How the Logistic Brands use Google Plus for Marketing

Never can stop whenever talking about eCommerce business that is become a trend today. This business is so promising for any brand owner and have relatively little budget for maintan it. Previously I have talk about Food & Baverage Brands and The Top 7 Hotels. Today, I will continue to discuss the logistic brandss strategies.

As you know this kinds of business engaged in delivering the goods, each brand requiring its own unique to make customer interesting. Many logistic brands choose eCommerce with social media, a media that has undergone improvements is Google Plus. Since Google Plus bring many advantages for eCommerce stores. It makes me interested to discuss how logistic brands doing the right ecommerce in Google Plus, and here they are 5 unique brand strategies of top logistic business on Google Plus.

#1. UPS: Make promotion

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

UPS is a logistics company that experienced. So it is not surprising if UPS always make innovation in his business, by using Google Plus UPS approach small business to use his services in delivering the goods. Let’s take a look in the print screen belongs to UPS below, in here you can see that UPS promotion convincing to customer that the goods will be safe with secure enough, so that will help the company’s cash flow will going well.

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Make attractive special offers for the small business and promote it in your Google Plus. In a posting be sure you include any promotional with link to the article and invite your customers to click on, so your target can read the explanation more detail.

#2. DHL: Share useful articles

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Logistic business cannot be released with costumer trust. The DHL way to build the trust of the costumer is by show off the procedure of sending the goods. As you can see in picture below, DHL ask his followers to click link on his blog that will explain in detail the procedure of sending goods. This is certainly can make sure that the follower DHL shipping is done with safely and cleanly.

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Build the trust of your followers on Google Plus by showing your delivery procedure.

#3. FedEx: Running some quiz

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Just as done by UPS to reach small business as a partner, FedEx is also doing the same strategy.
Although the target market of small businesses is same but FedEx approach is different. FedEx make a quiz to attract small businesses to follow. Prizes that will be awarded by FedEx also quite lucrative for the business man, as much as $ 50,000 is certainly must be quite tempting. How to join the quiz is also quite beneficial for the company, with provision for participants are required to fill out personal data, this will allow for FedEx in the future approach personal sale for the participants.

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Make a quizzes theme specifically aimed at your target market.

#4. Maersk: Show off your employee

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

International logistic brands certainly must be having branches everywhere in the world, it is also happening on the Maersk that has international markets.

The participation of the employee fairly helps Maersk to the success. As you can see in the example image below that shows a picture of Henrik Kristensen as Maersk employees are proud to serve customers, despite have to work all over the world. Brand image that will be awakened by Maersk when show the pride and loyalty of employees are costumers will feel sure that the goods are shipped by Maersk will be handled professionally and sincere by his employees.

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Show off your employee loyalty to your customers, it will make sure that they goods dropped off and delivered with professionally.

#5. Penske: Show off your awards

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Build costumer trust can be done in various ways, one of which is to indicate to costumers that the brand ever get a prestigious award.

As performed by Penske in the example shown below, he showed off to his followers awards ever received, of course brand image Penske want to built is will make sure costumer that the company follow the government rules and quality guaranteed.

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Google Plus Marketing Strategies

Lesson learned: Show off your awards to assure your follower, that you is a professional company and deserves to be trusted.


Build a good brand image logistic company in Google Plus required special strategy so your target market can trust you. Fifth top brand logistics above has a unique and powerful strategy for make sure costumers to choose his company. Although competition in the same area relatively tight enough, but that top brands still able to achieve success by presenting promotions, services, and can assure costumers that the company manage by professionally.

What do you think? Have you found any great ways to jump-start an effective ecommerce strategy in Google Plus for your bussiness? Please leave your questions and comments in the box below.

– Written by Ratih –

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