How to Take Your Online Promotions to the Next Level in 2019 and Beyond

One of the hot topics throughout 2018 involved the ways in which the online retail sector was transforming the entire marketplace. This trend certainly shows no signs of slowing down and 2019 will likely have some great things in store. However, we need to mention a caveat here. The concept of “second place” holds little value within today’s digital community. Firms that are able to rise to the top of their game are the very same organizations which are capable of embracing some of the latest and most effective promotional strategies.

This is when the so-called “art of the sale” comes into play and yet, it is certainly not business as usual. What changes should we expect in 2019 and are there any strategies that should be involved with any marketing campaign? Let’s take a closer look at both of these interesting questions.

2019: The Year of the Client

We have all heard of the importance surrounding client-oriented sales and promotions. While this could very well represent marketing 101, the fact of the matter is that there is a bit more than initially meets the eye. Organic and targeted promotions are great for businesses, as they are able to display their best traits while catering to the needs of the customer in question. However, third-party search engines such as Google are now playing a pivotal role.

Google in no longer satisfied with the “dear sir or madam” approach. While generic promotional campaigns are not black-hat tactics by any means, there is no doubt that search engines look much more favorably upon those strategies which address the needs of specific users as opposed to a mass audience. Automated emails are now being replaced with discrete messages based off of previous purchases. Buying habits likewise dictate what products are recommended to clients in the future. Not only will this relevance help to cement brand loyalty, but such practices will allow businesses to bolster their overall online reputation.

The observations mentioned above are due in no small part to an online audience that is much more aware of their preferences and buying goals; especially when speaking of the millennial generation. In other words, potential buyers need to be impressed with what it is that you are promoting. You can therefore achieve the coveted “wow” factor.

Become the Best By Learning from the Best

You might be wondering how to fit all of these disparate suggestions together within a single branded marketing strategy. The truth is that a careful balance needs to be achieved. There are several variables that need to be addressed from the very beginning:

  • Who are you expecting to target?
  • What e-commerce and publicity tools are at your disposal?
  • Do these legacy systems function properly or are they outdated?
  • How much time can you afford to devote to a publicity campaign?

It is impossible to achieve your goals if these questions are not first addressed. However, this is only the beginning. We will now look at a rather unconventional way to shape your online campaign as well as why this method has been proven to be one of the most effective in existence.

Many PR-related articles focus solely upon the concept of ingenuity. While this is obviously a great trait to possess, let’s not forget that the days of Thomas Edison sitting alone in a shed in Menlo Park have long since past. The fact of the matter is that very few entrepreneurs are attempting to reinvent the light bulb. Although there are many times when innovation can equate to success, startup success will often involve promoting products or services that already exist. The key here is to create and illustrate the “spark” that sets your services above and beyond those of your competitors. Surprisingly, this can often be achieved by examining the actions of these very same competitors.

What sales campaigns have provided the best results for such firms? Are they employing any type of specific promotions which appear to be catchy and attractive to the end user? Have they touted the success of one range of products over another? There is nothing wrong with standing upon the shoulders of giants in order to reach the stars.

The good news is that Oberlo has put together an updated compendium of cutting-edge sales promotion examples. These cover a wide range of products and industries, so the chances are high that you will find relevant content within this list. Carefully examine what each has to offer as well as some of the primary traits that serve to define the brands themselves. Success does not happen by accident. It takes dedication, hard work and an ability to interact with your intended audience from the start.

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