How to Start a Successful YouTube Account As a Couple: Tips and Guidelines

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YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. Many of us have YouTube channels or some of us want to open. For them, the competition is much more than before. So despite having a good YouTube channel and good content, not many people can do anything good on YouTube. The main reason for this is that some basic things are not kept right.

It’s pretty easy to create your own YouTube channel. To do this, you must have a computer with Internet access and, when registering for free on YouTube, type in your mobile phone number. However, achieving success on this platform requires basic skills and knowledge.

Here is a couple of lifehacks:

Why Choose YouTube?

Many popular bloggers started their careers with three simple steps:

  1. Registration on YouTube
  2. Channel decoration
  3. Uploading the first video

A YouTube channel can become a completely independent project. For instance, you can film videos about how to find a Russian bride or share lifehacks for learning English. On the other hand, YouTube is a great extension of your main business.

Here you can collect both your own and third-party video content and find a new audience — there are tons of opportunities for this, and they are all free. The service has no restrictions, except for the video size, which should not exceed 100 GB. YouTube is intuitive but functional at the same time.

How to Make a Successful YouTube Channel

When creating a YouTube channel, pay special attention to its design:

  1. User picture
  2. Channel header
  3. Video covers

You can immediately see how successful your project is on YouTube: by the number of subscribers, channel views and individual videos, user comments, their likes or dislikes.

Moreover, YouTube Analytics will tell all the details about your audience, where and when they come to your channel, how long, and how often they watch your videos.

The service team has compiled a list of ten rules for an effective YouTube channel:

  1. Create content you want to share
  2. Connect with viewers
  3. Be interactive and invite to participate in the life of the channel
  4. Watch for unity
  5. Target your audience
  6. Add new videos regularly
  7. Optimize your videos through title, tags, and description
  8. Make sure new viewers understand what you want to tell
  9. Collaborate with other authors
  10. Look for inspiration

6 Tips for a Beginning Video Blogger Couple

  1. Think about how the channel will be called.
  2. Cooking, fishing, product testing, technical reviews, tips for installing software on a PC — these topics are in demand on the web.
  3. Most subscribers enjoy educating videos or entertaining content. Make sure that your materials cope at least with one of these tasks.
  4. At first, do not set the task of making money, because the channel is, first of all, communication. Subscribers often become friends.
  5. Be prepared for negative comments and hate. This is a reason not to be offended but to think about what is wrong. Remember: you are working for subscribers.
  6. Do not use the services of special sites that offer help in collecting subscribers for a small amount. YouTube support will find out about it and may block your account.

Step by step guide to create YouTube channel?

Video content are working superior than other types of the media. Here are some tips for beginners:

Step #1. You must have a Google Account to create a YouTube channel

If you previously have a Google Account then you can avoid this step. And those who do not have a Google account, open the account by following the steps below. Then a page will appear here, click Next with your name, email username and password.

Step #2. Now in the second step give your phone and recovery email

Although it should not be given, it is very important to recover the account. Select the date of birth and gender and click next. Accept the next privacy page.

Step #3. Congratulations you have successfully created a Google Account

Enter the date, month, and year on which you opened your Google Account. If the account is hacked in the future, you can easily recover the account through it.

Step #4. Go to YouTube and enter Gmail ID and password

Then click on the Profile icon and click on Your Channel. Follow the same procedure when making on mobile.

Step #5. After that click on Your Channel option

It is best to open an account with your name here. But keep in mind that this is not your desired channel.

Step #6. You must add YouTube profile and cover art to make the YouTube channel attractive

Profile image size must be 600 x 600 pixels and must be in JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG format. Cover art must be a minimum of 2048 x 1152 pixels and a maximum of 2560 x 423 pixels. Cover art must be less than 8 MB in size. Once the profile and cover photo is created, you need to upload the profile and cover photo by clicking on Customize Channel.

Step #7. Now you need to upload the video

When uploading a video, you must make sure that there is no copyrighted content in the video. Uploading copyrighted content to YouTube may result in your account being banned.

YouTube Alternatives

If you are a real professional in the video industry, then pay attention to Vimeo. The audience of this service is smaller than that of YouTube, but it is there that the community of professionals is concentrated, and there are no ads there.

There are no pointless amateur videos there either — only high-quality HD content for good-quality clips lovers. Entering this “club” costs money: the basic account has restrictions, and then the paid Vimeo Plus and Vimeo PRO follow.

Final Words

However, YouTube is not inferior in quality itself and allows you to upload videos up to 4K, as well as videos in 360° format, like this. For nonprofits, YouTube offers specific ways to promote and engage with audiences. For example, you can embed a donation button in your video.

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