The Importance of Using Images on Your Website

Have you ever looked at a website that is nothing but words? Or read an article that is page after page of paragraphs? If you have, you likely can agree that the page looks dull and it’s hard to focus.

Images add so much to a website besides giving it a nice touch. Many webpages take images for granted, when we should embrace how important they are for the online world. It’s never been easier to find a luscious image on a photo stock webpage.

When you effectively use images, it offers many benefits for your website. However, your photos you use must be relevant to what you’re discussing. Adding a photo for the sake of having an image won’t do your website much good.

Take a look at the following reasons as to why images are important for your website, and why you need to start using them today.

Boost You Page Viewers

Having images attached to your webpage has proven to garner more views than those that have nothing but words. For many viewers, it is the image they see that draws them towards clicking on the link. It’s easy to scroll past a paragraph of words quickly. However, the image is what grabs people’s attention.

Bring Words to Life

Adding images is an excellent way to bring your words to life. We already know how important it is to have high-quality writing that keeps the reader’s attention. If you can sneak in a few photos here and there though, it helps to bring your words to life in a whole new way.

If you sell products or services, adding images help to showcase what it is that you’re trying to sell. Sometimes, a simple photo can say more than a bunch of words.

Connect to Social Media

If you’ve ever shared something on social media, you likely can notice that those with images work better with an audience compared to those that have no photos. When you add images to your website, it allows you to connect to your social media easier.

Having access to social media is crucial for websites. So, the more you can do that will help boost your social media traffic, the better.

Easier to Read

Another benefit to adding images to your website is that it makes the page easier to follow and the text easier to read. If you stare at a screen with thousands of words on it, they soon start to blend together. It’s hard to stay focused.

Adding even one photo to a webpage helps break up the words enough that it makes for an easier read. You want people to keep coming back to your website, so the easier it is to follow, the better.

Your Turn

It’s crucial that your website has images throughout it. Whether it be stock photos, professional images, or artwork, adding photos will boost your webpage in multiple ways. You have many ways of getting access to high-quality images that are available for you to use.

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