How The Top Food & Baverage Brands Sell on Facebook – 5 Tips to Follow

Obviously you are very familiar with eCommerce store on Facebook right? Today eCommerce store is a must for every brands to develop its business. It would be interesting if you could develop your eCommerce store to be able to better communicate with your customers. One of a good medium and proved to be effective for developing eCommerce business is Facebook, as the facts revealed from the following infographic (published by, Facebook as much as 5.9% and average people online orders per referral source in Facebook as much as $40.

Branding Strategies

For the owner of beverage brands certainly require more different contents to attract buyers on their Facebook fan page, this is because they sale a food and beverage products that require eye catching images so when costumers saw it, they will feel hungry or thirsty, and of course the interesting contents will convince costumers to try the product.

In this article, I’ll share 5 different kinds of Facebook eCommerce content strategies from famous baverage brands that you can follow to connect with prospects and help you to build your brand.

#1. Make interesting cover and post images with same theme

Nutella is a jam products with a good taste. To show Nutella on Facebook certainly need something more interesting than just display Nutella packaging and slathered it on bread.

What makes Nutella still can attract costumers with as many as 18 million likers, that is with the contents who not confusing. As you can see in the picture below, Nutella present theme with tittled “Start the day with Nutella”. This theme presented in front of Nutell cover Facebook fans page and in every their Facebook post, this is will made customer remember that Nutella is they bestfriend when made breakfast in the morning.

Branding Strategies

Branding Strategies

Branding Strategies

Lesson learned: Show the same theme in front cover and continuity it in your Facebook post so it does not make the costumer confused with your content.

#2. Make the unusual event

Who don’t know Nescafe? Nescafe is one brand that have been recognized by costumers, because it’s in everywhere. But how can Nescafe is in everywhere?

One of the eCommerce strategies adopted by Nescafe is by display the content strategy with unusual event. What I mean unusual event is by holding an event that absolutely no connection with the product. Unusual event allows the beverage brand touch the outside of they usual target market. It is also well recognized for M & M who want to widen the target market other than usual. As you can see in the example picture below Nescafe events with tittled: “Pick me up before the rose parade” is an invitation for costumers who need a ride to the parade which is held in Colorado, while the brand M & M explicitly make the “M & M + bachelor” with the aim to bring together couples who are still single.

These two unusual events which apply to both brand has a uniqueness that is able to attract the attention of costumers who had previously not too pay attention with their brand.

Branding Strategies

Branding Strategies

Lesson learned: Held an event that is different and unusual in your Facebook fans page so you can become more attractive and reach wider costumer target.

#3. Don’t forget to invite your fans for participation

Your costumers is the key to your eCommerce business success on Facebook, so do not ever remove the costumer participation to enliven your Facebook page. As you can see in the example image below: Dunkin Donuts as a one of top brand of food beverage engage costumers to provide personal photo with the tittled “Share your story Dunkin” and not only invites costumers to share any photos, Dunkin Donuts also utilize Facebook hashtag to accommodate attention with their costumers comments.

Branding Strategies

And take a look in the example picture below, where the hashtag #mydunkin get a pretty good appreciation from the customers, and some even split his personal video YouTube and picture.

Branding Strategies

Lesson learned: Always involve the participation of the costumers in your content, because they will bring the popularity in your Facebook fans page.

#4. Take the advantage of Facebook App

Facebook always spoil all users, both personal user and company user. This is what makes Facebook a suitable medium for developing eCommerce business.

One of the facilities that can be used by marketers is the app for Facebook fan page. This app add benefits to run out information and can make your Facebook fan page become more attractive.

As Dominoes do in their Facebook fan page. Take a look in the image below: Dominoes display options careers app with corporate names and contact us. This app brings another facility in Dominoes to give information center that can help costumers to resolve them problem.

Facebook fan page belongs to a Dominoes is not just a place to attract fans and sell pizza, but also to foster costumers loyalty to the brand.

Branding Strategies

Branding Strategies

Lesson learned: Take the advantage of Facebook fan page app to become more distinct and can be used to obtain valuable information.

#5. Follow the marketing trends

As you have often encountered, a wide variety of marketing trends are always predicted at the beginning of the year. This marketing trend is the result of research from previous years, and of course the prediction is not data that issued arbitrarily. As a marketer of course this marketing trend predictions can be very helpful for marketers to be applied in their business strategy at the beginning of the year. reveals top 8 social media trends for 2014: their mentions two important points that is education not conversations and video & micro-video contents will be the trend marketing strategy in the 2014.

The both points are follow by Nestle, with combining the education and video, Nestle presented hashtag #healthybytes24 which containing the invitation to the fans for choose healthy foods for the daily, and asked the fans to share simple and delicious meal with their friends in Nestle’s Facebook fans page.

Branding Strategies

Lesson learned: Alwasy follow the guidelines of the marketing trends that have been predicted at the beginning of the year for your benefits.


Use these tactics to coordinate and promote eCommerce on your own Facebook fan page, create more connections, build stronger customer relations, pay attention to the marketing trends and be different.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on these 5 Facebook marketing hacks to your eCommerce business? Please leave your thoughts below.

– Written by Ratih –

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    this is some solid avice, thanks for taking the time to put this together, I just want to let you know that such work doesn’t go unappreciated.

    I follow a couple of food chains on Facebook, and from what I can tell; currently the trend is images and quick (fun) video content to capture attention, but this has expanded my view completely.

    Thank you,

  2. Ratih says


    Thank you very much for your respond, it’s mean a lot for me and give me support to continue my another article 🙂

    Thank you

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