Infographic: 21 Unwritten Rules for Effective Social Media Marketing

Today, social media is not only as a tool to find a new friend and sharing photos. Now, it becomes a tool with measurable and predictable power that truly has a place with almost any kind of business. Surely social media would be a perfect tool for marketers to start business.

And when engaged in social media marketing there are always some unwritten rules. These rules appear in over time, those rules are all about a procedure posting and share content that does not interfere with or to avoid a post that would be considered as “junk”.

It required a special rule to accordance with social media marketing you use. But what are the unwritten rules? This infographic that originally published by Social Metrics Pro will give 21 Rules for your effective Social Media Marketing campaign.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

What rules surprised you the most? Do you have any other rules? Please share it in the comment below.

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  1. Shawn Rubel says

    Hey Eko,

    social media is becoming a crucial part of the marketing World, and very soon it will be unavoidable — even by those who think they’ve got it all covered. Twitter is becoming really huge in this particular area, of engaging and building new relationships. If you provide what people want to read, they will find you — and read what you provide.

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