we have made a sale. But when we maintain those conversions with proper and well rendered maintenance or customer servicing, then we can be sure that we have earned brand loyalty and stable revenue with repeated sales, cross selling and up selling as well. Yet, the more the conversions, the more difficult the after sales part servicing.

That need not be the case thanks to a good HubSpot alternative which will help you organize all your functions in a way that the information is right there for you to seamlessly and quickly resolve matters and generate leads from within this database and in keeping with the information pertaining to any kind of interaction you may have had with the customers and prospects.

Apart from these benefits, there are many others that can make the adoption of a HubSpot alternative, a rather lucrative one. Let us look at 8 such competitors of HubSpot to find the best one for your small business:

1. EngageBay

This would be one of the best HubSpot alternatives thanks to the fact that it has affordable plans which can also be upgraded to an enterprise level package once you begin to grow. It also has a number of remarkable features that can help you with your integration and marketing automation needs for seamless lead generation and conversions as well.

2. Insightly

This is also a well known HubSpot alternative that can earn you a high conversion rate. It has a number of features that can make your marketing automation game stronger along with a strong back end CRM structure.

3. Agile CRM

Agile CRM happens to be one of the oldest and most popular CRM platforms that one can find out there while looking for alternatives to HubSpot. Yet, it still does not offer a wide range of lead generation and marketing automation features that a platform like EngageBay might be able to offer you in the long, at a more affordable cost.

4. PipeDrive

PipeDrive is a well known and upcoming alternative to HubSpot even though it merely offers marketing automation in terms of email marketing. It has other features like templates and tracking that can help many users at the end of the day.

5. Zoho

This is also a new platform that offers a wide variety of CRM and marketing automation functions for your small business. Yet, it is yet to come up to the standard of older and more reliable platforms like EngageBay.

6. Sugar CRM

This is a relatively new platform that offers CRM and marketing automation as well as lead generation for small businesses.

7. Vtiger Sales CRM

This platform is a HubSpot alternative that can help you get organized in terms of marketing and CRM.

8. Close

Close is a new CRM platform that offers marketing automation as well. Yet, there is much left to be desired in terms of the pricing as well as the support that is rendered.

The above detailed analysis shows that EngageBay is hands down the best HubSpot alternative for your small business.

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    Thank you for this… I’ve been struggling to pick an all in one CRM. This is very helpful.

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