How You Can Put Your Website in a League of Its Own

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If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that good old bricks and mortar stores are replaceable, and websites aren’t. This is why you need to make your website as good as it possibly can be and make it stand out above the rest.

Putting your website into a league of its own might sound a bit daunting and overly ambitious, but with the right support, the right ideas, and the right motivation, it can be done. So, with that in mind, here are a couple of tips to get you started.

#1. Make sure you have the best support possible

So, you’ve made your website, and it looks great. What needs to happen next is you need to find the best website maintenance team to help you keep it that way to make sure everything is running smoothly and, most importantly, that it is secure.

It is far better to have your website down for five minutes because your maintenance support team spotted something early rather than have it down for weeks due to a cyberattack or a bug that keeps on breaking your website.

Having a group of professionals on your side can be great, especially when you update your website. It stops it from getting unbearably slow and sluggish, which means that fewer people will click away if your website takes far too long to load.

They might also de-clutter your website for you. To learn more about what a website support service can do to improve your website, click here.

#2. Tie your website into your social media

When it comes to making your website great, you need to make sure that it’s credible first. You are going to have a lot of your audiences come in from your social media accounts, as that is where you are most likely to be public about announcements and campaigns, especially if you decide to invest in social media influencer marketing.

Tying your website to your social media gives many benefits:

 icon-angle-right You can solidify credibility

Meaning that potential customers are more likely to make a purchase. You can do this by making sure that posts are very similar to your social media page, and that you use the same color schemes, and also use the tone of voice as you use on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

So, if you have a casual tone on your website, you are going to make sure you have a casual or informal tone everywhere else too.

 icon-angle-right You can give further information about your products rather than dumping it all on your social media posts

Such as further information on release dates or what is in your products, as well as give step-by-step guides on how to use your products.

You might also think about incorporating all of your social media together, for example doing a lot of your campaign marketing on both Twitter and Instagram, but having more in-depth or educational videos on sites such as TikTok that are linked through your website, encouraging people to follow you across all platforms.

 icon-angle-right It makes everything far easier to understand for your customers

As they can find exactly what they need if they want further information and not get hit with something totally different, making it easier for them to make a purchase.

This is a very important part of making sure that your website is credible, as the more convincing your brand identity is, the more likely people are to be repeat customers.

#3. Think about your service model

A service model is what you use to get the most out of your website when you make a sale that isn’t relying on credibility and people already knowing what they are going to purchase.

Although they are on a spectrum, there are two kinds of service models that can help your website, so you shouldn’t just go with one or the other; instead, you need to find a balance between the two that fit your situation.

 icon-angle-right Transactional service model:

A transactional service model is one that is based purely on one thing: getting the best sale possible per customer. One of the better ways to describe it would be by giving an example, such as a car salesperson.

A car is generally a long-term purchase, so car dealerships want to get the most money out of every customer they possibly can to achieve the best bottom line.

You can achieve this through a website by having direct and easy navigation and having a step-by-step process where your customers are shown through your inventory, rather than allowed to browse as much.

 icon-angle-right Relational service model:

This service model is more relaxed. It follows a loose structure and is far more focused on having the customer return for another purchase rather than trying to make the most out of them in one hit.

It focuses on building a strong relationship and rapport between the customer and the business. You can do this in a website scenario by investing in chatbots and AI, by sending out prompt emails, and by investing in custom swag to give to your customers in their package as an extra gift.

Of course, there are a lot of contributing factors to what service model you choose, mainly your target audience and what you are selling.

Middle-aged men and potentially the elderly are more likely to appreciate a transactional service model, whereas women and young adults are more likely to appreciate a relational service model.

To wrap things up

When it comes to putting your website into a league of its own, you need to think carefully about what you have available to you.

This can be anything, such as making sure that your social media ties in well with your website to heighten credibility and getting the right support so you can make the most of your business’s website. All other areas of your website should be unique to your business, so you can make it truly your own.

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