Infographic: How Top Brands are using Twitter

More customers!! Large opportunity!! Yeaay that’s all benefit that you can get when use Twitter for your marketing to make engagement with customer. This article by will make you sure that Twitter will give you more benefit to expand your business.

The problem is of course you are not Coca-Cola, Starbucks or FedEx which has been well-known and become a top brand. But do not be discouraged if you want to start marketing in Twitter, actually from the top brand you can learn how they can make engagement in Twitter. Did you know that, most followers on Twitter are Facebook! As we know Twitter and Facebook are the rival in social media, but Facebook can able its influence in Twitter with proven he get the most followers on Twitter as much as 13 million followers.

What’s the secret?? How they can do that? Based on the study by revealed the fact that as many as 92% of companies tweet more than once a day. With a tweet more than once a day was able to generate engagement to consumers, which each tweet can increase the number of audience. The more you engage the more you grow, the engagement per tweet 26% were able to raise as much as 25% of followers.

This survey also revealed the top industries are able to perform the engagement of 2.7M with a brand that is only 2 are retail industries! Amazing! For more on how top brands are using Twitter check out the infographic below. Take some notes then let us know in the comments.

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Top Brands Twitter Tips


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