A Starter Guide to Launching a Graphic Design Business in 2020

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The decision has been made. You want to start your very own graphic design business.

You might currently be working for a design agency, but want to branch out and take your own direction. Or you could be currently doing graphic design as a side hobby, and now you want to swap your current profession for said hobby. Whatever the reason, your path is mapped out.

At least, the goal is clear. Actually reaching it is another story. There are many different elements to consider before you can launch a graphic design business. This short starter guide will help to shed some light on what needs to be done before your dreams can become a reality.

Raise the necessary funding

The start of any business venture begins with securing the necessary funding. Well, it should actually begin with the creation of a business plan that details your planned expenses. However, your prospective design company won’t get off the ground without any money.

Fortunately, this type of business doesn’t require an excessive amount of financing. It can be started from home with minimal equipment. As a result, you might not even need to secure a loan or another form of financing to get the company off the ground.

Choose your workforce

It’s not mandatory, of course, but you may feel that employees are necessary for your newfound business to fully operate. Perhaps you want to hire a personal assistant? Maybe you want an expert graphic designer to assist you?

When selecting a workforce, decide if you want to hire a permanent employee or go the freelancer route. The latter is arguably more suitable for a new graphic design company.

Settle on a niche

It’s true. You can go down an open, all-encompassing road with your business. However, this has various disadvantages. For a start, you’re stretching yourself thin in an attempt to try and cover all design-related tasks. Additionally, it’s incredibly difficult to stand out from all the other graphic design outlets that already exist.

This is why it’s advised to select a specific niche. You may be limiting your overall audience, but you have a much better chance of appearing to those who have an interest in your design company.

Arrange your accounting

For any business, it’s essential to have your finances in order. While you can do this manually, it’s highly recommended you make use of an accounting platform. With automated processes, it makes the entire process much quicker and streamlined.

Plus, if you’re responsible for any employees, there’s the possibility of linking up your accounting with payroll software. For example, Zenefits is an industry leader that provides specialist payroll software.

Get the word out

If you have the best designs in your niche, it’s time to show the world. Get the word out and start marketing your business.

Then start marketing it even more.

Due to the visual nature of graphic design, it’s easy to do this with the likes of Instagram and Twitter. If you truly have memorable creations to show off, these can gain considerable traction due to the nature of sharing on social media.

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