33 YouTube Video Marketing Hacks For Target Audience, Video Strategy, and Engagement

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YouTube is a compelling platform to enhance your marketing. Marketers are studying that YouTube is an excellent tool. In 2017 the State of Inbound report said that 48% of marketers target to include YouTube as a content distribution channel in the next 12 months.

YouTube should be an important part of your content marketing campaign. Nearly 87% of businesses use videos for marketing campaigns. If you are ready to start your business, making a credible and professional brand is vital to stay relevant.

Here are the Audience Targeting Tips:

Audience Targeting Tips
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#1. Be Relevant To Your Audience

After the improvement of content marketing, more companies understand the importance of relevance. The audience can easily ignore you; hence, you can make detectable and relevant content.

Video allows you to promote your audience what your service and product can do for them and share helpful content that resolves your audience’s problem.

#2. Choose Your Channel Art

If you want to make your YouTube channel look professional and unique, you want to choose the perfect banner or art. Your channel art expresses your brand and is quickly identified by the audience. The best channel art grasps the viewer’s attention. It should be 2560 x 1440 pixels

#3. Connect Your Audience Via Storytelling

YouTube video content is an excellent way to describe your story. Not only do viewers create more emotional links to video through sound, imaginary, and motion, but they are also more likely to interact with video at the end than to read the content. When done correctly, video content marketing has a massive effect on your audience and offers you the perfect opportunity to test your advertising strategies and development efforts.

#4. Listen To A Viewer Feedback

Your position is not completed until you track the performance of your videos. Most of the YouTuber’s fault has never listened to the comments by the commenters. If you want to achieve your success on the YouTube platform, you must notify the comment. Finally, you rectify the audience’s feedback and upload your next videos. It’s a better improvement to grasp the viewers for your videos.

#5. Focus On Audience Retention

Every person expects something new or funny videos for their restless life! So, the viewer’s attention is changed every second depending on their mind. Hence, your focus should be to target your audience. And make sure that what type of videos they love, what they are interested in, etc. Design your content, which is a current topic at that time.

#6. Help Your Audience To Find Their Requirements

YouTube is the second largest search engine platform after Google. Therefore, you must concentrate on the SEO process. It helps the audience easily find their needs. This process also helps enhance the ranking of your videos to place it directly on your channel.

#7. Know Your Audience

First, you must identify the exact audience for your content. Because everyone doesn’t like everything; Therefore, focus on the perfect target audience. Giving the solutions for audience needs via videos is a perfect way to enhance your videos and reach out to the customers.

#8. Give Continuation Link To The Videos

A maximum number of the audience watch the videos through some of the referral. An individual link is shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. In case you have created a video advertisement, there is a chance to see your videos by the audience. The unique content that the audience is expecting to view is precise.

#9. Understand Your Target Audience

Most YouTubers don’t concentrate on our specific target audience. They concentrate on making videos and uploading them on YouTube. You must have deep knowledge of your customers: their wishes, needs, type of content they want, and which type of product they prefer, etc. Once you can satisfy your audience, then your videos stand out among the crowd.

Here are the Video Strategies Tips:

Video Strategies Tips
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#10. Create Traffic To Your Site

Making videos only doesn’t create traffic!. You should include your links on your social media, blog, and website of the video. It will help the audience find your content on how many views and likes your video gets. Also, you get the most traffic in your videos.

#11. Partnership

Work with your favorite YouTubers or who have huge fan followers. This way helps to promote your brand and your channel. The collaboration will give your brand a wider and quickly reach out to the target audience. Once you become famous, you will get more likes, views & subscribers. More likes for YouTube videos is an additional advantage of getting success.

#12. Make Compelling Videos

No matter how you put effort into your videos and how quality is, it’s completely useless if no more clicks and views. To create useful videos with eye-catching thumbnails that help to grasp the audience. Also, creating perfect YouTube titles for greater reach and success.

#13. Create Valuable Content

The first impression is the best! Therefore producing valuable content to the audience is a chance to visit more number audiences on your channel. Instead of making viral videos, concentrate on what kind of information your viewers are looking for.

#14. Increase Watch Time

Making a short video is the best rather than long videos. Most people like short and crispy videos. And your ultimate goal is to increase the watch time of your videos. Thus, short your video length and increase your watch time.

#15. Find The Right Influencers

Recently, influencers have called digital celebrities because they have several fan bases on social media platforms. These people are who get people to not think about your brand; it also buys from you! Their presence helps the audience to find their needs.

#16. High-Quality Content

The quality of content is more efficient compared to the production quality of the content. Your priority must be creating videos that are both entertaining and helpful for your target audience. Don’t believe in the quality of your camera. Trust yourself and your content!

#17. Focus on Content Stories

At the initial stage, don’t focus on your sales. If you need your videos to go viral, it needs to make some kind of value for the audience. Videos are entirely aimed at your brand. The best video content tells the stories that connect with the audience.

#18. Follow Relevant Creators

This is the secret strategy to enhance your channel. Before making a video, you should analyze your competitor’s channel. Everyone knows the options on the platform, and everywhere gets impressive results. So, analyze the exact audience and make unique content.

#19. Make Trailer Video on Your Channel

Your YouTube channel page looks something different for subscribers & non-subscribers. The subscribers directly entered your channel & watched videos without any permission. A new subscriber enters your channel for the first time; they are curious about your channel. So, creating a trailer of your channel helps viewers find soon.

#20. Advantage of YouTube SEO

The main advantage of YouTube SEO is that you get high rank for your videos and easily find the exact keywords. And, you must find the perfect keywords that have YouTube video results on the first page of Google.

#21. Market your videos

Are you the initial stage of making videos? Do you have no followers? Then you should promote your videos. No matter how to promote your videos. Just create a social media account and send the video link to all people. Your content will rank when people are finding it on YouTube and getting more views & likes.

#22. Market your Channel

First, you can include a YouTube icon on your website or blog. Therefore, the audience can easily identify your channel. Second, have relevant videos on your blog or website. These two steps help to promote your channel. It is the best way to enhance your channel.

#23. YouTube Titles & Descriptions

The most attractive part of YouTube is the title because many people click the video based on the title. Hence, your title must be informative and short. Add keywords at the beginning of the title.

The description section has entirely explained about your brand. A maximum of 5000 characters is good for the part. Adding 2-3 keywords is wealth to improve your ranking on the SERP page.

#24. Prioritize Visual Content

People are interested to see the video content more than blog content. Therefore, it gives more importance to visual content like doing product reviews, using, and comedy videos. Describe what the channel is about and add the video link to relevant content.

#25. Promote Videos on Social Media

If you don’t already have your profiles on social media, now it’s time to create your profiles, and you benefit from this action. The main social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Create the account with your brand name and add a video link to the below channel.

#26. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can help promote your videos, categorize your post, increase engagement, and be easily attracted by the viewers. Also, it improves the visibility of your content. Don’t forget to add the hashtags.

#27. Concentrate on Trends

The trending will vary on day-by-day. Also, the customers are interested to know the current trending, and everyone concentrates on this. So make a trending video and get famous.

Here are the Video Engagement Tips:

User Engagement Tips
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#28. Audience Engagement

It’s imperative to encourage your audience to interact with your videos. The best idea is to add an opinion in the highlight and text that is a section of your video supporting that opinion. Keeping audience engagement is the secret of success.

#29. Add CTA Options

It is the most crucial technique in YouTube marketing. CTA is a customized option that you can include the link to your videos. This link helps to redirect your audience into your channel or website. Don’t forget to add call-to-actions on visual and verbal content.

#30. YouTube Thumbnails

It is the cover page of the video. Your total content explains in the single image. It is small and clickable images that you can visually represent in your video. Thumbnails are size should be 1280 x 720 pixels image format are BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG.

#31. Brand Your Content And Videos

Making videos doesn’t matter for all! But your video is represented by what matters. Your videos should represent your brand or your website. In case your videos provide value, then many audiences will share your content with others.

#32. Add Brand Intro Video

The significance of branding in marketing can never be overemphasized. Branding helps to make loyalty. Include the brand intro footage that helps your loyal audience to identify your content immediately.

#33. Keep your videos Short

Don’t mess up yourself! Video engagement is directly linked to video length. And the possibility for your engaged audience to view the video and understand what you are trying to sell to them. Plan a video before making and execute them.


YouTube marketing platform helps to promote your brand through videos. In the digitized world, everyone needs to get attention from the audience and establish their brand among their niche. So, create a quality of content and reach out to the audience.

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