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You can use social media at its best to create or improve your existing personal branding to make it more credible and influential. Brands often work tirelessly to leverage social media in order to boost online visibility and revenue. They want more clicks, more likes, and they want to create a positive user experience. Ideally, to create a better awareness of your personal brand you will require creating remarkable content. You will also need to check it out on a regular basis and make necessary changes and edits in it to make sure that the content remains:

  • Fresh
  • Interesting
  • Informative and
  • Attracting.

In order to ensure that, you will need to follow a specific flow chart that will detail all of the different stages of your personal branding content life cycle. This flow chart will help you to understand all these different stages and at the same time enable you to use each of these stages more effectively to create the best and most appealing personal brand.

Elements of the flow chart

The specific elements that you should include in the flow chart and follow while you create your personal brand include:

Creating content:

This happens to be the first step that needs to be followed in the content life cycle. You can create different types of contents such as:

  • Textual blog posts
  • video blog posts
  • interviews
  • mash-ups
  • podcasts
  • wikis
  • eBooks
  • Link fests
  • Webinars and more.

The users are always looking for great content and if you deliver them with that you will be able to get ahead with your personal brand as well as your personal branding content lifecycle.

Content rules and influences the success of any business website, irrespective of what industry it is. Ideally, there is a market for everything and people are thirsty to know more. It all depends on you how exactly and well you can grab their attention and get Instagram views.

Share and promote:

When you are done with creating your content, you must focus on its sharing and promotion so that you can reach a larger section of the audience out there. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind when you promote your brand:

  • The fine line between not being promotional enough and being too self-promotional and
  • If you cross this line you are sure to make a few mistakes down the way.

Even if you make some, make sure that you learn from these mistakes to get better. The best way for promotion is by sharing the work of other people, of course with due credit. Promote theirs more than yours and see the difference in the outcome and the amount of free exposure this will get you in the long run as and when your online presence grows.

Recapitulate and change:

Making continual changes is the most important thing to make your content better and better. There is no point in believing that the content you have created is the best and error-free. Nothing in this world was built in a day and without mistakes, even Rome. Therefore, keep iterating and experimenting always so that you finally find out the most productive content.

  • It is only when you strive to improve your content constantly you will be able to improve your personal brand.
  • This will also ensure that your personal brand becomes an asset for you that will create and provide something very valuable to the readers over time.

However, remember that, just like any physical asset, your personal brand will also increase or decrease in value over time. Therefore, make proper efforts so that the value graph always points northwards.

Be Ubiquitous

It’s essential to have a solid web presence when personal branding through social networking media. It is perfect to have numerous social media channels where you can arrive at your intended target audience.

You should ideally have a personal blog and an account on every one of the top online networking account, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, you should also try to have a YouTube channel in case you’re going to create video content

Track and analyze:

Keep tracking the performance of the content and analyze which specific type of content is performing at its best. You will get some great tools, both free and paid, to help you in this analysis and gain more valuable insights into the types of contents that are resonating with your readers. The best part of such analysis is that it will help you to realize the trends and take full advantage of them over time. Remember, it depends entirely on you and your decision on which way your personal brand value goes.

Lastly, when you have created an influential and credible personal brand, you should leverage your digital asset to become a part of the social media community and take full advantage of such leverage. You can:

  • Start doing guest blog posts on the most influential blogs
  • Start speaking on different forums and panels
  • Start doing webinars
  • Start building relationships with others
  • Start to co-author different projects and eBooks.

This will give your personal brand more exposure and lift your stock. Most importantly, you will cross the crevasse.

Digital asset optimization

When it comes to digital asset optimization, you must do it on the basis of the social media search landscape that keeps on changing constantly. This includes all different types of searches such as:

  • Personal searches
  • Real-time searches
  • Social searches and
  • Mobile searches.

The best strategy to follow for DAO is to anticipate the demand for any particular search. For this, you will need to do keyword research using different traditional keyword research tools. You can also use specific social media monitoring tools to conduct specific social keyword research to use these as a complement to the search engine-based keywords.

Proper advertising will also help in driving search as much as media placements and social conversations would.

Also, focus on the key language and key topics of your digital assets that you wish to promote and share so that your presence on social media is more profound and impactful. Best topics and information will provide the desired value to your customers which will, in turn, improve the value of your personal brand.

Create Leverage:

When you are seen as a part of the community and have built up a credible personal brand, you can then take advantage of leverage. You can start using your blog as a springboard to start doing guest blog posts on influential blogs.

You can then be able to leverage this to start speaking on panels or doing webinars. You can leverage relationships with others to co-author books, projects, and tasks. When you start applying leverage with your personal brand you gain lift, more exposure, and your stock starts to rise rapidly. You are crossing the chasm.

You will also need to do the following to make sure your personal brand content lifecycle is long enough:

  • Analyze the search results landscape continually
  • Define the buyer personas in your content based on the buying cycle and pattern
  • Put in more holistic and result-driven SEO efforts with inventory existing digital assets and content and
  • Develop a proper editorial plan for creating new content.

Most importantly, develop off-page digital assets to retain the beauty of social content. Social media is the best platform to build your personal brand. It is free, vast, and has immense potential to connect you to a global audience. Use the tips discussed in the post to start leveraging social media in your personal branding efforts.

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